They're the ones ruining the country!

—Ghost, on his bureaucratic brethren.

This is part of a series on Ghost's fan-given alter egos. Click here for more.

Bureaucratic Ghost is one of Ghost's many Fan Given Alter Egos, such as Jewish Ghost, Communist Ghost and John Conquest. Ghost has a much-expressed loathing of bureaucrats and the bureaucratic system, viewing them as power-hungry sociopaths out to control all aspects of American life. During Capitalist Episode 242, Ghost read the Twitter Name "True Bureaucrat Radio", which caused him much rage. The immediate following show was flooded with Bureaucratic trolls and jokes, such as has happened in the past when allegations of Ghost being Jewish or etc. have occurred.

Ghost Rages over "True Bureaucrat Radio" Twitter Name03:31

Ghost Rages over "True Bureaucrat Radio" Twitter Name

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