>> GHOST: Hello, baby, what's going on. Ha-ha ha. Woo! Anyway, what's going on, folks. We're having technical difficulties now. I'd like to thank first of all, everybody for tuning in to the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. I am the host, the man they call Ghost, folks. And I want to thank everybody for tuning in with me. Unfortunate, we're having still technical difficulties with the old mike. And the reason -- I hope everybody's listening. I hope everybody can hear me very vividly here. The reason I like to use the old mike is because that's what I started with, baby. That's what I did. You understand what I'm saying? I mean, that's -- you know. I never used another mike, you understand what I'm saying, baby? So for all these people that are like, "you got to get a new mike, Ghost", shove it up your ass, all right?

Anyway, folks, there's a lot of things to talk about here, folks. I don't even know, you know. I don't even know where to start, folks. All right? I have no idea where in the blue hell to start. I mean, can we start -- Jesus Christ. I mean, ha-ha ha-ha! You know, the one thing I want to start with is the Capitalist Army and the bad weekend that the Capitalist Army gave Ted Cruz, you understand what I'm talking about here? That's what the I want to talk about, if you will.

But before I do that, let me go ahead, let me see if we can get my -- can we get the other mike going on, please? I want my original mike, all right? I don't care if we can to duct tape it together. I don't care if we have to freaking antenna use aluminum foil. I don't care. I like my mike! So if you all can excuse me, I've got some technical difficulty music just in case, all right? I got some technical difficulty music just in case for this particular occasion here. So, you know, before I do that -- I'm getting off-keister here. I'm saying, folks. It's been a little bit -- it's been four years here, you understand? So let me go ahead and put on some -- let me go ahead and put on some damn technical difficulties music so I can get my damn mike back. I'm just not comfortable as you can see, I'm sitting here and I'm talking into something that's not my freaking mike. I want my mike. I want my mike back. I want my freaking mike back. So here. Here's the technical difficulties music, folks. And please bear with me if you will.


Shut it off. All right, we're back. I got my mike here, you understand what I'm saying? Can everybody hear me? Are we -- turn off the other crap there, all right? Come on. Jesus Christ. Getting reverberations over here. I mean, come on, man. What are you doing, Engineer? No wonder everybody's saying fire the damn Engineer up in here.

>> ENGINEER: (Unintelligible).

>> GHOST: I know you're trying as best you can here. It's been four years. Jesus Christ. And what was that technical -- is that the best you can do with technical difficulties for Christ's sake? That's the technical difficulties -- can we put that on again? What the hell was that?


What in the blue hell is this, Engineer?

>> ENGINEER: (Unintelligible).

>> GHOST: Oh, my God. What a way to bore the balls off of people, for Christ's sake. Oh, Jesus. Oh, Christ. All right, just shut it off. Shut it off. Jesus Christ. Anyway, folks, we've got contingency plans. If for some reason we drop off, baby, let me know. I'm gonna be eyeballing everything.

It's the True Capitalist Radio broadcast number 228. We're gonna talk a little bit about what we have conducted this past week, folks. And if you weren't a part of the Capitalist Army, the #LeaveHimHeidi campaign definitely made an impact in the Cruz campaign this weekend. Didn't I say on the Twitter account that he was definitely gonna have a bad weekend. And I'd like to thank the Capitalist Army, the Trump train, and everybody who is out there dedicated, getting ready, doing whatever it makes to make sure that Donald Trump is president, folks. This is a capitalist revolution right before our very eyes, and I cannot believe it. That is why I'm here. That is why I'm sitting here conducting the broadcast. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing on the Internets, if you will. And I hope that you can help me me a part of the Capitalist Army too, folks. Because Donald Trump has to be president. He must be president. You understand? Everybody and their brother is against this man. Everybody. Everybody -- the pope, the Chinese. I mean -- Obama, the DNC, the RNC. I mean, good god.

I mean, he must be doing something right for Christ's sake, because every establishment, every institution, is just in utter complete disdain for Donald Trump. I have no idea why. I don't get it. But let me tell you something, that's why I'm backing up the man. And not to mention, he's a capitalist. And by god, we haven't seen a good -- a good range of capitalism in this damn country in a long damn time.

So anyway, folks, have you haven't known, Ted Cruz and the Cruz missile crisis -- I don't know if you're familiar with that. Or what is it? The Cruz mistress crisis? I don't know what the hell it is. Anyway, folks, it seems as if Ted Cruz had been getting around like old slick willy Bill Clinton, for Christ's sake.

I mean, of course, Bill Clinton would sexually and physically abuse women. I don't think that was the case for Ted Cruz. I just think that he was using his vulgar display of power to swoon married women. I don't know. A lot of these women that are alleged have significant others here. And so does Ted Cruz, and I think this just pretty much slaps Ted Cruz in the face for being some supposed evangelical conservative. I mean, come on. I mean, why do you think the GOP, even though this guy is second in delegates, they are not backing up this man, even though the bush family, the bush crime family is backing him up, even though it's gonna come out later on this week that walker, believe it or not, walker, the governor out of Wisconsin is gonna back up Cruz. And I think that the Trump train needs to be a little concerned about this, because remember, that's walker, that's Scott Walker state out here, all right? The fix is in.

Let me tell you something, I was in Texas. I'm in Texas here. There was a lot of voter fraud out here in Texas. I mean, if you want my personal opinion, and let me tell you, is the web site to go to if you happen to have any kind of voter discrepancies or problems in any of these primaries or caucuses. That's, altogether. But there was a lot of discrepancies out here in Texas, hence that's why Cruz won it. And we all know the unscrupulous ways in which Cruz won the Iowa caucus, you know? He just goddamn decided that he was just go ahead and send one of his mistresses, I guess, to go and subject that Ben Carson was dropping out of the damn race and that the caucus goers that were there in Iowa for Ben Carson is go ahead and go with Ted Cruz. Not to mention that ridiculous mailer, you know that voter failed -- y'all remember that crap? They send some voter grade to these people out there in Iowa scaring them into freaking voting for Ted Cruz. Give me a freaking break.

Anyway, folks, I am very happy with what the Capitalist Army conducted this weekend. I can Ted Cruz had a bad weekend, I can only imagine. Ha-ha ha-ha! I can only imagine the conversations that were happening between Heidi and Ted Cruz this weekend. It was an Easter weekend too. I can only imagine, can only imagine during all the Easter egg hunts and all that crap what in the hell the conversation was there. And let me tell you, this just puts a complete and utter just bad patina, bad patina on the Ted Cruz brand. And let me tell you, he done goofed when he hooked himself up with the Bush crime family. But you know what, folks it's not surprising because lest we forget that Heidi Cruz is not just some damsel in distress. She's not just some babe in the woods not knowing who I am, what to do, whatever. She is highly in bed with the Bush family. She was an assistant to Condoleezza Rice during the Bush, Jr. administration. And for you folks that are unaware, Condoleezza Rice was the national security advisor during the 9/11 situation. And moreover, she ended up being promoted to secretary of state after that.

Moreover, not only is Heidi Cruz closely connected to the Bush crime family,this is a woman, this is a woman who is connected to Goldman Sachs. She was a Goldman Sachs executive, for Christ's sake. She worked for Goldman Sachs. How do you think Ted Cruz got that sweet low-interest loan that he failed to report, that he failed to report, from Goldman Sachs? How do you think he got that? Huh? How in the blue hell do you think he got that? It was from his wife, Heidi. It's his wife, Heidi, for Christ's sake.

And moreover, I'd like to reiterate, since the mainstream media and Ted Cruz are trying to allude that the Trump campaign had coming to do with the National Enquirer supposed hit piece, but it's all true. I mean, I think it was Roger Stone that said, if it isn't true, why isn't Ted Cruz suing? Why isn't he suing? Because apparently much of it is pretty much factual.

