2016 MaskedPony Incident
Part of Making TCR Great Again

Date June 6th-7th
Location FiMFiction, the TCR broadcast
Result MaskedPony banned from calling into TCR. He later returns as a troll.

Several trolls caught in the crossfire the following day. Ghost's attitude towards show worsened temporarily, causing 2 rage quits.

MaskedPony Apologists Anti-Masked Coalition
MaskedPony Ghost (from June 6th onwards)
One brony

Montie (June 7th)

Sympathetic callers.

Fans/followers from FiMFiction.

Tens of thousands of capitalists.

Capitalist Army


Casualties and losses
MaskedPony (as a serious caller)

Several trolls.

Radio Graffiti (temporarily)

Ghost's Sanity (temporarily)

The MaskedPony incident was the first post-Return major incident between Ghost and a member of the TCR community. It's also notable for being the first one mainly instigated between trolls and another party without largely involving Ghost until his acknowledgement of it in a broadcast.


MaskedPony was a frequent caller on the broadcast as well as True Equestria Radio. Like KaraszKun, Ghost initially felt sympathy for Masked due to his obvious impediment while trolls and serious callers alike had the total opposite opinion. During Episode 281, Ghost would ask MaskedPony if he's ever considered writing stories, to which MaskedPony stated that he had wrote stories, but was making no money off them, yet stated that he didn't want to say where the stories were located for fear of trolls. Over the weekend, the trolls did some digging and found out that he had a FimFiction account, containing several stories of Ponies in Pampers. Eventually, these detailed reached Ghost, as he stated he had read the stories.

Shit hits the fan

Throughout Capitalist Episode 282, people would make reference to these stories, to Ghost's response that he would handle it in the post-show third hour. In that post-show, MaskedPony called Ghost confronting him about the revelation a day earlier about Masked's brony fanfiction involving characters from My Little Pony with a diaper fetish.

Ghost asked him several questions, such as why he wrote stories of this nature. He was not forthright about his diaper fetish, claiming he wrote the stories because he "wanted to add the feels to it", in spite of the overwhelming evidence that he himself enjoyed wearing diapers. This caused Ghost to yell at him for ten minutes straight, and ultimately ending the broadcast with a declaration that MaskedPony was banned from calling into the broadcast.

The Next Day

On the Tuesday broadcast following the MaskedPony incident Ghost was very peeved for the majority of the show. Ghost decided, after ranting on the youth of America and contemplating ending the broadcast for a long term break due to disenchantment with the amount of trolls to do a 40 minute long Radio Graffiti. This was probably not a good move for Ghost considering his emotional state at the time and the end result was Ghost gave out several numbers and put them on his shitlist.

Ghost ended the show seemingly upset at his behavior, and apologized for putting on the show but still stated he was sick of the "troll terrorists and cybervermin" and turned on the woodchipper.


MaskedPony himself later made a post on Twitter mentioning Ghost's username directly, apologizing for any harm done as well as a note that he would seek professional help. Ghost was trolled by Tub Guy playing TopBadge's dramatic reading of MaskedPony's fanfiction live from the Tinychat ogcapitalistarmy Chatroom, much to his disgust and anger. Montie was also later taken off the Shitlist and is a regular caller today, notable for doing a pretty good Internet Buttstalker impression.