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What Ghost believes happens when he issues "Chatroom Martial Law"

Ghost Rages Over His Strap-On and Introduces Chatroom Martial Law13:43

Ghost Rages Over His Strap-On and Introduces Chatroom Martial Law

Ghost implements Chatroom Martial Law for the first time.

Implement Chat Martial Law on these scumbags! Implement Chat Martial Law right now, for Christ's sake!

Ghost, telling the Engineer to do just that, upon hearing an audio splice of him about his son

The ultimate flexing of Ghost's nuts, Chatroom Martial Law was the result of Ghost ordering the Engineer to lock down the Chatroom so that other users couldn't end each other messages. The messages were however still visible to Ghost.

Ghost regularly shut down the chatroom during Twitter Shoutouts so that he could post his Twitter name. He usually did not refer to this as "Chatroom Martial Law" but as "Locking down the chatroom".

When Chatroom Martial Law was disbanded, the chatroom instantaneously turned into a dick-waving contest to see who can type "first" the fastest.

Common causes


Chatroom Martial Law is often used to prevent troll terrorism.

Sources of irritation which caused Ghost to implement Chatroom Martial Law included:

  • Spamming of Ron Paul
  • Spamming in general, or 'Scrolling' as Ghost used to refer to it
  • People laughing at him, especially after a succesful troll.
  • Calling him a racist/Jew/hambone
  • Being trolled to the point of cans.wav
  • Playing audio splices of him about his family

Ghost also locked down the Chatroom after the broadcast ends in a rage-quit in order to prevent people from talking about him after the broadcast. Starting sometime in late February-mid April 2012, the chatroom was removed and has not returned after the Return. Meaning, Chatroom Martial Law is no longer needed. It is unknown if it will return.

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