I mean, let me tell you, he's a lawyer. He doesn't need to go pay lawyers to do this. And that's what I'm saying. It puts a bad patina, you know, a bad rust or crust on the Ted Cruz brand. And if anybody that claims to be a conservative, an evangelical and you're still voting for this man, you people are just as loony as the goddamn liberals, I mean, why do you think I stopped being a conservative? The conservative movement doesn't mean anything anymore. You understand that? It means nothing. So hence, I just completely -- I lived the conservative lifestyle my whole life. I was a conservative, and I threw it away. I wiped my dirty derriere with that moniker, because it means diddly. And I've said it and I'll say it again, in 2008, when they nominated that freaking Alaskan bimbo, Sarah Palin, as the vice president to John turn-coat liberal McCain, war-mongering McCain, I knew that there was a liberal takeover, an utter disgusting liberal -- and I'm talking all liberal, fiscal liberal, social liberal, a liberal takeover of the Republican party.

And hence, you can see it now. You can see it as they're going against Donald Trump. They're conspiring against, the GOP elites, for Christ's sake. They would rather have Hillary Clinton as president as opposed to allowing Donald Trump to lead the party into the presidency. Because these people are a class to themselves, folks. Don't you understand that? It's starting to un-earth itself. You're start to witness this. I mean, you've got party leaders rubbing it in your faces that your vote doesn't count. All those hours these people are spending in lines in primaries and caucuses, it means nothing. They're telling us this. It's a disgrace. Why do you think I'm coming back? All right? Why do you think I'm coming back and doing the things that I'm doing, for Christ's sake? This election is that important.

The whole damn establishment, both the domestic, political, social, and financial establishment, and the international establishments fear Donald Trump. They fear him. Why do you think these people are going through such great lengths to stop this man? I mean, look at the lamestream media. I mean, give me a break. Anybody who still watches the TV for their news are a complete lazy pathetic slovenly stupid individual, I'm sorry. All right? I mean, in this day and age of the Internet, I mean, hell, you can have freaking news delivered on your phone, for Christ's sake. . You're a lazy bastard.

And let me tell you something, I know a good -- well, I hope a good amount of you spend a good amount of time in the crapper. I mean, what are you doing in the crapper? Aren't you reading something? Huh? I mean, don't you read some news? Don't you do some news gathering in the crapper? What are you doing, tickling your ball sack? You looking at your turd and seeing if it shapes in some kind of a person, some kind of a shape? I mean, I don't get it. I don't get why people don't look for the news. That's all out there. You have an infinite library of information, instantaneous live news via the Internet. And what are people using it for? Netflix and chill. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, give me a break with that one. Netflix and chill, that's everybody's doing. Trying to use social media so they can get their wieners whacked or rekindle with somebody that looked good in a leather jacket back 25 years ago when they dumped you in the stairwell after they had an ejaculation session, trying to rekindle something that they thought they forgot. It's ridiculous. It's pathetic.

Jesus Christ. I'm sorry to go on that soliloquy, but let me tell you, I'm very proud of what the Capitalist Army has done. The #LeaveHimHeidi campaign seems to have been a success. I'm very proud of it, very proud of the Capitalist Army. I can guarantee he had a bad weekend, old Ted Cruz. And of course, these GOP and DNC establishment folks, not only is Donald Trump trying to be thwarted from the GOP, nomination -- and let me tell you, they're doing a good job at it. I mean, they've got every mainstream media slamming him, lying about him, saying all kinds of slanderous libelous lies about him.

But let me tell you, you Bernie Sanders, if you think, even if this guy wins every caucus and every primary out there, you people are gonna be sadly disappointed with the outcome. Because, let me tell you, if you think that the GOP are trying to thwart Trump -- because at least what the GOP's trying to do, is they're trying to stop Trump from getting the 1237, the 1237 delegates necessary to nominate him for the presidency for the Republican party.

I mean, they are trying to stop him by any means necessary. And if they can do it, believe it or not, folks, that's why they're trying to make a smoke screen subjecting that, you see, he didn't get the 1237, so now we got to go to a broker convention and let the delegates go ahead and vote how they please, vote their conscience. And that's why they got stupid Mitt Romney, and that's why they've freaking Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan? Paul Ryan in the wings, for Christ's sake.

But anyway, it's not only like that. At least the Republicans are trying to make it seem like there's a legit or a "legit" reason why Donald Trump will be held back as the nominee of the Republican party. But there is no -- there is no smokescreen for the DNC.

And I think that you Bernie Sanders fans, you need to wake up and smell the free coffee that's probably Folgers Crystals, which smells like artificial crap, because that's what Bernie Sanders is. It's a bunch of artificial crap. There are delegates and superdelegates. I think that you folks in the Bernie Sanders field need to read the DNC rules, all right? I mean, these primaries are a fictitious show. You know what these primaries are, to be honest with you? Ways to raise money for these freaking campaigns of these politicians. That's all it is. That's all it is. The cat's out of the bag now. That's all it is, folks, because it's obvious your vote doesn't mean diddly. All right? They're just going around, trying to rabble rouse you, trying to hey, go out and vote. Here's the signs and here's this. It's all about money. That's why Donald Trump is slapping these freaking bureaucratic politician soulless scum bags in their faces, do you understand that? They have to go out and they have to collect all this money in their campaign contribution accounts, all right?

And did you know that after their retire and they're no longer in public office, that whatever they accumulated in that campaign contribution account, they get to keep it in their -- they get to transfer that in their personal account, their own personal name tax-free. Do you understand that, folks. That's how politicians get rich out here. That's how these people that spend a "lifetime" of bureaucratic service get filthy disgusting rich. it's a disgusting despicable game. Do you understand that? It makes me puke. It makes me sick. And that's why Donald Trump is far more than just a candidate. He is a revolution. He is a revolution against the establishment.

I mean, I think it was Mike Huckabee that said that Donald Trump is a peaceful over throw of the American government, and by god, I could not agree more. So for god's sakes, folks, if you're for Trump, you need to go out there and go on all social media and spread all the Trump memes and propaganda and everything, all the facts. Make sure it's in everybody's faces, because this lamestream media, if you believe the lamestream media, they'll have you believing that Donald Trump's star is fading, when it's nothing but freaking lies. These freaking media are outright liars. They're lying. They're trying to subject something to you. That's their job, the power of suggestion. They are gatekeepers of information. That's what gives them power. And guess who pays those scumbags? Well, whoever pays for those commercials, huh? You're starting to get it now. It's all a bureaucratic scheme. Once private enterprise merges with government, it's over. I mean, it's monopoly. A monopoly cannot sustain itself unless the government forces the people to accept the monopoly, gives the monopoly special tax breaks, gives them no-bid contracts and that sort of thing.

Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. Why do you think there's no more small businesses and new generated wealth happening in America today? Because nobody has any cash. The jobs are gone. What is it, almost 95 million people are out of work in this country. They're out of work! That's how come they can manipulate that stupid ridiculous, "well, unemployment is blow 5%, Ghost. You don't understand. All right, Obama's doing good. He did a great job."

Yeah, you understand the fuzzy math? I hate to use a Bush terminology. But the fuzzy math that's going on with these numbers, it's ridiculous. Trump knows it. That's why Trump suggests that real unemployment as we see it can be from anywhere from 25 to 30% period. It's these manipulation of numbers, you know, these manipulation of Statistics. You know, taking small parts of statistics and all this other crap.

It's ridiculous, folks. Anyway, once again, I strongly advise the other side over there, the Bernie Sanders folks, you need to start doxing your delegates and superdelegates if you want Bernie Sanders to be the nominee for the Democratic party. You understand that? I mean, I'm not kidding around. You are going to have to do what we're doing on our side over here, and I'm talking about the Trump train. I'm talking about the Capitalist Army. You're gonna have to do what we're doing to make sure that your candidate, which let me tell you, it looks like the people are speaking over there on that side. I mean, the people are speaking, "Hey, I want socialism. I want some 75-year old communist bastard who's sitting here trying to tell me, just like Obama told everybody the last time. But who remembers that? I'm stupid. Anyway, he's gonna give me everything. He's gonna give me a free college, he's gonna give me a free car. He's gonna pay my mortgage." Do we remember that? Did he remember that whole scheme back in '08 with Obama? I mean, the more things change, the more they stay the same, don't they, huh?

But anyway, I'm just suggesting to you socialist stupid sniveling pathetic don't want to work live in your mommy's basement pathetic pieces of noninitiating trash.

