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For a more detailed and fleshed-out look into Ghost's past, see History of Ghost.

This page is a timeline documenting notable (and not-so-notable) events in the backstory of Ghost, and the True Conservative Radio and True Capitalist Radio shows. It is a less serious look at their history, so feel free to add any events you feel are missing, even if they are only barely relevant. This page will hopefully end up filled with the dates and details of various happenings.

If dates are unknown, then use a '????' marker, with an approximate position in the timeline. If years are listed on pages, they should link here (at least for now).



This section contains dubious information that may or may not be from Ghost himself. Proceed with caution!

  • Unknown date, possibly 1930s-1950s: Ghost is born. Speculation suggests he's in his 60s, due to supposedly having served in Vietnam.
  • Unknown date, 1950s-1970s: Ghost serves in Vietnam.
  • 1993: Ghost 'joins' the internet.
  • 1998: Yahoo launches Yahoo! Messenger, and Ghost hosts his first internet show, when the VChat feature is added. As well as Ghost, he is known as 'Asshole 5000' and 'The Bad One'.
  • 1999: Ghost affiliates with 'Jason' of Yahoo hacker chat (who apparently programmed the first ever hack for Yahoo). However this relationship degrades into a hacker war, with Ghost facing off against with rest of the chat group. Ghost hacks numerous Yahoo and Hotmail accounts, and assumes the identities of his enemies.
  • 2001: Ghost leaves the hacker chat group.
  • Early 2006: Ghost creates a School of Political Science on Yahoo Groups and Wikiversity. Based on remaining evidence from the few pages left on Wikiversity, 'Gh0st' as he was known then fell into disagreements with fellow moderators: citing his 'incivility' to the staff and students, and for deleting articles that were in protest of his interests and ideas. He eventually disappeared from Wikiversity, and went elsewhere looking for debates.
  • December 13th, 2006: Ghost joins Paltalk under the name og_Ghost. Personal Chatroom opened short time afterwards.
  • 2007: Ghost makes both friends and enemies as he grows in influence in the Paltalk community. He runs discussions on Conservatism in his own room, attracting the attention of liberals and other bloggers, angry at his rash opinions. Ghost eventually decides that he needs yet another new platform to broadcast his ideology, and starts to shift focus away from Paltalk once he starts his new show on BlogTalkRadio the following year.


  • January 8th: The real first True Conservative Episode, according to Ghost. It was apparently lost forever.
  • January 11th: Ghost Hosts the first ever episode of True Conservative Radio that is still archived on BlogTalk Radio.
  • February 10th: Paul the Liberal, precursor to the Engineer, is introduced to the broadcast.
  • February 22nd: Ghost is briefly prohibited from broadcasting by BTR because of 'questionable technical disruptions'.
  • March 2nd: Ghost announces True Conservative Radio will now air 5 days a week. He then proceeds to fail to air on half the following fortnight's dates.
  • Late May: Ghost is apparently censored by BTR for 'hurting another host's feelings'.
  • July 21st: Ghost continues his controversy by being banned from MySpace. He opens a page at (Archived link)
  • September: Bristol Palin announces she is pregnant out of wedlock, beginning Ghost's slide out of the conservative movement.


  • January 20th: Barack Obama assumes office as the 44th president of the United States, heralding a new era of Junkyard America and giving Ghost a solid rage target.
  • January 26th: Nadya Suleman gives birth to octuplets in Los Angeles.
  • February 6th: Ghost releases a few True Conservative T-shirts.
  • February 20th: Ghost opens the True Conservative blog at This site would be active up until Troll War III, when it became defunct.
  • February 25th: Ghost makes his first tweet: 'I'm trying to cope with the New Communist America!'
  • March 29th: Ghost visits New York for the weekend.


  • September 1st: Ghost quits the show after the airing of Episode 181. He is not heard live on air for over 4 months.
  • October 10th: The first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airs on the Hub; while this does not directly affect Ghost, the series is fated to accidentally create the majority of new listeners to the show in 2011/2012.


