>> GHOST: Well, good evening, folks, and thank you for tuning in with me to a spontaneous, random, been late for work three years edition of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. And of course, I am your host, the man they call Ghost. And once again, folks, I want to thank you for tuning in with me.

I'm not gonna have your traditional broadcast of me conducting commentary of the damn markets and on the political spectrum and on the social landscape and all this nonsense because, well, it's been about three years since I've conducted one of these broadcasts.

And the reason I've come on here is a lot of reasons. One in particular is I want to tell each and every one of you milky lickin, nipple clamp loving, butt-plug up the ass looking, think that you were smarter than me having pieces of tickling your balls with mustard sauce having chicken eating corn boy trash!

Got to calm down... I told you so. All right? That's right. I told you so. I told you every single thing that has happened in this world. I have predicted in my broadcast. If you don't believe me, boy, by god, if you don't believe me, go to that damn archive at That's Go ahead and check it out. It's all there. It's all there, baby. All right?

I mean, we were, I mean -- geez, I don't even know where to start. I mean, I remember when I was a true conservative before the true conservative movement turned their backs on me. But I remember when I was a conservative and I was telling everybody out there who was out there listening that these goddamn communists, these liberals, these leftists, feminists, all these people are colluding in an attempt to bring down this country in every fabric possible.

Back when I was a true conservative, I talked about how feminism was basically implementing the pussification, the absolute pussification of the American male. And at the time, this was in 2008-2009, people thought I was nuts. That's right, they thought I was nuts. They thought I was going loco!

I mean, even fellow conservatives at the time thought that I was going haywire because I wasn't some kind of blinded follower of one Sarah Palin. That's right. I mean, I was against Sarah Palin, all right, before everybody else thought it was cool to do so. And I don't want to bring this back up because you can go back in the archive and check it out.

But the reason, the basis of me not liking Sarah Palin, and it's one of many reasons. But the basis of it -- it was the end, the absolute end of the conservative movement. The absolute end.

I mean, y'all remember that John McCain Sarah Palin Republican convention, you all remember that crap. That was a coronation of the damn liberals taking over the control of the Republican party. They were championing teen pregnancy, remember with Bristol Palin.

I mean, they were just completely just turning blinders on what conservatives used to believe in. Turning blinders on like it never even existed.

Anyway, I don't want to get into that. I'm no longer a conservative. Those people are frauds. I don't want to talk about it. But it's there. All right?

When I was a conservative, I also said that oral copulation between two men across the street from an elementary school was not only gonna be demanded by the -- what do you call it -- LGBT community, but it was gonna be protected by the first goddamn amendment.

And look at what happened. Look at what's going on out here, folks. Huh? 2015. I talked about this in 2008, and the archive is there.

Now, let's move on, shall we? Let's move on, let's talk a little bit about what has happened to the country. I remember at the time in 2008, 2009, when I was a true conservative, I was one of the only voices talking about all the people that are converting to absolute moochers off the government entitlement system.

And everybody thought I was loco. Once again, it's all documented. It's all documented. Go to the damn archives. People thought I was loco. I even had a damn broadcast in which I list all the damn entitlements one could apply for. And basically added that sum up into equating that to something like -- what was it -- 5 to $8,000 a month.

I don't remember. It's in the archive. Look it up for your damn self. But that now -- that basis of living -- collecting a check from the government. That basis of living is now the basis of our labor force. If we even have a labor force. I predicted that, didn't I? Huh? Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh! I predicted that.

Let's keep going, shall we? I said that single parent families -- remember that? -- single parent families are the majority of the day. And look at it now. Look at it now. Look at the consequence of what was going on when I was calling it in 2008 and 2009. Take a look at it now in 2015. I predicted it.

Let's keep going. I'm serious. Let's just keep on going, shall we? Let's talk about a little bit about foreign policy out here. Oh, Jesus Christ. I mean, if I predicted anything in foreign policy, I mean, good lord, it's documented once again. I predicted all this crap in the Middle East. I remember in 2009, this was during the time I was still in True Conservative Radio days. I had broadcast during the Iranian revolution of 2009. That's right, the Iranian revolution of 2009.

I don't know if you folks remember that very vividly. Maybe some of you folks that were with me back then maybe remember this broadcast. But I was adamantly, adamantly urging the United States to back up the opposition to the Ayatollah back in 2009 in Iran. And what did they do? They did absolutely nothing.

Iranian people rose up and they were in complete opposition to Ahmadinejad, who was the president of Iran at the time. They were in complete opposition in unison against the Ayatollah. And what happened? The United States, the international community, that piece of crap United Nations, that piece of crap NATO, nobody, nobody did a goddamn thing.

