Throughout the history of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast the term "Advertisements" has meant different things.

The Enemy

At one point during the summer of 2011 Ghost used advertisements for an STD firm to support the broadcast.

Callers have frequently advertised their own Blog Talk Radio shows as a method of trolling. During Episodes 221, 222, and 223, callers began playing advertisements for products unrelated to Ghost, from Newgrounds animations to train DVD's. Ghost claimed callers were "using my broadcast as a time for free adspace.", though at the very first Radio Graffiti, Ghost stated that he would allow that. The high count of advertisers calling Ghost has inspired Twitter trolls to call Ghost a "Sellout".

Advertisements used against Ghost

  • Kirbopher's introduction to TOME 'The Realm of Magical Expertise', which was used almost 4 times in a row, infuriating Ghost.
  • The J.G. Wentworth choir
  • 'Penis Wine' a troll advertisement.
  • 'Rusty Brown Ring Donuts', a fictional advertisement from the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • 'T'ird' another troll advertisement.
  • 'McDonalds Coffee'
  • 'Lots and Lots of...' - WenaOneActual called in with different kinds of advertisements from the 'Lots and Lots of...' series of DVDs. After the advent of Crippled Ghost, some trolls parodied this by calling up and doing fake advertisements for 'Lost and Lots of Wheelchairs', and after the BlackLivesMatter attack on a few Dallas Police Officers, 'Lots and Lots of BlackLivesMatter protestors'.
  • Wheelchair advertisements
  • Hair-related advertisements, including for hair-growth formulas. Twilie and African Booty Scratcher have each made a fake commercial to poke fun at Ghost's supposed baldness.


Trailer - TOME Kirbopher

Trailer - TOME Kirbopher

One of the 'advertisements' in question.

Lots and Lots of Beer Cans

Lots and Lots of Beer Cans

An ad which spliced in Ghost's voice.