What you need to do if you want your stupid Bernie has to get up five times to go to the bathroom a night sanders, if you want this man nominated in the DNC, you need to start getting to work and you need to start doing what we're doing for your candidate, because let me tell you something, Hillary Clinton, I can almost guarantee that Hillary Clinton is going to win the nomination, regardless of what you folks do.

I'm telling you, you think it's bad on our side with the Trump train and the GOP trying to thwart Trump from the presidential nomination that the freaking left -- these people aren't in store for the kind of totalitarian rule that's gonna happen at the DNC. I don't think these Bernie Sanders fans are -- I don't think they're prepared for it.

I mean, don't you folks understand that Hillary Clinton is a powerful broad? And why is she a powerful broad? Well, her husband was the president. And she wasn't one of these hey, I'm just gonna sit back I'm gonna be pretty like Laura Bush kind of first lady. This woman took first-hand initiatives. I mean, travelgate. I don't want to get into all the ridiculousness that she attempted to conduct. But remember, she had authority because of her business to go into FBI, you know, have privied secrecy to access to secret information, so on and so forth. This woman knows where the bodies are buried. And let me tell you something, that is why she has not been indicted, she has not been indicted for this e-mail scandal, which is unbelievable, unprecedented. I mean, we all remember general Petraeus, who did not even close to what Hillary rotten Clinton has done. And his damn career was ruined. He's lucky he didn't even go to jail. And here's Hillary Clinton out here laughing in your face, laughing right in your face, saying, "You know what? I don't care about the e-mails. Oink oink."

I'm telling you, folks, she knows where the bodies are buried. From sources in the beltway, she's willing to throw all of Washington, D.C. under the bus if she is indicted for this e-mail. That's why she's not indicted. She is not indicted because she knows where the bodies are buried. I'm not kidding around. This is a dangerous woman. I think you need to realize that the Clintons and the Bushes, these people are one in the same. These people are a crime syndicate, for a lack of a better term. That's why they're both on both sides of the aisle. So either one of them wins or one of their boys win, they still have control of the damn executive branch, which means they have control of the damn secret services and the national security agencies and the CIA and the FBI and the TSA. I mean, they've got control of all the files on us. They've got control of the IRS.

You get it now? Politics is power, folks. And this political class out here does not want to relinquish that institutional power, and that's what we're dealing with right now, is a political class that's trying whatever it's damndist it can, it's trying to save itself. But it's not looking good for them folks. It doesn't look good. I mean, they're getting to the point now where they'll go ahead and steal the damn election from the people's will and slap you in your mouth right in front of you and say hey, look, no, that's the rules. And you've got this lamey slimy freaking damn lamestream media trying to justify both parties in their totalitarian attempt at going against the people's will. I mean, that's what I'm telling you, folks. This primary, all this is voting, there this crap, it means nothing. This is nothing more than fundraising for these politicians, I want you to know this. I'm not kidding around. I mean, it's all political theater. These parties are no different than the communist party of China, where they elect their own people, and they have a commission, and they've got groups of people and delegates and all kinds of -- the same crap.

We're not living in capitalism, folks. We're living in some kind of quasi-socialist communist government. I've been saying it since 2008. Jesus Christ.

Anyway, folks, let's go ahead and give some shoutouts here since we're go ahead and getting a little off-keister out --

. I'm sorry to go on that damn diatribe, but folks, this is serious. If you are with the Trump train, by god, do whatever it takes. Even the little effort that you put in, I mean, posting a meme, making a meme, making a graphic, you know, posting some facts, looking for facts, spreading facts. You understand that? The media is not on our side. We have to be our own media. We have to be the gatekeepers of information. And we have to be well-inferred and inform the ignorant masses who would rather be watching "Dancing with the Stars" or whoever is on the damn boob tube instead of realizing what's in control of their very lives. Jesus Christ.

Anyway, folks, let's go ahead and -- I wanted to do a new hashtag every broadcast. But I don't think that's gonna work very well. So let's go ahead and go back to #LeaveHimHeidi, because according to the Twitter rumors, there's an apparent separation -- ha-ha ha. This is all alleged, of course. This was just all the rumors on Twitter that there's a possible separation between old Heidi and Ted. And by god, I don't blame Heidi because no wonder she was left on the side of a road with her head in her hands half bombed out of her mind. The police --


Oh, my God, folks. I'm sorry about that, man. Oh, Jesus Christ, man. Oh, my God. Folks, you know, all of a sudden, I'm sitting here, right? I'm doing -- I'm doing freaking these Twitter shoutouts and whatnot. And before you know it, everything goes black. And the freaking power was turned off, for Christ's sake. I hear my freaking dog crying for Christ's sake. Freaking dog is chewing on the freak plug, for Christ's sake, man! I mean, good god.

What is wrong with you, Templeton? Good goddamn it. Come here. Are you okay? Are you all right? Jesus Christ, man. I mean, good god. I'm sorry, folks. I'm so sorry, man. I'm freaking -- I had to put some electrical tape on some freaking plug. The mike that I like is freaking gone, for Christ's sake. I'm over here on a freaking smartphone and all this other crap.

I mean, good -- good god. You know, I mean, good lord. You know what I'm saying? What luck. Come here, Templeton. Come here. Are you okay?


My bad here, man. I'm sorry. I'm on this freaking smartphone, for Christ's sake! My dog almost gets electrocuted. I mean, they're trying to rob Trump, you know? I mean, we got the world against our backs. Just good god! And screw you people laughing at my dog's name, for Christ's sake, all right? Screw you people. Stop making fun of my damn dog. I don't even want to talk about my dog. Screw you people on Twitter talking about my dog. Jesus Christ. Talking about my dog. That's just great.

Anyway. Let's just go ahead and let's just -- let's just take some callers since we're here, all right? How about that? Let's just take some goddamn callers. (516) 453-9903 is the number to call, folks. I know people were saying that they wish they had the old number again, you know, the old 646 number, but that is beyond my control, folks. My apologies on that. We're just go ahead and we're go ahead and get to some callers right now! All right. Let's go ahead and get to some damn callers shall we? Let me make sure that my ass doesn't click this thing off again. Hold on a second. These freaking smartphones, I hate them. I hate them.

Anyway, let's go ahead and take some calls. 347, you're on the horn.

>> CALLER: Hey, Ghost. How's it going?

>> GHOST: How you doing, man?

>> CALLER: Oh, I'm good. I'm here in the UK. Kind of sucks, stationed over here, but I'm making the most out of it, being a capitalist, investing my money. I've listened to your show for quite some time now.

>> GHOST: Go on ahead, man. I'm sorry. I was just gonna thank you for your service and keep capitalizing, man. And my apologies for the technical difficulties out here. This -- my dog almost got electrocuted, bought go ahead.

>> CALLER: I'm sorry to hear that, Ghost. It sounds like Templeton's got some chewing motion going on there. But anyway, I just wanted to say, I want to wish you a happy Monday. Good luck to you. Donald Trump 2016, make anime great again. You have a good one.

>> GHOST: I agree with you except for make anime great again. But yeah, Donald Trump, baby. The Trump train is in the house all right folks. And once again, I'd like to reiterate, if you think it's bad on our side over here on the right well, by god you better believe that they're gonna have a shit fit over there on the left folks, because I'm telling you, these people do not understand that the Democrats have not only delegates but superdelegates. I mean, don't ask me how that works, but that's some communist socialist crap your typical bureaucratic socialist garbage. All right, and that's all there is to it.

Anyway, all this technical difficulties, my dog almost getting electrocuted, you people laughing at his name. Screw you. I used to show "Charlotte's Web" to my children. It was a wholesome sweet old family entertainment. I don't know what was happened thus far. [...]

I mean, you've got the -- speaking of which, I know I wasn't around during this time. So since this is coming across my mind, I'd like to get this off my chest a little bit. I want to talk a little about Bruce Jenner. All right? That's right, I want to talk a little about Bruce Jenner. And I want to talk to you -- and especially the transtesticle contingency that listens to the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. And folks, for some reason, transtesticles, I have no idea why, they're drawn to the True Capitalist Radio broadcast like flies to crap. And me and the Engineer have talked about it. We think that it has something to do with the manly dominance, the manly dominance that I'm throwing around the Internet like it ain't shit.