And as a consequence, the damn Ayatollah ordered most of these people slaughtered and jailed and their families executed. And we did nothing. And I said once again -- you can look back at that damn archive. I said that we would rue the day, we would rue the day that we did nothing to help the damn opposition of Iran in 2009. It's all there. You folks can, you know, sit over here and try to say, that's not true, Ghost, you're lying. Look it up, boy.

Let's keep going. All right? 2009, I call for the United States to back up the Iranian revolution. It didn't. As a consequence, the 2009 Iranian revolution was conquered? And what happened to Iran after that? What happened? I mean, I don't mean to fast forward, but we're now doing deals with Iran. Can you believe that? We are now doing nuclear deals with Iran now.

I mean, in 2009, they were on the brink of falling had anybody in the international community aided that 2009-revolution. But you know what they did? Huh? You remember this ridiculous -- what do they call it? The Muslim spring, the Islamic. I even forgot what it's called. I mean, give me a break.

I mean, I said it back then and I'll say it now -- The Arab spring is what it was called. There you go. The Engineer is here. He's kicking back with me here. Thank you, Engineer, I appreciate it.

>> ENGINEER: (Unintelligible)

>> GHOST: The Arab spring, remember that? Ahh, good god. Oh, the American freaking government and the military were creaming out their pants to back up this ridiculous basically a bunch of, you know, determined uneducated wild jahoodies out here. I mean, let's be honest about it.

I mean, I said it back then and I'll say it now. It was a bunch of wild jahudis out there that were just rising up because they were being agitated, especially in Egypt, if we want to, y'know, be specific about it. Wael Ghonim, I talked about that stupid scumbug. It was an Egyptian supposed, y'know, techy dork that was employed by Google, which is conveniently forgotten about in history.

Wael Ghonim and all these tech people agitated the whole population in Egypt, Indonesia, and everywhere else where they decided just to rise up. I mean, let's be honest. Tunesia is not an impoverished nation. Egypt isn't the greatest nation either, but it was on its way up for industrial and economic development at the time in Mubarak. I'm not trying to praise Mubarak, but look at Egypt now.

I mean, you had Obama backing up the Muslim brotherhood, President Morsi, the Egyptian people were like, wait a minute, okay wait, we had a revolution only to bring in Morsi and these Islamic brotherhood idiots to implement Sharia law on us? Hell no, so they had another revolution. Remember that?

They had another revolution on top of the one Wael Ghonim and Google and all those idiots rabble roused to throw out Morsi and jail the Muslim brotherhood. And currently that government is in power today. A consequence of the Arab Spring, huh? Give me a break. I called that. I was completely against the Egyptian revolution. I called this crap. I predicted it.

I was against Libya too. And look what's happened in Libya. Look what's happening. For some reason, I mean, Obama and this administration didn't want to bother to help the Iranian revolution of 2009 to help topple an enemy of the United States. I mean, this is an obvious enemy. It goes back some days. You go back 79, 78.

He just does not bother -- the American government does not bother with the Iranian revolution of 2009. But Muammar Gaddafi, who, in his latter years here, was actually bowing down to the international community. I even talked about that before he was overthrown in 2008. He was bowing down. He was relinquishing his weapons of mass destruction. He was allowing the international bodies to come in and expect them, so on and so forth.

But for some reason, Obama and the administration thought it was a good idea to go ahead and aid whoever -- whatever wild jahoodies were out there *cough* al-Qaeda *cough* whatever wild jahoodies out there, they were gonna arm them, they were gonna train them, they were gonna give them weapons and armory and all this other stuff to topple Libya's Muammar Gaddafi and look at it now. Libya now is nothing more than a spring board from all these wild jahudis.

And let me tell you something. These jahoodies that are now called ISIS are nothing more than al-Qaeda in a new name. I predicted all this. Remember? We had interviews with Mahmoud. We actually had people that would call us into the show that were actually on the ground in Libya, on the ground in these territories where there was unrest.

Mahmoud would be there. And what would Mahmoud say every time he would call up to the True Capitalist Radio show? What would he say? He would say get down on your knees and face Mecca. You face Mecca now, you filthy Americans keep paying your taxes so that Barack Obama can implement Sharia law.

And I know there's a lot of you bastards out there that are gonna say that that wasn't a real person and whatnot. Oh, yeah? Well, take a look at today's American foreign policy. Take a look at what Obama has done to the Middle East. This man's foreign policy has completely wiped out almost all of the Middle Eastern secular leaders.

Let me repeat that again. Obama, for whatever reason, decided to take out in the Middle East, okay, all the secular leaders in the Middle East. And it seems as if Obama wanted to replace them all with these Muslim brotherhood ISIS al-Qaeda like people. I mean, we were just talking about Egypt. I mean, why did Obama, why did Hillary Clinton and all these people back up the Muslim brotherhood?

