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The Arab Prince a.k.a. TheTCREngineer is, as his name suggests, a supposed wealthy prince from the United Arab Emirates who is a member of Ghost's Inner Circle and a serious listener of True Capitalist Radio. He has established himself as something of an enemy to the trolls but has also become a trolling meme, often playing Ghost's supposed financial allegiance to his supporters against his racist tendencies.

History on TCR

Ghost publicly revealed the Arab Prince's membership in Capitalist Episode 466, after word had spread within the Inner Circle. Many Twitter names and several Radio Graffiti calls followed accusing Ghost of being funded by ISIS among other jokes. However, the Arab Prince would become much more controversial in the aftermath of the Mr. Fortune Cookie-Mr. Optimism autograph battle, as it was discovered that he had purchased an enormous number of Mr. Optimism autographs (allegedly 100), stealing the competition for the cancellation of Radio Graffiti. He was apparently motivated by being a serious listener who was tired of the show's increasing focus on trolling.

In Capitalist Episode 470, the Arab Prince was one of several Inner Circle members supposedly doxed by /pol/. However, he denied all elements of the dox except for his name, and the reported dox have seemingly been lost.

The Arab Prince continues to dislike trolling and Radio Graffiti, calling to say as much on several occasions, such as Capitalist Episode 473 and Saturday Night Show Episode 4 during Radio Graffiti. He has asked Ghost to stop doing the Saturday Night Troll Show. It is not entirely clear that these calls are the real Arab Prince, as his voice is highly reminiscent of Ghost doing a stereotypical accent. Ghost is often bombarded with tweets calling for the ejection or banning of the Arab Prince, to which Ghost angrily responded that he cannot betray the Arab Prince due to his financial backing.

The Arab Prince can regularly be found on /pol/ during the broadcast.

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