Caroline is Ghost's sister-in-law who visits during the holidays. Ghost dislikes her and her fruitcake that she often brings with her. Ghost has said that the fruit cake is so pungent that it stinks of the hallway up in his condo. Trolls have co-opted Caroline as a way to annoy Ghost. Prior to Christmas, some trolls made Twitter accounts alluding to Caroline and Ghost. Others called up and played the song "Roses" by Outkast which is a love song devoted to a woman named Caroline.

Caroline - Chat Room Shout-Outs - December 14th, 201115:01

Caroline - Chat Room Shout-Outs - December 14th, 2011

Ghost kicks out a troll using Caroline as a name at 4:00, 10:30, 14:52. Then he rages again at 11:35 and 14:00.

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