I mean, if we take a look back into Islamic extremism, the Muslim brotherhood is the birthing point of Islamic extremism. It's historically documented! But once again, Mahmoud had always told us that Barack Obama was gonna implement Sharia law. And in retrospect, look at it now. Look at what's happening now, for Christ's sake.

The last one that's left is Bashar al-Assad. And let me tell you something. If Barack Obama really cared about supposed crimes against humanity, it was this son of a bitch that he should have went for to begin with. But he didn't, for whatever reason, you know, maybe it was a Brzezinski plan in an attempt to try to get some kind of a conflict with Russia, which we are now in. But let's get to that later. All right?

But for whatever reason, history went down this direction, all right? And now, we're in a position where all other secular leaders in the Middle East have been wiped out and those countries are in control by Islamic terrorists. And the last secular leader in the Middle East is freaking Bashar al-Assad.

I mean, this is just disgusting. You know what I'm saying? This is just unbelievably disgusting, because, look, if Obama wanted to do something and he cared about crimes against humanity, that bastard should have went after Bashar al-Assad first. And like I had said, I had always been calling for Bashar al-Assad's ouster, but at this point in time, I mean, if he's ousted at this point, who's gonna control Syria? Huh? I mean, who already controls parts of Syria for Christ's sake? ISIS.

And a by-product of all this foreign policy of Obama, the immigrant crisis in Europe, I know that the American media doesn't want to highlight this because it's not favorable to the leftist foreign policy. But let me tell you something right now. The Europeans are being completely invaded by these supposed refugees that are fleeing the supposed countries that are being invaded by ISIS.

And in actuality, these are nothing more than -- I wouldn't necessarily call them extremist Muslims, but these are definitely hardline Muslims who believe in the scarves over the head. They believe in the whole traditionalist hard liner nonsense, okay? I mean, I'm seeing reports out of Switzerland, mass rapings and all kinds -- I just cannot believe what was happened here. But it is a direct by-product of the Obama administration's foreign policy. And now what happened? Where are we at now?

Before I get to where we're at now, I'm sorry I keep stumbling and mumbling like a little jerk here, but there's a lot to talk about. I mean, a lot has gone on in three years. Remember I was talking a little bit about a place called the Ukraine? Remember that? I was talking about the Ukraine before anybody was talking about it? Remember that? I was talking about the Ukraine before anybody was talking about it.

I mean, if you don't believe me. If you idiots think that I'm just pulling this out of my dingleberried ridden derriere, then by god, go to the archive, It's all goddamn there! [PANTING] I'm gonna calm down. Look, ah... my health isn't the greatest anymore, all right, folks? So I got to calm down with these episodes of fits of rage or fits of anger in relation to the reality of the world. But it's all there.

I talked about the Ukraine because I saw what Russia was doing.

I mean, basically what was happening was they were utilizing the political system, the political infrastructure that was in the Ukraine.

They were utilizing it to basically usurp it.

I mean, Russia was basically backing up politicians in to Ukraine to be elected into office to the point where they won the presidency.

You remember?

Some pro Russia Putin lap dog had worn the presidency on the Ukraine and arrested and jailed the last president, Timchenko.

And I was on the air at the time.

And I was probably the only one at the time on the air discussing this.

And all of a sudden, all of a sudden what happens?

There was an uprising in the Ukraine.

And that uprising basically called Putin's hand in the cookie jar.

It caught his hand in the cookie jar so Putin had to move in troops.

And now we have this Mexican stand-off in the Ukraine between the Ukrainian opposition to the Russians, which is backed up by NATO and the United States and the western powers.

And then you've got Russia in the Ukraine.

I predicted this boy.

I mean, I'm telling you.

I mean, good lord.

I mean, let's keep going, shall we?

I mean, I know I'm bebopping around here.

Remember the Boko Haram?

Everybody was asking me why am I talking about the Boko Haram, huh?

Because I said that those -- the brand of the freaking Muslim of Boko Haram is so sick that these ass holes are actually bombing Nigeria and other areas around that particular country, which are majority Muslim!

I mean, what kind of a sick Muslim do you have to be when you're blowing up a country with 85% Muslims?

It's stupid.

It's sick.

Look at them now.

They're all over the goddamn media.

You know?

They do some sick ass terrorism there in the media.

You know, they kidnap 200 schoolgirls, they're in the media.

I told you.

Anything that I ever said on my show was not a bunch of BS, boy.

Everything that I said on my show was not a bunch of BS.

Anyway, I don't really have much time left to discuss everything that I predicted.

But you can go back in the goddamn archive at

Last thing I do want to say is that I have told each and every of you, alright, each and every one of you how to get rich, alright?

Now, unfortunately, if you didn't listen to me back then and didn't make your money, it's kind of hard to find a dollar now in Obama 2, isn't it, boy?

Ha-ha ha-ha!

I'm not joking.

It's kind of hard to find a dollar, isn't it?