  • January 11th: Episode 182 of True Conservative Radio is aired, the last before the name changes to True Capitalist Radio.
  • January 12th: A day after the 3rd anniversary of True Conservative Radio, Ghost launches with the first episode of True Capitalist Radio, complete with the markets, and his shows become more regular.
  • February: The Arab Spring gains its most momentum.
  • Late January: Engineer makes his debut on the show, a direct revamp of 'Paul'. His well known slur sounds very akin to Ghost for a while, until his voice starts changing as the months go on.
  • May: The number of trolls increase due to the popularity of various Youtube videos and 4chan threads.
  • June: Bronies start to become a major proportion of listeners, though they, like the other trolls, have yet to truly explode in number.
  • June 1st: Ghost hosts the 100th episode of True Capitalist Radio.
  • June 8th: The first ever Radio Graffiti is added to the show, as an attempt to remove trolling from the Markets and News Commentary portions of the show. Ghost initially calls it a 'Wednesday thing', however due to its popularity, makes it a regular segment at the end of the show.
  • June 19th: DarkRazorZ uploads '4chan Trolls Ghost', the Radio Grafitti Segment for Episode 111, causing a viewer number explosion. A few days afterwards, Youtuber 'Trollsnews' uploads a video reporting on Ghost's show, also putting him in the spotlight on sites like 'KnowYourMeme' along with more threads on 4chan and 9gag. DarkRazorZ also founds the Melting Pot of Friendship Facebook page.
  • July 13th: Ghost takes a week long break from his show (following extreme rage in reaction to the first ever Splice), claiming he was out there 'making money' and living it up. His trolls are delighted to see him return on the 21st. Ghost is shocked to see most of that show, and the next one be bombarded with Troll Terrorists, and takes another weeklong break - ending the 5 day format, and making shows spontaneous.
  • August 22nd: DJ AlexS releases 'Melting Pot of Alcohol', becoming an instant hit and getting himself onto the Shitlist in due time.
  • August 27th: Ghost holds the first Spontaneous Saturday show since the days of True Conservative Radio.
  • August 28th: A Splice is Played on Ghost, causing him to cans.wav for 13 seconds. For 5 years this went on record as the longest cans.wav rage.
  • September 17th: Occupy Wall Street starts in New York.
  • October: The trolls celebrate Christmas, to Ghost's annoyance.
  • November: Ghost re-launches his Cafepress site, with all-new True Capitalist Merchandise.
  • December: Ghost launches a new avatar to try and deter Youtube videos, as well as covering up the fact that his old avatar was unknowingly taken from "Third Coast Radio", another Texan internet radio broadcast. (Third Coast Radio was run by John Conquest, which led to Ghost gaining another identity)
  • December 3rd: Herman Cain steps down from the Republican Presidential candidacy due to allegations of sexual assault, saddening Ghost, who had been a vocal supporter of the man he called Herman "Sugar" Cain.
  • December 20th: Ghost hosts a Paltalk session and raids some chatrooms.
  • December 24th: The very special Christmas episode of True Capitalist Radio is hosted.
  • December 30th: The True Capitalist Wiki is founded to document every aspect of Ghost's legacy.
  • December 31st: The Ghosties are hosted live during Episode 189.