But I want to talk a little about Bruce Jenner, because let me tell you my personal opinion about Bruce Jenner. I think as soon as he started getting the tit job and suggesting that he wanted to start trannying this feel out, I knew it was nothing more than a ploy to make more money at this reality show nonsense. I'm not kidding. These people are soulless. These reality show stars will do whatever it takes as long as they're able to sustain their little lifestyle, for Christ's sake. I mean, look at Kris Jenner with the Kardashian girls, for Christ's sake. I mean, selling them out like $3 slutbags, it's horrible.

Jesus Christ. And you know what made me sick is that when Bruce Jenner came out as "call me Caitlin", all the trannies thought it was like unification, like some kind of a rise or something like this was something significant to themselves, when it was nothing more than something significant to Bruce Jenner's pocket. And look at what's happened to him today. "Oh, just call me Caitlin. Call me Cait." And low and behold, what happens? He likes Ted Cruz. Aw. Aw. I mean, how can a tranny -- I mean doesn't -- do you understand where we're going, folks? Do you understand why I left the conservative movement, why I no longer consider myself and never will consider myself a damn conservative again? This is where we're going.

You've got a supposed evangelical in Ted Cruz who can't keep it in his pants. And I guess wife's hopping on married women or some crap out here being endorsed by some tranny that is supposed to be the spokesperson for trannies nowadays, because they got a freaking show on there. I mean, give me a freaking break. All right?

And let me tell you something, Bruce. Unless you're gonna go out there and start taking it in the pooper, all right, which he's not. Apparently he's dating chicks, for Christ's sake. I mean, how sick are we getting? Okay, let me get this straight. Let me just get this straight real quick, all right? Guy turns into woman to get woman? I mean, do you see where we're going mad, man. And what's this new thing? I mean, I thought pansexuals was a taboo and a weird thing when I was here back four years ago. Now what is it? Gender fluid? I'm gender fluid, for Christ's sake. Huh? Is that what everybody's doing? I'm gender fluid.

Look, I don't care what you want to be. To be honest, the essence of capitalism is that if you can pay for it and you can do whatever it is that you want to do, as long as you're not infringing upon the rights or infringing upon the property of another person, well, then by god, do whatever it is you want to do, for Christ's sake. Just as long as you pay for it, unlike Bernie Sanders. I'm sure he wants us to pay for transtesticle reassignment jobs and all that other crap.

But anyway, I didn't mean to get into that soliloquy about Bruce Jenner, all right? Unless he's gonna take it up the pooper, I don't want to hear it. I'm serious. That's not a real tranny to me. He's not a real tranny. He's a transvestite. That's what that is. I think I get the terminology nowadays. That's a transvestite, all right? Then you got the cross-dressers, which are like -- I think transvestites from what I understand it. I'm just giving you guys a little bit of 411 because this is what they're teaching your kids in school and college and an elementary school, all right? Transvestites are actually men, regular men. They even got beards and crap dressing up as women for sexual gratification. Then you've got the cross-dressers, which actually do it and make themselves up a little bit crownish and go out and lip sync at homosexual coronations and clubs and whatnot.

And believe it or not, I have no idea why people -- I mean, what am I getting on gay debates? What am I, Nero for Christ's sake? What am I Milo Yiannopoulos, for Christ's sake? I'm not getting on gay debates.

I'm sorry, Templeton, he chewed up the goddamn plug. I was worried about him. The show was the last thing on my mind. My heart was beating like a rabbit. I haven't even gotten into my beer, for Christ's sake. I mean, this is supposed to be my drinking time. Let's get some freaking beer here. Come on, for Christ's sake. And then I got you people laughing at my dog's name, for Christ's sake. Don't laugh at my dog, Templeton, all right. It's my wife's dog, all right? And she thinks he's adorable. And if she thinks he's adorable, then I think he's adorable. That's what a man's supposed to do. You're supposed to be a man. You're supposed to take care of your woman's problems. You're supposed to to make her feel happy. You're supposed to make her feel (inaudible). You're supposed to to make her feel important. And she wanted a dog. I didn't want a dog, but sometimes you got to make a compromise. And my woman has compromised a lot with me so you just got to pay for it, baby. You understand?

I mean, unfortunately, feminists have kind of thrown the whole idea of compromise out the noggin of the average everyday woman so.

Anyway, let's go back to the Twitter shoutouts. #LeaveHimHeidi is the hashtag. Go ahead and start posting at #LeaveHimHeidi, because I think that was in the middle of that before I -- Templeton situation. Just good lord.

Anyway, what's going on to ShadySandsMan. And he's got some kind of a goddamn -- oh, God. Is it because of the Oculus Rift came out today,folks? Is everybody excited about that? Is that it? Oculus Rift? You're gonna be able to see virtual reality pornography, for Christ's sake? I mean, good god, go out. Clean yourself up, all right? Get yourself some decent threads and go up to a woman or something, for Christ's sake, man. I mean, you get virtual reality, you have a pocket pussy or -- I don't know what you people are doing. You can have all that sexual toys crap, but you need to get off your fat jetty Pop-Tart eating asses, go out to a social arena, and start talking to some people. I mean, I got memes over here of virtual reality. Okay, I get it. I'm actually looking forward to virtual reality myself but not for goddamn virtual reality pornographic material.

Jesus Christ. I mean, to be honest with you, I'm looking forward to having a virtual reality session with the whole Capitalist Army, to everybody who's listening to me right now. I mean, just imagine, man. I mean, we could be in a virtual reality realm and I could be talking for Christ's sake and everybody's kind of sitting here, we can have a beer. We could be a ball bar room, you know? Someone can program some kind of a bar room. I don't want to get into it. I know some of you are probably getting off-keister and like, "Oh, yeah, that's a great idea. ".

So anyway, let's go ahead and go to -- #LeaveHimHeidi is the hashtag to tweet at, for Christ's sake. Brony lives is in the house. Real funny. I can't believe you guys are still around, first of all. And secondly, you know, I really don't appreciate seeing people with -- at the -- what do you call -- brony cons. I don't appreciate seeing True Capitalist Radio shirts at brony cons, all right? I don't appreciate it. It makes me look like I'm some sort of a -- I don't know. It doesn't make me look good, all right. Now, I know there's some bronies out there and you guys do whatever it is that you do, just as long as you pay for whatever it is that you do and not live with mammy and wait for mammy to pay for it. I don't care what you do, just as long as you're not infringing upon the rights of others or trying to deprive somebody of their private property. I mean, that's what capitalism is. You can do whatever it is that you want to do. I just don't like seeing True Capitalist Radio shirts at brony con.

I mean, let me tell you something. My personality, who I am as a man has nothing to do with brony con.

Anyway, let's go ahead. We've got JHannaway in the house. We've got Theo Onion in the house. Chicago For Ghost in the house. Spectator Sly. We've got Ward24. What's going on with Ward24 in the house? Stropewafel666 in the place. What's going on, man? ANorthernGuy in the house. We've got arlnet, Jesus Christ. Long time no see, what's going on?

We've got IsleOfIsis. Go shove it up your ass, all right? We've got CUCKS4TRUMP. Real funny, jerkoff. We've got halgust Virginia. we've got Hnothgarth. Okay. What's going on?

Uh, buttered -- ugh, Jesus Christ. Shove it up your ass with these gross, disgust -- I mean, how do you people come up with some of these names, for Christ's sake? You know, I was -- I mean, you trolls, man. I'm telling you. You know, you're so damn creative yet so freaking sick-minded twisted freaks. You know what I mean? I mean, I think I saw some troll profile that said something like, I'm a pathetic fuck boy or something. Can you -- there's another one that's like, 7-11 was a part-time job. I thought that was pretty freaking funny. I know, people probably have to think about it. "I don't get it. 7-11 was a part-time job".

Yeah, you see what I'm saying. I don't know where you trolls come up with this. You go to the deepest, darkest, crevices of your mind. I don't get it.

Anyway, we've got 1_stump in the house. We've got KiwiArkangel in the place. What's going on? We've got -- stupid. I'm not saying that crap. I'm not saying it. Jesus Christ.