Well, when I started True Capitalist Radio, all right, when I had basically forgotten about True Conservative Radio and said forget about it, I'm a true capitalist.

The Dow Jones Industrial was 8,000 points, all right?


The Dow Jones industrial was 8,000 points.

Now, aside from some of the stock picking I was doing for some short-term gains or mid-term gains, I had always said to you kids -- well, whoever was listening, because I know I had a lot of college people listening, had a lot of people in their 20s -- whether they listened, I doubt it.

But I know some of them have.

Some of them have contacted me through a variety of different mediums.

And I really appreciate your stories.

They're the only reason why I'm here.

But at the time that I started True Capitalist Radio, the Dow Jones industrials was 8,000 points.

It's like 18,000 points now or something.

I mean, seriously.

I pulled out all my money out of the stock market.

I pulled it out of real estate.

Let me tell you something.

There's a crash gonna happen and you're already seeing a little bit of the effects of it right now.

I mean, the scarcity of trying to obtain a dollar out here, trying to obtain anything is hard, for Christ's sake.

I mean, I'm witnessing it myself in my own brick mortar businesses.

People are spending less, alright?

I mean, it's the beginning of November.

I mean, this is the time when people start, you know, thinking about Christmas time and holidays.

People are keeping their money in their pockets, I'm telling you.

But, the reason I'm sitting fat living lavish is because, baby, I'm making money, baby.

It's what I do.

It's what I do, you know what I'm saying?

And, uh, I've already cashed out.

I'm telling you, this next coming crash that's happening is gonna make 2008 look like a picnic and I'm not joking.

So I'm warning everybody that is listening to my voice right now, be prepared.

Be able to have a lot of... well, I don't want to give you advice.

I'm just saying, be prepared, okay?

Because real estate is gonna tank, because we've got, uh, what is it?

The Mexican golden boy in HUD's secretary right now, Julian Castro, going out, telling everybody it's the greatest time.

2015's the greatest year to buy a home.

And the reason is because all these homes that are being bought, that are driving up the real estate prices up the roof to making it least accessible to those that are trying to get a house on their own, to making it least accessible to those folks.

The reason that those prices are going up the roof is because the loans, the majority of the home loans are FHA loans, which are government backed loans, which are backed by HUD.

You know what I'm saying?

I mean -- let me explain something.

If you traditionally buy a home from a bank -- and I'm talking about a bank, not a government-backed bank, or a government-backed loan, excuse me, you've got to put at least a minimum of 20% down before the bank even talks to you about giving you a secured loan for a home.

20% down.

Now, if you go through FHA, which is a government backed loan, you only got to put 3%.

That's right.

Just three.

1, 2, 3,%.

So that does that do?

That means that, well, Jesus Christ, if I can put 3% down on anything, if I can put 3% down on a $500,000 home, just as long as I can put the 3% down, nine times out of ten, FHA is gonna approve me.

And as a result, I'm gonna buy the house and raise the property value.

And that's what's happening here, folks.

And it's gonna come tumbling down.

I'm telling you, the next economic contraction is gonna happen at the beginning of 2016.

And what that means is you're gonna see a lot of layoffs.

And I'm not talking about blue collarr layoffs.

I'm talking about white collar jobs.

I'm talking about the folks that are keeping the upper middle to higher class real estate markets up.

Those folks are gonna lose their jobs.

They're all extended anyway.

Nobody's living on any kind of savings here in America.

It's all gonna come tumbling out.

They're gonna foreclose on their homes.

They're gonna have to take back their cars.

I mean, it's gonna be 2008 all over again.

And it's gonna jeopardize the savings accounts that we have in banks.

It's gonna jeopardize the currency.

I'm telling you, folks, it's gonna make 2008 look like a picnic.

And you can thank nobody else but Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and this leftist regime that took power in 2008.

Anybody that tries to say, oh, well, Bush made it bad so I -- shut your stupid stinking smelly hole.

I mean, it just -- it just frustrates me because the Democrats had full control of the goddamn government in 2008.

Don't you understand that, you morons?

They had complete and total control.

They had the house, they had the senate, they had the executive branch.

And they did -- what did they do?

Stimulus package freaking 3 and 2.

And oh, we're gonna bail out these people -- I mean, the omnibus bill and -- I can go on and on.

They just wasted our freaking money!

It was the biggest wealth transfer in American history, Barack Obama.

And that's documented, boy.

Anyway, I better stop.

I'm going too off keister here.

Anyway, folks, I got to get out of here.

But if you want to hear another show, by god, spread it around like wildfire.

Go to the YouTube videos.

I want to see it.

Inspire me to do another Ghosties, all right?

But if you want me to bring the show back, like I said, show for me.

Show me that you care.

Show me that you want it.

Show me some YouTube videos.

Show me something, baby.