The Cleveland Show Calls are a Failtroll Tactic that started since Episode 418. The calls play usually in a chain call with playing the theme song to Fox's The Cleveland Show. The calls would irritate not only Ghost but many listeners and trolls. Which would raise tensions in the TCR Cold War. One of these callers would attempt to frame Elfoxoloco.

Possible Callers

Main article: Newfags#California Caller

During Episode 433, a caller would make a Pizzagate joke that would cause Ghost to rage quit out of pure anger along with his number being revealed. This would make a riff from every chatroom calling him back and with some threatening to dox him. On Tubguy's Tinychat room, a supposed Cleveland caller would even reveal that he was playing the Cleveland calls and thought the Pizzagate joke was funny. 8Equal and the caller would have a confrontation which would end with the caller saying he will call in more, further showing the caller his true colors and that he is a rogue troll.

On Episode 434, he would be called again by Ghost, this time he would be asked why he was on a sexual predator list with the caller evading the question and not responding. His address would be doxed he lives in Palmdale, CA.

Despite this doxing, Cleveland calls hadn't stopped and they still plagued Radio Graffiti.

Another popular theory is that one of the Cleveland Callers (someone posing as Cleveland on /pol/ claimed that there were three Inner Circle members behind it) was an Inner Circle anti-troll named MakeAusGreat, who became relevant after harassing several members of Tison Rockit's chatroom (Disco Waffle in particular).

As of episode 455 and forward, The Cleveland Show calls has been replaced with the American Dad intro with the reactions being pretty much the same except for giving Ghost a reason to mock the Adult Swim channel.

On the pilot of Ghost's 2 hour Saturday Radio Graffiti show, Ghost would grow to like and sing along to the calls on Radio Graffiti, leading to many people to believe that it's a planned call by the Inner Circle. Which would lead to many anti-calls of it which included a Nickelback remix of the show's theme. This would cause Ghost to break out in rage.

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