When else we got? We got SpruceyGoose in the place. Remember, hashtag #LeaveHimHeidi if you want a damn Twitter shoutout, for Christ's sake. Jesus Christ. What's going on.

We got Remilia Scarlet in the place. We got Freezorg in the house. That's on old-time listener. What's up, Freezorg?

We've got Sanda Claus. Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, real funny. Ha-ha ha. Sanda Claus. Like sanders Claus. Bernie Sanders is gonna give everybody everything. "Oh, yes, I'm Bernie Sanders and I'm gonna give you free college. I'm gonna give you free health care. I'm gonna give you everything because I wake up and I have to go to the bathroom five times a night, and that is not fair. That is not fair that an old man like me has to go to the bathroom five times and now I'm gonna make it into law. I'm gonna make it into the law that everybody has to go five times to the bathroom at night or you go (inaudible)."

I mean, I'm serious. I know that sounds silly, but that's what freaking socialism is, that's what communism is, whatever this 75-year old kookster decides is law is law, for Christ's sake. I'm not kidding!

Anyway, folks, I'm sorry. We had a lot of dead air. My freaking dog Templeton for Christ's sake. I mean, scared the living bejesus out of me, I'll tell you this right now. I'm telling you, my wife -- I probably would not able to do this show for Christ's sake for a little bit if something happened so that poor dog. Let me see. Templeton, are you okay? Yeah, he seems okay. He seems okay. Hey, you okay? Yeah, he's okay. He's okay in there.

Anyway. Jesus Christ. Anyway, folks, we're going off-keister here. Ugh, Jesus Christ. I'm sorry. I'm still a little flustered at Templeton here. I'm still a little Templeton I'm still a little flustered. I'm not joking. I need to take a real deep drink because I am -- I'm not joking, man. Oh, my God. I mean, seriously, I heard a little zzz and then -- I get freaking -- my computers went off. Everything went off. I was like, what the hell's going on. Make Templeton great again. Real funny, guy. Real funny.

Anyway, let me go ahead and get something to drink here. We're gonna take more calls. I mean, the only reason that the show is two hours, folks, is because I promised my wife I wouldn't dedicate as much time to the broadcast as I did last time. Remember, I dedicated a whole lot of time to the broadcast, not only to the broadcast but outside the broadcast. You know, folks? And I told her, I'm not gonna do. Gonna do a two-hours. And if the people want it, if there's enough people out there, well, then by god. I have to do it. I got to do it.

Anyway, folks, we were talking about Trump. I want to talk a little bit about the fall of the EU, baby. Have you seen the latest True Capitalist Radio propaganda video? It's called the Fall of Europa. And it basically highlights the migration crisis and the destruction of Europe. And I cannot believe that the world is just sitting on their thumbs and allowing Europe to be completely invaded by migrants which are mostly war fighting aged men. All right? And guess who let them in. The leftists of the European union, huh? So that they can integrate, so that they can have multiculturalism in a European Union style fashion. Bull crap.

This is a systematic takeover of Europe, and it's being preplanned in Europe, and that's why Obama is bringing in these damn ISIS and these Muslims -- these same people, the same people that are destroying Europe, he's secretly bringing them into the United States, folks. And he's giving them new passports, giving them new social security numbers.

Look, I know I've talked a lot of garbage about Alex Jones, but I strongly advise folks to start entertaining some of his YouTube material whenever you have the time. I don't like Alex Jones, to be completely honest with you. But in times of war, you have to make allies out of enemies and this is a time of war, folks. This is a capitalist revolution. A capitalist revolution. And the only way that we are going to be able to be victorious is if all of us act in unison and make sure that the establishment doesn't sway, doesn't disregard the people's will.

I mean, it's as simple as that, man. And I feel bad. My heart is broken for Europe. I mean, I cannot believe that we can just -- I mean, the world, people are just sitting there. That's why I tweet ed for you folks that are in Europe, you know, the dissecting of an AK 47, because the AK-47, folks is one of the most widely distributed weapons on the planet. And let me tell you, those parts are all over the place. And if you know what you're doing in gun-free Europe, in gun-free Europe, I strongly advise you to take whatever precautions necessary to protect yourself. All right?

Because let me tell you, it seems as if the damn immigrants got guns. I mean, isn't that ironic, folks? I mean, doesn't that make you sick? You know, the liberals, they can sit here. They bring in the problem, right? They bring in the migrant crisis, then may punish the people. They punish their own people. Do you understand the leftist mindset? Do you understand communism? It's evil! It's pure evil.

And the only way we can combat communism is socialism is utilizing the same methods of agitation they used against us against them. And that's exactly what I'm doing, and I encourage all throughout the world to do the same methods of agitation that the leftists have done throughout the twentieth century and use it to the capitalist vantage in the twenty-first century, because I will not watch Europe go down in flames. I will not watch America go down in flames. That's why I'm coming back. That's why I'm here. And whatever I can do to organize people, inspire people to go out and raise up and realize that you are a human being. You are not chattel. You are not slaves. And for these damn bureaucrats, international, domestic to sit here and wave their fingers in our faces as if they're some kind of a (inaudible) authority is just utterly pathetic. And that's why the people need to come together and realize that the only way we're gonna rise up is if everybody has a cohesive idea on why they are rising up.

Jesus Christ. Anyway, folks, I feel sorry for Europe. I cannot believe that the world is sitting on their thumbs and watching Europe being taken over, and it's a systematic take over by radical Islam. I mean, don't you understand, these people aren't assimilating into the culture over there.

On the contrary, you've got the leftists that are trying to make laws to make the domestic populations oblige these populations. Can you believe this crap? I mean, I'm not kidding around.

So my heart and prayers go out to all the Europeans. And I know I've had some normally European people just stuff. But let me tell you, I don't care if you were my normally back in the day. What is happening to you guys is freaking ridiculous and pathetic and it sucks. And it sucks that the mainstream media in America refuses to air the reality of what is going on, and it's a tragedy. And that's why it's so important for Europe to help us here in America elect Donald Trump, because I know in my heart of hearts that Donald Trump will -- he's not gonna just sit on his thumb and watch Europe being systematically taken over by radical Islam. I guarantee that this man remembers old Europe, remembers Europe being beautiful, the architecture being beautiful, the people being peaceful. He remembers that, and for them to be systematically taken over by radical Islam that was brought in by the leftist politician, the leftist bureaucrats is tragic. and I'm sorry to my European brethren. I am sorry that you are having to witness this, that you are having to see this. And I'm sure it's one of the most tragic things that you've ever seen in your life. And by god, we are with you over here in the United States.

That's why it's so important for Europeans out there, help elect Donald Trump. Do whatever it takes in your side of the pond over there, because you can see from the politicians that you've elected, they're not gonna help you.

And by god, spread around like wildfire the calms propaganda video called the fall of Europa. That is just a chilling video.

And by the way, I'm gonna extend the contest. Whoever wants to be a cohost, by god, put the propaganda out there. We've got a couple of propaganda pieces already out there. I'm gonna put a vote Thursday on the Twitter account, PoliticsGhost. And I'm gonna leave it up to the people. And that Friday, it's April Fools' Day, right. April Fools' Day. Hoohoohoohoohoo. I'll go ahead and allow that person to cohost with me the True Capitalist Radio broadcast, baby. I mean, you can't get any better than that.

Anyway, 646 -- excuse me, not 646 (516) 453-9903 is the number to call. Let's go ahead and take a couple more callers, then we're gonna talk a littlemore about Barack Obama and then we'll go into you know what. So let's go ahead and take some callers. 509 WRRPB what's going on?

>> CALLER: Hey, I'll like to call out these assholes out in all these chats saying that Templeton's a shitty name. I think it's a really great name for a pony.

>> GHOST: Oh, shove it up your ass, all right? Look, Templeton -- are you people morons? This is the generational gap here, all right? This is the generational gap. They don't even remember "Charlotte's Web." They don't even remember Templeton, the little rat. You don't remember that? Oh, smorgasbord. They don't remember that crap? You see, y'all don't know what y'all are missing man. Those were wholesome memories that I made with my children. That's why we got so much gender fluidity out here, because we got single mothers out here dumping these kids on a boob tube or illegal alien child care provider or a violent video game while they go out to Applebees looking for Alabama black snake for the night, for Christ's sake. It's disgusting. It's pathetic and I cannot believe that I'm witnessing this. I'm witnessing the destruction of the youth of America.

