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China, or the People's Republic of China, is a nation located in East Asia that is known for its rich culture, large land claims and for having the world's largest population. Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast, often covers stories and news about and coming from China.

Ghost's Opinions

Ghost, being a capitalist, has always been highly critical of the political and social policies of China. Ghost criticizes their single-party rule, their communism, and their authoritarianism. Ghost often reports on and supports groups that are standing against the communist government of China, such as the Tibetan Monks.

Mr. Fortune Cookie

Whenever Ghost covers an article about China, he claims "Because Blog Talk Radio is, in fact, broadcasted in China, I have to allow for the Chinese government to give a rebuttal to everything that I say." He uses this as a chance to mock the Chinese-English accent, culture, nation and race by pretending to be an angry Chinese man who hates America. Mr. Fortune Cookie claims that Americans should continue paying their taxes because "we own you American mothafuckas" and that he does everything he does for Chairman Mao.

For more see: Mr. Fortune Cookie

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