  • January 11th: Ghost celebrates his 4 year anniversary, despite actually hosting a single episode on the 9th earlier, which he denied during Radio Graffiti.
  • January 20th: Ghost hosts the 200th episode of True Capitalist Radio with a Baller Friday edition.
  • January 27th: Troll War III starts after a Tinychat hosted by Ghost.
  • January 28: Herman Cain begins endorsing Newt Gingrich for president, destroying Ghost's sympathy for the former candidate.
  • January 29th: Ghost tweets that he will leave BlogTalkRadio at the end of February. In doing so he creates Troll War III, an attempt to remove Celtic Brony from the broadcast, who had been trying to dox him for months, and claimed he scored a 'victory'. The result was semi-catastrophic - with many old listeners packing up and leaving to avoid being doxed, and Ghost coming off as an asshole to some.
  • February 3rd: Ghost returns and declares Troll War III 'over'.
  • February: Ghost asks listeners to vote for him in the Shorty Awards, to try and beat the 'mainstream competition', including 'notSam', the producer of the Opie and Anthony show. His listeners react by doxxing him and harassing him on Twitter, and Ghost eventually overtakes him in votes.
  • February 17th: The nomination period for the 4th annual Shorty awards comes to a close.
  • February 23rd: Ghost is declared the winner of the Vox Populi Shorty for Radio.
  • February 29th: The IbanEzzo Doxing Incident is started.
  • March 8th: Ghost announces that the next Baller Friday will be his last episode, and changes his twitter icon to that of MrTaco's father. Ghost instead revealed he wasn't stopping the show at all on the next day, but his broadcasts became very infrequent, and he takes a three week long break from the 2nd to the 27th.
  • IbanEzzo stops calling TCR after Ghost harasses him during a Paltalk for a half hour.
  • March 26th: The finalist ceremony for the 4th annual Shorty awards takes place at the Times Center, New York City. Despite 'cleanly' winning the Vox Populi radio award, Ghost doesn't even get a mention. Him and his listeners are crushed. Many suspect it was due to multiple troll accounts being used to vote for him, and for having a very low number of votes in the first place for the category (only 550).
  • April 17th: The fastest instance of cans.wav occurs after Ghost failed to connect to BlogTalkRadio for several minutes, causing dead air.
  • April 20th: Ghost smokes weed on air yet again to mark 4/20. Many (DarkRazorZ included) say it was the greatest show in the 2008-2012 era of the show.
  • April 30th: The Ask KaraszKun segment debuts. KaraszKun takes over the broadcast on occasion, in an attempt for Ghost to slow down trolling attempts by using his new friend to irritate listeners. It only gave KaraszKun more negative attention. Ghost meanwhile becomes very hotheaded on his broadcast, complete with over the top insults (much more severe than what one would normally expect out of him), and threats to dox anyone who messes with him on Twitter. Coodoo17 becomes his biggest pain in the ass, creating multiple high-quality remixes to anger him and cause rage quits.
  • May 15th: Episode 226 airs, and inadvertently becomes the Last Episode of True Capitalist Radio for nearly 4 years.
  • May 22nd: Ghost's twitter account is hacked by an unknown perpetrator. A since deleted declaration of bronydom from Ghost is tweeted, as well as a rule 34 image of Pinkie Pie. Ghost reclaims control only briefly, but changing the password proves not enough to stop the hacker returning and posting from his account. Twitter account background is changed to CelticBrony's pony avatar. The Melting Pot of Friendship page is also temporarily closed. The NCF has acknowledged being responsible for this, citing that 'Ghost was a closet Brony. we all knew it'.
  • May 23rd: Ghost states, under a new alternate Twitter account 'gh0stp0litics', he won't be doing True Capitalist Radio anymore.
  • June 1st: CelticBrony quits the internet. Also, in an unrelated event, Ghost regains control of his original Twitter account. However, his last ever Paltalk session, he confirms that he will no longer be on BTR or Paltalk, just Twitter.
  • July 14th: Ghost closes his Twitter account (temporarily) out of frustration.
  • July 23rd: Ghost re-opens his account back up to comment on the Aurora Colorado Shooting. Ghost claimed this was temporary, but the Twitter account remained online afterwards anyway.
  • September 27th: Ghost tweets a video of Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous catch phrase "I'll be back." Many followers believed this meant he would be returning to the show soon.
  • November 6th: Ghost declares he will never come back if Barack Obama is elected. He is, much to his chagrin.
  • December: Ghost unleashes a fury of tweets against members of the GNAA, a trolling group, and former fans who have turned their opinions around of him. The perps egg him on, until he private messages one of them with a racial slur (not with malicious intent, but as the former mentioned group's full name).
  • December 8th: Ghost's Twitter account is suspended, with him quickly relocating to his older alt 'gh0stp0litics'. After a series of tweets reinforcing his statements of never doing shows again, an unknown individual called 'FLAWC' apparently breaks into the account, posts a dox of a few trolls, and rambles out multiple tweets all in caps and ending with 'LOLOLOL'.
  • December 12th: A large number of alt accounts begin popping up, as trolls attempt to impersonate Ghost to continue to infuriate him. One of them states that he will broadcast a final show for thirty minutes on the 12th, after which he will close down his Twitter and BTR archives for good. Neither the show nor the closings happen, but Ghost mentions that his old Twitter account is permanently locked, with no chance of recovery.