Jesus Christ. I haven't even drank a beer yet. And screw you people that are making fun of my dog's name, man, all right. Screw you, seriously. Screw you. Let me take a -- take a swig of this beer, for Christ's sake. Ah. Good beer here. Let's take a couple other calls here. How about 712, you're on the horn.

>> CALLER: Hello?

>> GHOST: Yeah, what's going on, man?

>> CALLER: Not much how about you?

>> GHOST: I'm all right. What's going on?

>> CALLER: Nothing much. Just sitting here thinking about Trump and how they're gonna fuck him over at the fucking convention, man.

>> GHOST: Yeah, I'm telling you, they all are, man. I'm not kidding around. We have to do whatever it takes. That's why the Capitalist Army is doing what it's doing. And let me tell you, Ted Cruz had a bad weekend, baby. Ha-ha ha-ha ha! He had a bad weekend this weekend thanks to the Capitalist Army, baby. Anyway, thanks for calling. 614, you're on the horn.

>> CALLER: Ghost, now that I've made you a propaganda video, meet me at the Krispy Kreme with KaraszKun, and we can turn each other glazed doughnuts. Oh, my.

>> GHOST: Ugh, good god! Jesus Christ! That is the most disgusting -- that's one of the most disgusting tub calls I've ever heard, for Christ's sake. And you leave KaraszKun alone! Damn it. Leave KaraszKun alone. I'm tired of people picking on KaraszKun. Leave him alone!

Jesus Christ. That was horrible. That was a horrible call right there, Tub_Guy. I cannot believe that you called up the show -- hey, and now my dog's getting all riled up here. You hear this? You hear my dog, for Christ's sake? What's wrong with you, Templeton? What's wrong? You're a little energized now? Ha-ha ha. Woo! Here, say hi to people out there, say hi. You know, he's quiet as hell as it relates to being with me and his mama. My wife likes to call Templeton his mama. He's all quiet and crap. But let me tell you, he doesn't like people. He doesn't like people. He starts barking at people, wanting to bite people, so it's kind of hard to bring people around, which I like that. I like that crap, you know what I mean? I don't like too many people around me anyway, for Christ's sake.

Anyway, I want to talk a little about Fidel Castro, because for you folks that don't know, we had an apology tour, or Barack Obama's south American Caribbean apology tour, which stopped off in Cuba, which was an unprecedented move for the first time there's been a president in Cuba since the freaking 50s or some kind of crap like that. And here you had Barack Obama once again thinking that he's Mr. Diplomating chief thinking that he's taking one big giant for mankind, all right? And going over here to Cuba thinking he's breaking some sort of barriers or some crap, sitting over there laughing, watching a baseball game with Raul Castro, Fidel Castro's brother.

Meanwhile, we have the Brussels attack, and this guy's out here, he's laughing, for Christ's sake. He's laughing while the damn freaking Brussels attack is happening. It's ridiculous.

By the way, while Obama was sitting there with Raul Castro having some -- I don't know -- fish and chips or whatever they're eating out there. On top of that, can you believe that the Cuban government actually has the gull to demand money for all the Cuban baseball players it has supplied because of defection?

I'm not kidding, man. I mean,this is not a joke. This is how these communists thing. And anyway, after all that's said and done, after all that -- I mean, all that garbage Barack Obama did kissing the feet of the Castro brothers, Fidel Castro comes out today and says, "And fuck you, Obama, you piece of shit. We don't need no stinking states. We don't need United States. Screw you, ese."

And that's what he did. He said he was a stupid Yankee. We don't need your charity. I'm paraphrasing, of course. So good job, Obama. Once again, I mean, when Fidel Castro thinks you're a damn joke, I think that you're pretty much the bottom of the barrel on the world stage.

And let me tell you something right now, that is what Obama has made us look like as far as America is concerned on the world stage. It's pathetic. It's sick. And it makes me want to puke.

And on top of Barack Obama going to Cuba for his apology tour, he decided to go and stop off in Argentina, which I actually like the wine from Argentina, to be honest with you. the Malbec grape is mwah, love it.

Of course, you know, that's a little class there. Anyway, he steps off in Argentina and talks to a group of -- looked like a bunch of young people, a bunch of college kids or whatever. He had some kind of a freaking Argentinian town hall with college kids or some crap.

And do you know what this idiot said? This asshole suggested that there's not much difference between capitalism and communism. Can you believe the gull of this disgusting filthy soulless bureaucrat, for Christ's sake? This filthy liar that lied to everybody, the country, the people that worshipped him, his freaking parents? Everybody, he lied to everybody. And this guy has the gull, the audacity to sit here and suggest that capitalism and communism are not that far off from one another, that they're whatnot the same? I mean, can you believe the kind of garbage that this guy's trying to shove down our holes? He's trying to shove it down our holes, man!

Oh, my God. Anyway, in his speech to these Argentinian college kids, all right, he suggested that these students, the future should do is take certain tenants of capitalism and certain tenants of capitalism and put them together and formulate your own discombobulated, crony capitalism, internal consortium criminal syndicate like that's been erected right now, that's erected right now. The united nations, NATO, these international, bureaucratic, communistic international institutions, the international monetary fund, the Federal Reserve. I mean, can we go on and on and on and on and on? I mean I'm serious.

This guy suggested that there's not much different difference between communism and capitalism, and if you believe that, folks, then please castrate yourself. Please get neutered if that's what you believe.

Jesus Christ. I can't believe that. Can we hurry up and get this Obama nightmare over with, for Christ's sake? I mean, I want Trump elected. I know, when Trump is elected, he's gonna bring back the eighties times ten, baby. And if you folks weren't around is in the eighties or you weren't lucky enough to partake in adult activities in the eighties, well, by god, you missed it baby. Oh, my God, you missed it baby. I'm not kidding around. The eighties did rock. Everybody had money.

I mean, if you want a good aesthetic representation of the eighties, I strongly advise people to watch American Psycho, not because of the psychotic content but the aesthetics of that movie was just unbelievable. it accurately portrayed the eighties and it accurately portrayed all the money that was just widely distributed, that was just going around like it ain't crap.

Jesus, nowadays, folks are having a hard time finding a dollar out here. That's why more and more folks are going at that big brother government teat trying to get some free damn food stamps, trying to get some free welfare, trying to get whatever it makes. Why do you think you got all these Bernie Sanders teat suckers huh? I mean, that's the basis of Bernie Sanders' campaign. That's the whole reason why these morons, they're backing him up. They're kissing his old prostate. They're kissing his old prostate because they believe that there's gonna be some gold coming out of there, there's gonna be some gold coming out of that prostate infected colon and that they're gonna somehow cash out. You damn Bernie Sanders fans are not cashes out just like the Obama fans didn't cash out.

You know who cashed out during Obama while you morons were sitting there crying, acting emotional, acting like a bunch of idiot, kind of like the goddamn Bernie Sanders idiots now? Look at what y'all got. Y'all got the shaft. Y'all got put on welfare. Y'all became charity cases. That's what happened to the people that voted for Obama, for Christ's sake. And hence, what are those same people doing? They're voting for Bernie Sanders. They're voting for prostate infected Bernie Sanders because their Messiah, the guy that was supposed to bring back racial unity and supposed to help everybody, who's supposed to be a mass scale socialistic experiment, decided instead of helping all the people that voted him into office, he decided to go ahead and basically sign into law the biggest transfer of wealth in American history. That's right.

So that's why I'm telling you folks, you people that are voting for Bernie Sanders are the same idiots sucking on the corroded shlong head of shlong head of Barack Obama. You know it and I know it.

And what makes you think that Bernie Sanders is gonna give you something if your boy Barack Obama didn't do it? He gave all the money to Wall Street, assholes. He gave all the money to health insurance industry, you morons. He gave money to freaking Hollywood. Why do you think he's always in Hollywood, assholes. Why don't you read stimulus package two? Take a look at all the people that cashed out. As a matter of fact, I talked about it during that time. Go to freaking archive at

Give me a break. Jesus Christ. Just look it for yourselves, man. And on top of which, folks -- and then we're gonna get to Radio Graffiti, but I want to underscore this to the freaking tenth power, okay?

