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Edna, with her stoma clearly visable

Edna, referred to as Cancer Bag by Ghost because of her hacking and raspy voice, was a character created by Gman during the last two months of the first run of True Capitalist Radio . Edna was a woman plagued with various self-inflicted health problems who would use many quirky and revolting tactics to get through her daily life, and report on these tactics to Ghost on a regular basis.

Typical calls from Edna involved her introducing herself in her characteristic voice, mentioning some problem she encountered, and then describing her disgusting solution to Ghost. For example, one of her calls focused on her skin peeling after getting sunburned, and her use of the peeled-off skin as a substitute for Parmesan cheese on her pasta. Her method of trolling focused on simple "sick sadistic" calls with the intent of disgusting Ghost, akin to a popular class of Twitter names.

Unfortunately, due to the hiatus of TCR in May of 2012, Gman was unable to finish development of the character. When Ghost returned, Edna made her only appearance on Episode 434.