Cuckold Therapy (BTR Ghost Radio Graffiti)00:50

Cuckold Therapy (BTR Ghost Radio Graffiti)

A Real Black Guy was a regular splicer and troll whose sick twisted troll terrorist splices were frequently featured during Radio Graffiti since the Return of True Capitalist Radio. He called using the Skype name "A Real Black Guy". His splices often caused Ghost anger due to their sick, sadistic nature.

Though better known for his content Post-Return, A Real Black Guy started his career in the 2012 run of True Capitalist Radio. Back then, his content was more focused on Remixes, rater than splices that he became famous for after the Return.

Since the Return, A Real Black Guy has become famous for being a creative splicer, often setting up a unique scene involving Ghost. These splices often made Ghost wonder just how much time A Real Black Guy spent making them. One such example is a fake documentary that featured Ghost and the Engineer exploring a volcano and another, a TV report depicting Ghost looting 6th street following the Texas floods. One of his later endeavors was remaking Ghost's intro into True Cripple Radio, True Anime Radio and True Midget Radio.

He was also well known for making song parodies, usually changing the lyrics to reference floods, Ghost being handicapped or Ghost being a midget. He made parodies of, but not limited to:

  • Randy Newman - Short People
  • a-ha - Take On Me
  • David Bowie - Starman

Since the death of the Skype system in June 2016, A Real Black Guy has not called in under Anonymous using his name. However, on December 2nd, 2016, Elfoxoloco confirmed this was an alias he had used to troll Ghost.

Videos Edit

True Cripple Radio01:11

True Cripple Radio

Ghost- True Anime Radio02:02

Ghost- True Anime Radio

The Ghost, the Engineer and the Volcano01:18

The Ghost, the Engineer and the Volcano

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