In 2008, 2009, during stimulus package two, on top of all the Democratic cronies. Cronies getting bailed out, getting money.

The pornography industry got money in stimulus package two. Hollywood got money in stimulus package two. GM got money in stimulus package two. The tech industry got money in stimulus package two. The freaking Wall Street bankers got freaking money in stimulus package two. And you know what else Obama threw in there for good measure? He threw in there for good measure that if you happen to be wanting to take out a student loan, it's now nationalized, baby. The only lender of student loans is the government.

And now, you can't file for bankruptcy on your student loan, because all those leftist professors that are in all these universities, folks, that's how they got their degrees, do you understand? They went into student debt. They took out student loans. They went out and went to school for 10 to 12 years. And then when they finally got tenure, then when they finally got a professorship, they decided, well, I'm not gonna pay off my student loan. I'm filing for bankruptcy. Who cares? I got an $80,000 professor tenureship for Christ's sake. Who cares about that student loan?

You can't do that, folks. You kids, you blaming the wrong people. You're barking up the wrong tree if you think you're gonna get yourself a free education. I mean, don't you understand, folks, that in stimulus package two, before 2009, you could file for bankruptcy on your student debt. You can't do that anymore. You cannot file for bankruptcy on your student debt. You have to pay that college debt for life.

And now that it's government nationalized, you can't run away from it like some credit card. You can't run away from it like some debtor for a damn car loan. You can't run away from it, folks.

They will deduct it out of your check. Do you understand that? If you work, your work is tide to your social security number. They'll take it out of your check, just ask anyone who's out there, who went to college and is actually working to take it out of your check.

And if you don't work, what did I say was gonna happen, folks? Back in 2009, 2000 -- what did I say was gonna happen? The Department Of Education was getting themselves their own SWAT teams, baby. That's right. Why in the hell would they get their own SWAT teams? Well, look at them now. They're going up, they're rounding up people that have outstanding student loans now. I mean, don't you understand, 2008, 2009, the stimulus package two, Barack Obama, they made you new serfs, to debtor slaves. And you morons have the audacity to sit here and beg Bernie Sanders, who's saying the same routine that Barack Obama said in 2008, and you people think that you're gonna get something?

Ha-ha ha-ha! I mean, it'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic. I mean, don't you freaking idiots remember "yes, we can. Change. Oh, let's vote for Barack Obama. It'll be this utopia. Europe wants us to vote for him. It'll be so great. I'll be paid off my mortgage. I'll pay off my car. I'll get a chicken in every pot and I'll be able to do everything I want."

It's the same routine, morons. And you see, these same stupid snot nosed little moron imbeciles, these mindless minions of Bernie Sanders, these are the same people given an excuse to Barack Obama's incompetence. And you see, this is what we're dealing with on the Trump train, folks. This is our opposition. Completely mindless people on Bernie Sanders' side to people that are actually capitalists, to people that have creative, to people that actually produce something, that are producters, that are producers -- excuse me.

Jesus Christ. I'm not kidding around, folks. You freaking college kids, you need to take your heads out of your clogged up snot nosed beer bong drinking asses and realize that you've been had. You've been had, and you keep running to the left like a bunch of freaking spoiled little brats. You keep running to the left and they're the ones that keep giving you a classic style pig fuck. And all you do is just keep going, oink, oink, oink.

That's all y'all keep doing. Y'all are out there Bernie Sanders, feel the bern. Look at you morons. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You should be ashamed of yourselves, you Bernie Sanders. Remember, Barack Obama was supposed to give you this crap. Now you think some prostate infected old freaking man is gonna do this? Give me a freaking break.

Anyway, folks, we got a little over 17 minutes left in the broadcast, folks. And I think it's about time for everybody's favorite part of the broadcast, and I'm talking about Radio Graffiti! Ha-ha ha! Woo! A that's right, folks it's about that time for the part of the broadcast in which the spectators become a part of the spectacle. All you have to do to be a part of the show is call in (516) 453-9903. And when I call on your goddamn area code or on your stupid Skype name, you have exactly 3 to 4 seconds to say whatever it is, whatever it is that you want to say on your mind. And once again, I implore the people that are listening in that are on hold to please say something worth a crap, all right?

Getting a little embarrassing out here. I'm not kidding around. Seriously, all right? I mean, enough. Tired of this crap. I mean, either you say something or piss off. That's all I got to say, all right? All right, folks, here we go. Radio Graffiti starts right now! 831, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hello? Is this me?

>> GHOST: Yeah, it's you. Now I hate you. How about real black guy, Radio Graffiti?

>> CALLER: On a playground is where I put dicks in my butt. Chilling out --

>> GHOST: We're not listening -- shut it off. We're not listening to that crap. Hey, Engineer, come on, get it straight, all right? Jesus Christ. 619, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hello Ghost, it's me, Asho.

>> GHOST: Asho?

>> CALLER: Hello? Yeah.

>> GHOST: This ain't Asho. This sounds like an old man, for Christ's sake.

>> CALLER: I'm 19. I'm 19. I was -- remember? I'm in college now.

>> GHOST: You're in college now? This isn't Asho, for Christ's sake. No way. Asho's an eight-year old Justin Bieber Mexican kid. What are you talking about?

>> CALLER: I'm 19, I go to college, and I'm supporting Bernie Sanders, Section 8 housing, all right? Make America free again, all right? We want --

>> GHOST: Shut up! Just shut your stupid immigrant ass up. Okay, that's great, okay? You talk with a broken English accent. Doesn't make you Asho, all right? Asho wouldn't sound like some freaking boracho that just hopped off from the freaking border, for Christ's sake. He was an eight-year old Mexican kid. He had an old vieja of a mother who used to go out to Applebees and look for Alabama black snake for Christ's sake. All right? You are not ash hole. Stop it. All right? Just stop it. Make me reminisce about that stupid little prick. All right, 575, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: What's going on. Long live capitalism.

>> GHOST: Yeah. You know what it is, baby. The Capitalist Army and capitalism is in effect and in the house, baby. And you know it and I know it, so who we bull shutting, huh? 630, you're on the horn. Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Ghost, why don't we go to brony con and make a My Little Pony porno? It'd be legit.

>> GHOST: Oh, Jesus Christ. Shut up, for Christ's sake. Jesus Christ. What was that, the brony sloth, for Christ's sake? Bernie robes? Roof roofs roofs roofs. Anyway, 561, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Shoutouts to my fellow gay furies. Come on down to first station 13 and get your ass busted.

>> GHOST: What the hell are you talking about, for Christ's sake? What is this, some homosexual mating call, for Christ's sake? 360, you're on the horn.

>> CALLER: Hey, Ghost. How you doing?

>> GHOST: What's up? Chilling.

>> CALLER: Not much. I want to give a shoutouts to the discord chat.

>> GHOST: The discord chat. I guess that's something brony related. Jesus, how many bronies are out here, for Christ's sake? I mean, it's been almost four years since I've broadcasted. And I figured, you know, that be about enough time for those bronies to grow out of this fruitacular frutoneian type of crap, whatever this is. I don't know what you call this movement, I don't care. But no, look at you guys. You guys are still around, for Christ's sake. Still around. Jesus Christ. 574, radio goddamn graffiti.

>> CALLER: Oh, hello there. What's up?

>> GHOST: The sky, for Christ's sake. Why don't you say something, milky-licker? 727, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hey, what's up, Ghost?

>> GHOST: Nothing much. Just chilling. Why don't you say something? Why don't you blow a fart or something, man? Why don't you belch or something? 480, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Feel the bern! Oink! Oink!

>> GHOST: You're trying to be like me, you think it's funny? You think it's funny? That's how these damn freaking people act, man. That's how they sound. 301, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hey, Ghost. What do you think of the transgenders for Templeton movement?

>> GHOST: Oh, Jesus Christ. Don't affiliate anything transtesticle with my dog, for Christ's sake. All right? Don't -- don't do anything transtesticle related to my dog. 407, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Ted Cruz's first mistress was your granny.

