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Ghost Trump

Donald Trump is a businessman, reality TV star and the 45th President of the United States of America. His capitalist views and manly dominance has lead Ghost to endorse Trump during the 2016 presidential elections, citing that he is creating "A capitalist revolution in America and throughout the world". His bid for the American presidency has been highly controversial, with many mainstream media outlets and both political parties siding against him.

Ghost's Views

During his Emergency Broadcast, his first on-air recording since A Message From Ghost, our host made public his endorsement of the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Hopeful, Donald J. Trump. He stated his views align very closely with Trumps', that he is a pure capitalist and that this may be the beginning of a "capitalist revolution".

Ghost claims that the establishment is working to prevent his presidency and that Mr. Trump is America's last hope. He believes that Trump will destroy the bureaucracy, end the life of the career politicians and change American politics for the better. He has stated that Trump is against globalists, and will stand against international institutions such as NATO and the United Nations.



Ghost believes that Trump will fix the American debt by cutting moochers off from their welfare and other government benefits.

He believes that Trump will investigate the "Bush Crime Family" and the Clinton Crime Family upon taking office and that this partially explains why both parties have taken such an adamant stance against him. He also loosely, along the same lines, supported Bernie Sanders' fight against his own party, saying 'Keep your ass out of the Trump train, make sure your own guy doesn't get screwed by these bureaucrats' though he adamantly hates and criticizes the man and his 'leftist, liberal, communist policies.' Since the June 7 primaries, Ghost has been against Bernie for not doing anything about the blatant voter fraud against him, and that he was just in it for the money.

Ghost's Support

Ghost has utilized the Capitalist Army several times to support Trump. He, at Tub Guy's proposal, launched the Chalkening, an event in which Capitalist Army members drew pro-Trump messages on their college campuses across the country and world.


John Kasich came under attack by Ghost, with him requesting his Twitter followers to tweet at DGTBOW, a man who lived with Kasich whom Ghost believes may have been a former lover. His Twitter followers have also been utilized to criticize Paul Ryan for his possible running in the chance of a contested convention. Ghost pointed out that men 'just seem to drop dead' around Paul Ryan's mother and that, each time, she's benefited financially and that there seem to be no records of their autopsies.


Ghost covered the Colorado GOP's refusal to allow Republicans to vote, handing the delegates instead to Ted Cruz and encouraged that GOP members there, and even those against Trump, protest for their right to vote, claiming that the GOP has implemented 'Jim Crow' laws.

Ghost has encouraged the Capitalist Army to make pro-Trump videos and memes, to wage cyber warfare and to redirect their troll terrorist tactics to the opponents of Trump. Ghost has said, and been repeated by some of his followers, that if Trump is to lose, the internet may no longer be a free place to allow trolling to take place and that this should be an impetus for trolls to direct their attentions in more important directions.

More recently, into late May and June of 2016, Ghost has continued to support Donald Trump in virtually every single way possible by targeting Hillary Clinton, frequently covering and bringing attention to her scandals, rumors and conspiracies surrounding her. Ghost has often mentioned the 'alarming number of people who have just dropped dead' around the Clintons. One of the closest times Ghost has come to criticizing Trump in any capacity is, after a troll made the suggestion, pleading to him, 'Trump, if you're listening, DON'T PICK SARAH PALIN [as your Vice President], PLEASE.'

Ghost for the first time since 2012 straight up criticized Trump in July 2016 after he picked Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate. Ghost felt that Pence was a Dan Quayle level pick for vice president, and suspected that the decision to pick him as vice presidential running mate was done as part of a deal made with the Republican establishment in order for them not to plant Ted Cruz in his place. However Ghost wasn't completely against picking Mike Pence and still felt that he was a better pick than Sarah Palin, but kept hoping that Trump would pull a fast one on everyone and pick a different vice president.

On occasion, when Trump hosts rallies in Texas, Ghost will state that he's going to cut the show short to potentially see Trump in person. Ghost often claims that he has inside knowledge and is closely connected with Trump and his campaign, going so far as to say that one time Trump was in Austin, "him, Trump and the boys were grilling some steaks".

Despite polls, pundits and the press predicting a victory for Clinton, Donald Trump won the election in a historical upset and will be the 45th president of the United States of America, much to Ghost's joy. Ghost celebrated Trump's victory and said that the Meme Wars had been won.


Ghost rages hard at trolls related to Trump. There have been many Trump splices, including Ghost saying vile things about him, clips of Ghost's voice interjected into game-shows making jokes about Trump, among others. There have also been quotes that Troll Terrorists spliced to make him say stuff that he never said, including slow splices of him.

Ghost Rages at Donald Trump Splice

Ghost Rages at Donald Trump Splice