  • Unknown date: Ghost goes and lives out of hotels for nearly 2 years, likely between 2013 and 2015, due to supposedly being intimidated by "government agents". He also states that he didn't quit the show because of trolls, it was because of "ice cream trucks" outside his house in the middle of winter.
  • January 28th: Ghost 'recovers' his alternate account, explaining (which he had already done on another of his alts) and he had finally recovered it. Ghost explicitly stated he would never start shows again, due to health concerns, and irritation at being mocked universally by his former fans. His Twitter activity drops until the Summer.
  • June-July: Ghost starts making comments on YouTube videos and hints at a return of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. On July 3rd, he posts a tweet saying he considers doing broadcasts again if the majority of listeners agree with this on his Youtube channel at 'ghostpolitics'. The TCR audience get excited, with DarkRazorZ posting older clips of shows he missed to bring back viewers, and other trolls expressing their apologies for the events in December. Ultimately nothing happens, as Ghost did not follow up on the July 3rd tweet, which recieved over 150 retweets, and a 100 favorites.
  • August 12th: Ghost announces he will soon be moving from Austin to elsewhere in Texas.
  • August 22nd: Ghost tweets twice, suggesting a return to broadcasting once he moves, 'sometime in the Fall'.
  • September 25th: Ghost calls out GNAA member Dutchminati on Twitter, and releases a supposed 'dox' of him, declaring him the vice president of the trolling organization, and one who is responsible for multiple heinous acts on the internet in recent times. Anti-Ghost tweeters react with humor, which quickly turned to hostility when he drops a name of another co-conspirator. The dox of Dutch turns out to be false, but Ghost's activity rises dramatically in the days that follow. He also releases some information of two other trolls, but these also turn out to be misled, or deliberately false.
  • October 1st: Ghost celebrates the U.S. Government shutting down, after a long period of anti-Obamacare tweets asking followers to '#DefundObamacare' and support senator Ted Cruz's attempts to stall any resolution to pass it.
  • October 31st: Despite promises over the month to bring a new show up on Halloween, it does not occur, and the fragmentary remains of the community together confirm Gh0st as a fake account and a troll imposer.
  • November 1st: The Gh0stP0litics Doxing Event comes to an end, since the remaining fans stopped paying attention to his activities since his projected show did not happen.
  • November 22nd: Gh0stp0litics is suspended from Twitter.
  • December 12th: Celtic Brony makes a quiet, yet unexpected return to Youtube under the aliases of 'CelticDeity' and 'CelticRebelBTR' on BlogTalkRadio. Throughout the week, he posts all of his old remixes and soundclips (totalling some 40 clips), along with a few recruitment ads for the Capitalist Army (which have to known knowledge not attracted any potential signups yet). But his most important contribution was an eight minute long video titled 'Ghost and Celtic - the Truth', that in short describes that Troll War III was an 'inside job' concocted by the two, who were secretly friends, that would provide an escape route from the show for both that would allow them to leave True Capitalist Radio unharmed by their fans (although Celtic was doxed at some point, he neither denies nor confirms those allegations in the video). More information is avalible on Celtic's wiki page.
  • December 23rd: CelticDeity posts a video of a BTR host challenging his ideas of 'leaving the internet and getting a social life'. The host is notably stuttery and doesn't address the point evenly, giving way to either being a clip of a much larger video, or a lie concocted by the individual in the clip (who has not been identified by anyone yet). Celtic's short lived BTR (which contained a broadcast that unfortunately was not saved) is shut down, and he announces his departure in a single tweet on another Twitter 'CelticRebelBTR' which is suspended a day later. The sudden leave, and the odd nature of Celtic's behavior (who in the past had been a 'major attention whore' as described by some of his accomplices) leaves listeners confused, and also skeptical of Celtic's 'reformed' actions.
  • December 24th: Gh0stp0litics is unsuspended from Twitter and predictably cancels the show that had been scheduled for that evening. The very small contingent of fans on the Facebook fan page finally begin to seriously question the purpose of waiting for a new broadcast, and a few declare they have had it with waiting, and depart from the nearly-dead community. 'Gh0st' meanwhile continues his usual baiting by promising an audio clip before the New Year, yet again piquing interest from his followers. This obviously did not happen.

2014 Edit

  • Late 2014: Gh0stP0litics is suspended from Twitter, seemingly for good this time.


  • November 6th: Ghost's BlogTalkRadio description changed to "This is True Capitalist Radio formerly known as True Conservative Radio program. Ghost tells it how it is and how it should be, call in to us... From Ghost: Finally got my BTR account back! Stay tuned and SPREAD IT AROUND LIKE WILDFIRE!". People quickly realized this, but didn't get too optimistic, thinking it was just another hacker.
  • November 12th: Ghost makes a comeback in this YouTube video, posted on his YouTube account ghostpolitics, after about 3 years of silence (not counting activity by the hacker). In the description, he stated that he finally got his YouTube and BlogTalkRadio account back, and hinted at broadcasting on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve if people spread the video.
  • December 2016: Christmas and New Year's Eve passes, with no sign of Ghost coming back. Many listeners once again give up hope.

