Another successful revamp of chain-call trolling, Accident-Prone Kids is the name of a series of chain-calls where Joe Friday, from the 1950's television show Dragnet (see this video) starts naming off a list of injuries and occurrences that happen to children. The debut of Accident-Prone Kids was during Radio Graffiti, episode 193 of Ghost's broadcast. The chain-callers managed to get three calls in a row (four if a fruitbowl imitator is counted), tying the record with Ban All Bronies. The first call in the series mildly annoyed Ghost, the second confused him, and the third caused him to lose his temper.

Area Codes UsedEdit

  • 990 (Unassigned)
  • 651 (Saint Paul, MN)
  • 759 (Unassigned)


Accident-Prone Kids For Ghost 1080p HD00:34

Accident-Prone Kids For Ghost 1080p HD

The first ever series of Accident-Prone Kids

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