Too bad your dumbass little 386SX computer sucks the chrome off of a '57 Chevy Bumper, BECAUSE WE COULDN'T UNDERSTAND YOUR ASS HAHAHAHAHAA!

—Ghost, after witnessing a caller with poor audio quality


386SX processor itself. Not pictured: Obamaphone-level audio quality.

Ghost frequently refers to a 386SX computer as the device used by failtrolls with poor audio quality. The real 386SX was among the most prominent computer processors of the late 1980s, but is extremely outdated and poorly-functioning compared with modern processors (and would be impossible to even run Skype on). Thus, Ghost uses it as a exaggerated blanket term for old computers, despite the fact that a Skype caller's sound quality should be more due to their microphone and internet quality.

A related term that he began to use in June 2016 for similarly bad call quality from traditional phone calls is Obamaphone. The term was originally used by conservatives for an American government program to subsidize cell phones for the poor. Ghost began applying it to the phones of trolls with bad sound quality around the same time that the "386SX computer" moniker became outmoded due to the disabling of BlogTalkRadio's Skype integration.

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