I know you idiots want to insinuate that I'm some kind of Grand-Dragon or something, but I'm a melting pot of friendship and you idiots know it. YOU IDIOTS KNOW IT!


Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast (and its now-defunct predecessor, the True Conservative Radio broadcast), has frequently been called a racist. Ghost's enjoyment of the "Guess the Minority" game and his "special guests" have lent credence to this idea, rapidly increasing the number of accusers over time.


Ghost has always denied being a racist. Besmirching his good name with these slanderous accusations often throws him into a violent fit where he insists, "I am not a racist! I am a melting pot of friendship. I'm a nice guy!" After he cools down a bit, he continues with, "I happen to have a whole bunch of friends who happen to be black. I happen to have a whole bunch of friends who happen to be Mexican. I happen to have a whole bunch of friends who happen to be Oriental. And WOP. And Camel Jockey. And Kraut." His insistence on punctuating his racism denial with multiple ethnic slurs does not help to establish his case.


Calling Ghost a racist was one of the most frequently used trolls on the True Capitalist Radio broadcast in its original run. As a result, Ghost played "Guess the Minority" much less often it has died down a little bit and been replaced by more trolls before it ended in May 2012.

Several of the biggest remixers of Ghost ranging from DJ AlexS. to Celtic Brony have included spliced audio clips of Ghost claiming to be a racist.

It is often suggested that all residents of Texas are racist redneck cowboys, especially towards African Americans.

(Wondering why you're not getting anywhere with calling Ghost a racist every time you call in? We have the perfect article to help you through this tough, frustrating time.)

After Ghost returned in 2016, the "you're racist" calls have all but died out. Callers went back to splicing him to look like a racist, such as using his Woodshed segment to racist degrees, often with stereotypical chimpanzee noises playing. These splices were almost guaranteed a cans.wav reaction from Ghost.