>> GHOST: Oh, you stupid son of a bitch. Look, let's not start that crap. All right? Let's not start that crap that start talking about my granny. Look, we're having a good show here, except when Templeton almost shocked himself to death. There's no reason to be sitting here talking about my granny. Piece of trash. Anyway, we've got the pivot idiot, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Ashes to ashes, funk to funky. We all know that Ghost's a cucky.

>> GHOST: Oh, Jesus Christ. [...] Gary Broadsky, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Let me tell you something, if you're a true conservative, if you're a real conservative, if you're a real American patriot, vote for Bernie Sanders. I'm endorsing --

>> GHOST: Shove it up your ass! I never said that, that's a splice, you piece of crap. I mean, after that big diatribe that I just gave about Bernie prostate infected sanders, for Christ's sake. Jesus Christ. The mighty Nate, Radio Graffiti.


>> GHOST: No, no, no, no. We're not starting this goddamn remix crap, for Christ's sake. I mean, Jesus Christ. Do you remember how many remixes we had the last time, for Christ's sake? I mean, I don't even want to talk about it, man. We're starting back with this, aren't we? Four years later, we're still doing this, huh? Jesus Christ. Who else we got going on over here? 447, radio goddamn graffiti. Too late, milky-licker. 909, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Bombings for Belgium? Ha-ha ha-ha.

>> GHOST: You freaking scumbag. What a scumbag. You moron scumbag prick. I cannot believe that you would splice me with something like that. Jesus Christ. You hear this freaking crap, folks? You see what I have to put with on a consistent goddamn basis. This is what you get. You folks that want to be Internet famous. Like, "I want to be an Internet star and --." You're gonna have to take this crap. Jesus Christ. Navy husky, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Where have all the trolls gone and where are all the lols? Where's the 213. He always has memorable calls.

>> GHOST: Goddamn it, NavyHuskie. I remember you. I remember you. You made the taco Tuesday song. You made Ghost -- I remember your little stupid splicing little Ghost remix ass. I remember this ass hole. It's navy san husky. I remember navy san husky. Screw you bastards, all right? Freaking navy sanhusky over here trying to talk crap. 216, radio goddamn graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hey, Ghost. I'm just gonna say, first time caller and I want to thank you for all that you've done back in 2012 I was just a bed wetting liberal socialist but after listening to your show for the past four years, I've actually grown into a capitalist myself. I want to thank you. I love living the lavish lifestyle. And I just want to say, I have a brother who's voting for Bernie Sanders. What could I say to convince him not to vote for the damn communist?

>> GHOST: Well, that's a very good point, man. What you need to tell him is that Bernie Sanders isn't gonna give you nothing, just like Obama didn't give anybody anything when he was elected. You know, nothing pains me more than a damn black folk. You know, black people, going out here and giving their undying support to Barack Obama, which has thrown black people back about 40 or 50 years, man. And I'm not just talking about race relations. I'm talking about throwing them in jail. More blacks have been arrested during this time. More blacks have been murdered during this time. More blacks have been aborted during this time. More blacks are on welfare. More blacks are dependent on the damn system. It's pathetic. And what pains my heart that the black folks can sit here and give their undying support to this pathetic soulless piece of trash.

I just -- I don't get it, man. I just don't get it at all. But, you know, if you try to get it, I don't know. There's nothing really I can say to you, man. I mean, you know, these people are gonna vote for whoever they're gonna vote for. They think Bernie Sanders and just gonna give them free everything, just like they thought Obama was gonna do. It ain't gonna happen, boy. It ain't gonna happen. Xarahox, Radio Graffiti.


>> GHOST: That's the true capitalist pianist right there playing the True Capitalist Radio song on piano, man. Pretty goddamn good there, pianist. Let's keep it going, shall we. We only got a few minutes left, so let's make them count, shall we, boy? All right. Let's go down to the bottom here. 203, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Yo what's up, Ghost? How are you, man?

>> GHOST: I'm chilling like a villain man, just kicking back. I'm trying to give some Bernie Sanders minion slapping going on. Anyway, NoteParty, Radio Graffiti. NoteParty? Jesus Christ.

>> CALLER: Hello. Hello, Ghost.

>> GHOST: Yeah, I know. How quaint. How freaking convenient.

>> CALLER: What's up, Ghost?

>> GHOST: The transtesticle, right? The transtesticle, right? What happened to your voice, for Christ's sake?

>> CALLER: What do you mean, what happened to my voice?

>> GHOST: Yeah, ha-ha ha-ha. It's kind of hard to sound like a woman all the time, ain't it, transtesticle? Huh? It's kind of hard to be like, "Hello, I'm a girl and I'm just chilling." It's hard to do that crap, huh? Anyway, here we go. Who else we got? 949, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hey, Ghost, how's it going, man-? Love your show.

>> GHOST: Hey, thanks a lot, man. I appreciate it. 419, Radio Graffiti. Freaking Hellen Keller deaf-mute. Who else we got? Jesus Christ, you guys are lighting up the freaking boards here, man.

All right, 712, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Dead.

>> GHOST: I can't even understand what you're saying. How about 609, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Ghost, who's your favorite toe?

>> GHOST: Shut up. All right. I know. What is that, freaking anime crap? Give me a freaking break. Who else we got? 224, Radio Graffiti. Freaking Hellen Keller deaf-mute, for Christ's sake. 360, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Fuck you, (inaudible). With.

>> GHOST: I can't even understand what the hell you're saying, for Christ's sake, man. Jesus Christ. What's up with all the heavy tongues out here, for Christ's sake? Why is everybody's tongues all heavy, for Christ's sake? I mean, come on, man. What are mommies doing to their freaking kids, for Christ's sake? Anyway, 269, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hey, Ghost, blue collar plumber. I just want to say, I want to get my hands around your pipes. Oh, my --

>> GHOST: Oh, Jesus Christ. I mean, are you sure you can say all that in one freaking syllable? Jesus Christ. 908, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: I need you to forgive me for everything I've done against you and your family. Please.

>> GHOST: Shut up. All right? 775, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Suck my dick! Suck my dick!

>> GHOST: Oh, Jesus Christ. Not this idiot. Get him off! Get this moron off, for Christ's sake! Jesus Christ. This moron made himself a freaking meme saying nothing but, "Suck my dick, suck my dick, suck my sick, suck my dick. Oink. Oink. Oink." Jesus Christ. We only got a few more calls to go and then we got to get off here, boys. All right.

Here we go. 815, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hey, Ghost, would you agree that Belgium is booming right now?

>> GHOST: You are a freaking complete soulless prick, all right. I hope you get cancer of the prick for saying that, boy. I hope you get cancer of the prick and I hope you go out like willy lump plump. 765, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Hey, Ghost, I want to give a shoutout to my guys over in Poland, say Bernie Sanders for president.

>> GHOST: We got Bernie Sanders fans raiding, for Christ's sake? Hey, assholes, Obama didn't give you diddly last time, what makes you think some 75-year old, "Oh, my Bernie Sanders and I've been to go to the bathroom five times a night, I'm gonna make it a law that you have to go five times a night too." Give me a break. One more call and let's make it good, for Christ's sake. How about 818, Radio Graffiti.

>> CALLER: Look, I'm the Engineer. "I'm gonna kill Templeton."

>> GHOST: Shut up, and look. That's enough. That's enough, all right. I'm sorry I even said my dog's name, for Christ's sake. I'm sorry I even said it, for Christ's sake. Jesus Christ. Don't make fun of my dog, all right. That's my wife's dog, for Christ's sake. Anyway, folks, I'm gonna be tinkering around with the time of the show, so follow me at PoliticsGhost, all one word, no underscores. All right. And follow me on Twitter. Once again, we're gonna be doing this five times a week. I don't know what the times are gonna be. We're gonna try to tinker around with the goddamn microphone, for Christ's sake, because I need my mike. I need my mike. I can't work under these conditions, for Christ's sake. So anyway, folks, leave my dog alone. I'm out of here. Follow me on Twitter, PoliticsGhost. Long live the Capitalist Army, baby. I'm out of here!