2016 Edit

  • February 15th: Ghost's supposed Twitter account continues to update on an infrequent basis. This is later confirmed to be a fake.
  • March 20th: Ghost returns to air, and BlogTalkRadio, with a 30-minute Emergency Broadcast. He talks about the capitalist Army, Donald Trump, and doxing GOP delegates. Notably, he confirms his current twitter account to be PoliticsGhost, and states that True Capitalist Radio will start re-airing regularly starting in April 2016.
  • March 25th: For the first time in nearly four years, a new episode of True Capitalist Radio airs, albeit it was shortened by unexplained interruption. Following this, Ghost is continuing to broadcast again 5 times a week.
  • March 28th: Ghost's dog, Templeton, is introduced. He chews into Ghost's computer wire, causing his mic to be broken for 2 weeks, forcing him to use a smartphone. This leads to many instances of technical difficulties to occur over said 2 weeks.
  • April 10th: Ghost's mic is repaired, and at Tub Guy's suggestion, "The Chalkening" occurs. Capitalist Army members from all over the world wrote Trump 2016 in chalk on campus grounds, with some images making it into the news. This is also the first weekend show since 2011, barring the Emergency Broadcast.
  • April 15th: Return of the "Free Format" show format. While being an oddity in 2011/2012, these shows are now standard, and usually happen every Baller Friday.
  • April 24th: After a Republican delegate tweeted an anime picture at Ghost, Ghost scheduled a random Sunday show to get drunk and rant on Anime for 2 hours.
  • May 30th: Vietnam twitter names and splices increase in frequency, culminating in the Twitter name "Left Legs in Rice Paddies", causing Ghost to go into one of his most violent rages ever and take a short 5 minute break. This is believed to be because Ghost served in Vietnam according to old True Conservative Radio shows.
  • June 6th: The MaskedPony incident occurs. A serious caller on the show, MaskedPony, is revealed to be a diaper fetishist brony. Ghost spirals into a rage for a few days before recovering.
  • June 11th: The Orlando nightclub massacre incident happens. Ghost responds by holding a Sunday show, with almost no troll calls during Radio Graffiti.
  • June 17th: Over 10 callers raid with Fuck You Texas in Radio Graffiti for the 5th anniversary of the legendary June 17th, 2011 raid.
  • June 23rd: Brexit succeeds 52% Leave to 48% Remain. Ghost holds a Baller Friday show and celebrates, having backed Brexit since The Return.
  • June 29th: Ghost reaches the 300th episode of True Capitalist Radio. In the wake of this, for the first time since The Return, Ghost skipped a day on June 30th, opting to not do a show, citing health issues. It was later revealed on July 1st that he had to go to the hospital, and was diagnosed with anxiety.
  • July 4th: Ghost holds his first ever Fourth of July show.
  • July 8th: Black Lives Matter members kill 11 people, causing Ghost to go off on figureheads of the movement such as Deray.
  • July 14th: The Nice terror attack occurs, leaving 80+ people dead and countless more injured. Ghost was midway through a show when the attack occurred.
  • July 15th: An attempted military coup in Turkey happened just before the Baller Friday show scheduled for that day, causing it to be Ghost's main focus of discussion, taking only serious calls. Even trolls such as Elfoxoloco called in and informed Ghost on events as they were unfolding, causing one of the only rage quits in a serious broadcast.
  • Mid July: Ghost begins claiming the Turkish coup was a false flag, and that Erdogan had set the whole thing up to gain more power. Turkey soon becomes a regularly discussed subject on the show due to this.
  • July 18/19th: After hosting several serious shows and taking some days off, Ghost skips 2 shows in a row, a first since The Return, stating he wanted to enjoy freedom while it still lasted.
  • July 20th: Ghost introduces the "Woodshed" segment. Upon pissing him off to a certain extent, Ghost takes off his belt and takes trolls out to the woodshed to give them a spanking.
  • July 24th: Ghost celebrates his 500th broadcast on BlogTalkRadio. While trying to accept a silver skull award Ghost was holding, he drops it, causing it to be scratched up.
  • July 28th: BlogTalkRadio went down for maintenance at the beginning of the show, not coming back up until a few hours later. This led Ghost to introduce a new segment, "Twitter Questions", where people ask him questions on Twitter.
  • August 1st: A shooting occurs on Sixth Street, leading to Ghost saying he will leave Austin for a new place somewhere in Texas.
  • August 11th: The Double Dipping Incident occurs. Ghost is confronted at a Taco Bar having breakfast with his wife by Homeland Security agents. Ghost initially contemplates ending the show, but vows to continue on.
  • August 26th: Ghost announces the forming of his "Inner Circle", an exclusive group of 250 (350 as of December 30) members of the Capitalist Army. Ghost announced that even if the show ends, he will always keep in contact with those who joined this group.
  • September 2nd: The Nickelshy incident occurs whereby Twilie Atkins chain called Ghost causing him to go in to a meltdown over bronies ultimately culminating in the cancellation of the planned 3rd hour.
  • September 4th: First meeting of the Inner Circle takes place. Due to errors with Gmail and Paltalk, the room was open to everyone to listen. The meeting's recording was later leaked on September 6th.
  • September 16th: The Body Pillow Incident occurs and the Engineer takes over the show for the first time since 2012. Ghost unveils his new avatar, designed by KaraszKun.
  • September 23rd: Ghost extends the show back to 3 hours, and releases the Engineer's (or Engin Ear as it says on it) autograph. After it started to sell faster than his, he ended up raging so hard he cans.wav'd 36 times, a new record for the show.
  • October 3rd: Fanning the flames of the ongoing TCR Civil War, several Inner Circle members and serious callers, such as Teutonic Plague, 727 Caller, Kahuna Capitalist, Trumping Capitalist and Distilling Capitalist expressed their support for Team Engineer. This led to Ghost crying and raging, ending the show half an hour early.
