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African Booty Scratcher (sometimes abbreviated ABS) is the name given by Ghost to a character in True Capitalist Radio that Ghost believes to be a perverted African because of his thick accent. He initially started out as a chain-call troll, but eventually evolved into a full fledged character after the chain-calling started to wear out.

His first calls consisted of a soundbyte of him speaking in heavily accented english, while reading an erotic fan fiction of pregnant Anne Frank. Whilst considered by Ghost to be stupid on their own initially, it soon became much more annoying to him when people began chain calling the show with the voice clip. Troll community had mixed opinions on these calls with some praising them while others felt like they were the worst trolling method in the show since Big Jack.

alternate depiction of ABS

On episode #414, it was revealed that the African Booty Scratcher was actually Ukrainian instead of African as initially believed, but he nonetheless rolled with his given name and acted as if he was a black man in his future calls. His origins are therefore similar to those of Tub Guy, who also began as a failtroll before becoming successful with a persona inspired by Ghost mishearing his call.

After the Anne Frank fan fiction calls started getting old, ABS moved into making himself a regularly appearing character in the show with splices such as him selling Ghost and Donald Trump Big Smoke's order and him having his wat with Ghost's Wife. These calls were generally much better received by the community than his previous attempts at trolling as there haven't been many new characters in the show since 2011-2012 era.

During Capitalist Episode 443, Ghost is stunned find out that there was a Kickstarter for a TV show called African Booty Scratcher. Ghost reacted to this by among other things by threatening to send the ABS TV show an invoice, wondering if meme magic was real and thinking if he should now go to Africa since he had managed to meme a TV show.

The African Booty Scratcher has returned to troll Ghost following his Break, with his first splice being a take on "Thriller".



The African Booty Scratcher turned my twitter name into a splice01:31

The African Booty Scratcher turned my twitter name into a splice

"African Booty Scratcher" - Trailer03:22

"African Booty Scratcher" - Trailer

African Booty Scratcher Calls Compilation (Dec 5th 2016 - Feb 27th 2017)01:07:54

African Booty Scratcher Calls Compilation (Dec 5th 2016 - Feb 27th 2017)

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