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8Equal, Radio FUCKIN' Graffiti!

—How 8Equal starts most of his calls 

8EqualHambone or 8Equal for Short, is among the several splicers and remixers in the TCR Community who chimed in on True Capitalist Radio in Mid 2016. He is known for his character; Tamina The Trap, his EAS Calls and Twitter Name Splices.


8EqualHambone joined the TCR Community on Tinychat in Mid-2016 under the name; error37. After attempting to propose TCR Greatest Hits in the chatroom containing Brony Splices, he was banned by the moderators. He would come back as "8EqualHambone" quickly after the ban without the mods even noticing.

He would make his first call on Episode 358 during the start of the TCR Civil War, but wouldn't achieve his first cans until Episode 378, with a fake EAS call based on the supposed raiding the previous episode.

The idea behind the name for 8EqualHambone is supposedly a Penis with a Hambone.


8Equal has made several splices with the likes of NightProwler, #TheSplicer, J-Man Capitalist and many others.

Some of these included a parody of Justin Timberlake's SexyBack called MoneyBack, targeted at the Inner-Circle, Ghost giving a blowjob to 8Equal and NightProwler before getting shot by the African Booty Scratcher and even getting raped by Germit The Gay Frog as the EAS Announcer.

After Episode 445, plans to make a parody of The Magic School Bus theme were initiated by Tub Guy with TopBadge and Pylons. The title was named The Magic Short Bus, inspired by Ghost's creation of the Shortbus to house all the Tards in the Inner-Circle.

Production took place during the weekend with 8Equal providing vocals and audio production.

On Episode 446, as Tub Guy was called on, he would link Ghost to the video through the Inner-Circle Chatroom. And much to Ghost's displeasure when the splice was played on air, the episode would end on a high note, turning the show into another successful Carpet Munching Monday.

Tamina The Trap

First and foremost, whoever the hell Tamina The Trap is, you sick tranny.

Every time you do a goddamn freakin splice, why is it that you have to rape me? I mean can you- can someone explain that to me? CAN SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THAT?!

Why exactly does this transtesticle, who is sitting here doing these splices, and doing these goddamn- why exactly every time, every GODDAMN TIME, does this transtesticle have to uh, you know, have me raped?!


Due to other trolls like Elfoxoloco posting suggestive content on several Discord Chatrooms out of boredom, 8Equal's sexual orientation would slightly change. This would inspire him to create Tamina The Trap as a new character.

She (or he) would make her debut on Episode 448, the call depicts Ghost coming to Tamina's house to have "a good time", despite discovering that she is a Tranny saying; "Goddamn. It's a Trap Penis!".

After having sex with her, Ghost rages over being charged $117 dollars for banging Tamina (In reference to the Templeton Carpet Crisis). Upon broadcast it ultimately caused Ghost to cans.wav in disgust, making it the longest cans during that episode.

Other calls included Tamina banging Ghost in front of the Shortbus, giving a blowjob to the EAS announcer, sexual intercourse with a sausage supposedly bought from the markets and even serving guests food with "A Secret Down Under" (semen) in the RaidenSnake Resteraunt Splice.

8Equal would also sometimes show a split personality with the character in Discord.

The RaidenSnake Pastebin Rant

Like every other Troll Terrorist, 8Equal is envious of many serious callers. Including former Inner Circle member RaidenSnake. His splices prove it.

After 8Equal tweeted speaking his mind on the individual through pastebin, Raiden went on a tirade on twitter falsely rebutting the document claiming it proves nothing. He disappeared from twitter after he supposedly "got his account hacked".

On Episode 497, RaidenSnake called in the show explaing Ghost what the trolls said against him as well as showing his dissatisfaction against this wiki and his TV Tropes page for showing "false information" and being part of the Short Bus. In response, 8Equal posted another rant rebutting Raiden's distaste on pastebin chasing him off twitter yet again.

He would reappear shortly before the dissolution of the Inner Circle announcing his departure.

The pastebin documents can be found here:



The Tinychat Splice Theft

As a self-confessed former Brony, 8Equal would make his and Tinychat's first collab splice of an Anti-Brony nature with several members. However during production, a recording of this was passed to Twilie Atkins who edited down the conversation in to a splice similar to 8Equal's. This was used as a counter-troll by Twilie and Scarlet Moon.

In response to the counter-troll, 8Equal made a fake EAS call of Ghost, Mr ED and Twilie doing a threesome in Green Acres. He retaliated playing the splice on Episode 400. Twilie later admitted on Twitter that she was aware of this and found it quite flattering and rather funny.

On Episode 415 during the Templeton Carpet Crisis, 8Equal finally played the splice with an additional message saying: "Had this splice not been sabotaged by the Bronies, this call would have went out perfectly without any problems."

Tensions would continue as 8Equal called out several bronies including Disco Waffle via Twitter.

But now, 8Equal, Twilie Atkins and Scarlet Moon have forgiven and apologized to each other on February 4th to make amends.

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