  • October 4th: Continuing the "Betrayal Week", Teutonic Plague and Distilling Capitalist called in and tried to apologize for the call on Monday, to no avail, as Ghost claimed he could hear deception in their voices, leading to him raging hard again.
  • October 5th: The "betrayal" call was flipped on its head when another call was played including various bronies (such as MaskedPony and Twilie Atkins) and Hillary Clinton supporting Ghost, along with the Engineer himself playing "Boss Nigger". This call also greatly upset Ghost, although without the element of betrayal it was not enough to make him ragequit.
  • October 6th: Following the initial "betrayals", Karaszkun had been targeted on Twitter for drawing nude art. He called in to Ghost and tried to explain himself over it, but after Ghost was tweeted that he was drawing hentai, he started crying about the betrayal again, and ended the show abruptly.
  • October 7th: The "G Suicide Hoax Incident" occurs, the largest drama incident on the show since the 4 year break of the show in May 2012. G's "betrayal" occurs, as he's ousted for being Toilet Guy and liking anime, however it quickly turns sour when G later claims on twitter that he's going to kill himself, later turning out he was doing it for attention for his BTR show. This led to Ghost kicking G out of the Circle, banning him from the show, and seriously contemplating ending the show for good in a Paltalk session with members of the Capitalist Army.
  • October 8th: The "CelticIbanCrew Blackmailing Incident" begins, with someone under the twitter name CelticIbanCrew began threatening to dox and swat everyone in the Inner Circle if Ghost did not dox himself within 48 hours.
  • October 10th: A Splice regarding TCR Listeners who listen from The Brony Network's Chatroom is played, triggering Ghost to CANS.WAV for 14 seconds, thus breaking the previous "Longest CANS.WAV" record of 13 Seconds.
  • October 11th: Before Ghost went live on this day, CelticIbanCrew gave Ghost until the show starts to release his info, or else he'll dox a member of the Inner Circle. He quickly fell silent after this, and was later doxed by Ghost.
  • October 14th: Ghost embraces the Ghostler moniker, editing his new avatar to look more like "Ghostler", stating that he was taking command of the Meme Wars.
  • October 19th: The show scheduled for the day was cancelled when BlogTalkRadio's switchboard went down for maintenance. Ghost was unable to call in and start the show, nor could any callers get in. Ghost decided to host the show on Paltalk, and provide commentary on the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
  • October 21st: Ghost is visited by the Police live on the air, ending the show abruptly. It was later revealed he had a noise complaint against him, which is why they showed up.
  • October 23rd: The TCR Civil War ends. Ghost pulls down both his autograph and Engineer's autograph, bringing an end to the war, the outcome being a small victory for Team Ghost.
  • October 24th: Ghostler Youth merchandise goes on sale until November 4.
  • October 25th: Asho and Trumping Capitalist start a #BanTeutonic movement due to how Teutonic Plague reacted to Ghost's dog, Templeton, biting him on the air. This movement gains traction over the next several days.
  • October 28th: Templeton Autographs begin selling on Ghost claimed that if 50 of them were sold before Halloween, he would ban Teutonic Plague from the show permanently. He later claimed during that day's show that if they sold enough, he would ban Teutonic in mid-show. They quickly sold the required 50, and Ghost banned Teutonic Plague, only for him to reveal in his final moments that he was a closet brony, causing one of the most violent rages in all of TCR history.
  • October 31st: The Halloween episode. Tub Guy causes the longest cans.wav ever at the end of Radio Graffiti, getting 15 seconds of cans.
  • November 2nd: Tub Guy proposes a new operation for the Capitalist Army to do over the weekend: Operation Lolita, to expose the alleged pedophilia of the Clintons.
  • November 3rd: Ghostler Youth merchandise gets pulled down by Ghost.
  • November 6th: The FBI drops the reinvestigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mails, causing Ghost to be very upset the following show on November 7th, with him thinking this may be the end for Trump.
  • November 8th: Election Day. Donald Trump, against all odds, wins the 2016 election in a stunning upset against Hillary Clinton, much to the joy of Ghost. TCR is confirmed to continue broadcasting indefinitely.
  • November 25th: After skipping the Thanksgiving show, Ghost hosts an emergency Black Friday broadcast, later in the evening than usual. He discusses the supposed "democrat counter-coup" against Donald Trump, and Jill Stein's recount of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania being nothing more than a scam.
  • November 28th: Ghost hosts his 400th episode of True Capitalist Radio.
  • December 7th: Ghost (reluctantly) starts selling Pony Merch, releasing a "Ponified Capitalist" autograph on, despite heavy opposition.
  • December 8th: Ghost learns that RaidenSnake apparently likes anime and is a furry, causing massive rage.
  • December 9th: After refusing to believe that RaidenSnake likes anime and is a furry, stating it was a conspiracy, a troll sets up a fake steam account with strange pictures on it to frame RaidenSnake, causing massive rage again and leading to another threat of leaving the show for good.
  • December 19th: During a show, Templeton shits on Ghost's carpet, causing him to have to call Stanley Steamer to get it cleaned.
  • December 23rd: Ghost hosts his 600th episode on BlogTalkRadio, True Conservative and True Capitalist combined. Due to him trying to call prostitutes, a troll gives him the number of Trump Tower's bar, causing Ghost to be very distraught and beg Donald Trump for forgiveness. After months of not calling, G made his return to the show, with Ghost stating everything was fine between them.
  • December 24th: Ghost hosts a Christmas Eve show for the second time in five years.
  • December 27th: After a family member left some marijuana at his house over the Christmas festivities, Ghost consumes THC on the air again to celebrate Ghost's 420th episode of TCR.
  • December 30th: Ghost begins selling the final 50 slots of the Inner Circle at an increased price of $100.
  • December 31st: Ghost hosts his final show of 2016, and The Ghosties.

