Baby Boomers are the demographic of people born between approximately 1946 to 1964, during the post World War II baby boom. Ghost has been extremely critical of that demographic, and states that they are one of the reasons why we are living in Junkyard America. What makes his hatred of them ironic is that Ghost may be a baby boomer himself.

He was trolled by a Twitter name called "Baby Boomer Ghost" in Episode 205 of True Capitalist Radio which made him go on a rant about the baby boomers. One of the episodes of True Capitalist Radio was dedicated so he could tell the Youth of America to stand up against the baby boomers.

Ghost went on another rant about baby boomers on Episode 556, and he got more and more angry during the rant. He eventually got so mad that he Rage Quit the broadcast without doing Radio Graffiti.


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