2017 Edit

  • January 2nd: Ghost hosts his first show of 2017, and is bombarded with Big Smoke order calls.
  • January 6th: Fort Lauderdale airport shooting happens. Ghost rages over the fact the shooter allegedly likes anime, and the fact that a Portuguese news station was fooled into believing the shooter was Sam Hyde for a short while.
  • Early January: The Inner Circle Discord chat is opened, with Ghost on occasion interacting with the chatroom in mid-show.
  • January 10th: The record for longest cans.wav is broken after a splice about Bernie Sanders raping Ghost.
  • January 11th: The 9th anniversary of Ghost broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio. After an intro splice from ThisIsSparta, Ghost announces that CelticBrony is, in fact, an Inner Circle member, and that they had forgiven anything that had happened in the past.
  • January 13th: After a caller makes a Pizzagate joke, Ghost ends the show early, causing the caller to be doxed.
  • January 16th: Ghost takes the day off for MLK day.
  • January 18th: The show starts late due to technical difficulties, and Ghost hears a chopper around his house at random intervals of the show, causing him to rage at random.
  • January 20th: Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States, ending Obama's presidency, much to Ghost's glee.
  • January 26th: Teutonic Plague calls in and accuses MaskedPony, CelticBrony or GoofyBone as those responsible for the Cleveland calls, leading to Ghost accusing him of the Cleveland calls.
  • January 27th: After going off on the alt-right being a Russian front to discredit Trump's movement, and going off on some people in the Inner Circle trying to plot against Ghost with Teutonic Plague, Ghost states he may stop doing the show for good again. He did return the following Monday.
  • January 28th: The "Find Ghost's Son" incident occurs. CelticIbanCrew returned, claiming he would once again dox Inner Circle members if Ghost did not dox himself. In an odd move, Ghost "doxed" himself and begged the trolls to help find his son, who he claimed he hadn't seen in years, leading to many memes about him being retweeted by Ghost. His "son" was later confirmed to be a man named Robert Redford, and CelticIbanCrew deleted his account shortly after this campaign began, but not before tweeting "We will win @TeutonicPlague We will win." Elfoxoloco claims this is the date he initially contacted the FTC.
  • January 31st: Inner Circle Short Bus is formed. The undesirable elements of the Inner Circle are placed in a group initially known as the "kids table", but later referred to as the "short bus".
  • February 2nd: A troll calls in with a recording of Elfoxoloco talking trash about Ghost behind his back, causing Ghost to rage quit and kick Elfoxoloco from the Inner Circle chatroom. He skips the Friday show due to this.
  • February 14th: Valentine's Day show. Ghost rage quits over Michael T. Flynn's resignation, claiming the Trump administration may not last much longer at this rate. He skips the following show due to this.
  • February 18th: Foxo-Tubguy Civil War starts. Elfoxoloco claims he has been in contact with the FTC since January 28th and plans to take Ghost to court over illegal business practices relating to his autograph sales. Tub Guy's chatroom is temporarily shut down, and Elfoxoloco starts a new chatroom.
  • February 19th: Tub Guy temporarily retires his character in the wake of the drama, and his chatroom is re-opened, albeit less active due to the exodus to Elfoxo's chatroom.
  • February 24th: Ghost begins selling Mr. Fortune Cookie and Mr. Optimism's autographs. Ghost poses the trolls a contest: If Optimism wins, Radio Graffiti will no longer be a part of the show, and if Fortune Cookie wins, Radio Graffiti gets 30-40 minutes each show.
  • February 28th: President Trump gives an address to Congress. Ghost broadcasts slightly later in the day, and does a show during the speech, giving commentary.
  • March 2nd: Screencaps of the Inner Circle chat are leaked by an unknown member showing them buying Mr. Optimism cards in massive amounts. Later in the day, in retaliation, the Inner Circle raids Elfoxoloco's chatroom.
  • March 3rd: The autographs get pulled down, with Mr Optimism winning. However, due to massive backlash and the drama between the Inner Circle and the community, Ghost offers to compromise with the trolls.
  • March 4th: The Saturday Night Troll Show begins as a spin-off of TCR due to the massive amounts of autographs purchased by both sides, to a massive positive response.
  • March 10th: Butter Friday takes place. Ghost rages for around an hour over images being sent to him relating to butter, culminating in him throwing up on the air.
  • March 11th: Ghost has his Twitter locked after calling out alternative media correspondent Lucian Wintrich. He initially quits Twitter and moves to the Twitter alternative,, but gets his account unlocked and returns to Twitter.
  • March 14th: Several Inner Circle members are doxed by an anonymous /pol/ user, claiming to have gathered info through a mole in the Inner Circle. The members doxed were Amy Daly, Distilling Capitalist, Jon Mccarty, The Arab Prince and Make Australia Great.
  • March 16th: Troll War IV is officially declared. The TCR Cold War ends. Ghost offers $500 to anyone who sells out the Inner Circle leakers, and $750 if they're trolled off the internet as well.
  • March 17th: Saint Patrick's Day. Ghost cryptically reveals that several Inner Circle members are doing the leaking of info. During the show, the Inner Circle leaker drops the emails of several Inner Circle members, mostly those who bought in the first batch. Elfoxoloco's supposed dox is dropped later that evening on the TCR wiki.
  • March 18th: In the early morning, Ghost would accuse the TCR Steam Community of having something to do with the Inner Circle leaking, due to cryptic posts made by them. Ghost would later delete these tweets.
  • March 20th: Ghost celebrates the first anniversary of his return to the show. A caller who made several pedophile-related splices would later be exposed on Twitter by Ghost, with him sending out even more cryptic tweets.
  • March 21st: Ghost cancels the show he scheduled for that day due to some real-life business.
  • Late March: Tub Guy resurrects his character, once again usually being the last caller Ghost takes during Radio Graffiti.
  • March 22nd: The Westminister Bridge terrorist attack occurs. After several names about Raidensnake being killed and Ghost not seeing Raidensnake on the switchboard as usual, Ghost fears him to be dead, which is later proven false after he appears in the Inner Circle chatroom.
  • March 31st: After not drinking beer for a few weeks, Ghost "falls off the wagon" and starts drinking again, despite admitting he has a problem.
  • April 1st: Ghost pulls an April Fool's day prank on everyone by cutting the Saturday Night Troll Show short after going off about sexualizing cartoons.
  • April 5th: After attempting to go sober again, Ghost falls off the wagon after being tweeted lots of beer gifs and images.
  • April 11th: Ghost skips the show scheduled for this day due to poor weather conditions in San Antonio.
  • April 12th: Mah Keedz merch starts getting sold on, with Ghost offering to extend the Saturday Night Troll Show to 3 hours if 50 is sold.
  • April 14th: Ghost skips the show scheduled for this day due to taking Good Friday off.
  • April 15th: During an argument between an anti-Raidensnake caller advocating for him to be banned, Karaszkun, Trumping Capitalist and Raidensnake, Raidensnake deletes his twitter and leaves the Inner Circle, apparently quitting TCR. Enough Mah Keedz merch is sold, extending the Saturday Night Troll Show by an hour.
  • April 16th: Raidensnake returns to twitter and announces that his call was dropped due to people trying to hack him, he didn't leave the Inner Circle chatroom but was kicked out, and claims the accounts attached to his name are fake. Ghost also begins selling Helicopter Rides for Antifa apparel.
  • April 20th: 4/20. Ghost consumes THC on his show once again, however much to his shock the majority of his serious fans are huffing paint as a result of a trend started by Distilling Capitalist.
  • April 22nd: After a massive rant, Ghost consumes the rest of the THC he acquired. A group call between Raidensnake, many serious callers and "MaskedPony" went on for 10 or so minutes, with Ghost being fooled by the fake MaskedPony.
  • April 24th: Ghost gets into a public twitter spat with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and later his followers/fans such as Trumping Capitalist.
  • April 25th: Ghost's wife is involved in a car accident, causing Ghost to cancel the show for that day and many serious callers and trolls to send well wishes. Ghost later tweets, thanking those who tweeted kind words to him about his wife, and states that she's OK, promising to share more info on tomorrow's broadcast.

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