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What is this Wiki About?Edit

This wiki holds information about Ghost, the True Conservative Radio and True Capitalist Radio shows, and the fan-base, community, and trolling attempts that have built up around it. Although the show itself was put on hiatus for over four years, the Wiki was regularly updated with new and old information pertaining to the show in that 4 year gap, and now Ghost is back every Monday-Friday.

If you'd like to get a better look at the show's run, and when certain events took place, take a look at the Chronology.

Who is Ghost?Edit

He is an unnamed man from Austin, Texas, referring to himself as Ghost and is the host of True Capitalist Radio. He has hosted several internet radio shows, beginning on Blog Talk Radio in early 2008. During his first two years of broadcasting his show was named True Conservative Radio, and has been known as True Capitalist Radio ever since.

Ghost disappeared from the internet in July 2012 after quitting his radio show. After briefly returning to the internet in November 2015, Ghost eventually returned to hosting True Capitalist Radio on March 2016. Ghost has since claimed he has ceased trading stocks (probably retired from actively running his business now) and is now involved with Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaign, all the while continuing to drink heavily.

Ghost is a strong conservative, and places great emphasis on bashing liberals and feminists - his two arch-nemeses. He drinks quite a bit, and has grandchildren. Not much is known about his personal life or anything beyond his 'character' - many believe much of his extremist ideas and statements are taken out of context and are actually a very subtle form of satire. Ghost himself is a propagandist of his show and enjoys seeing his listener numbers rise, and he has utilized his community in the past to act as his personal army. Thus, Ghost himself should be taken with a grain of salt, because his true motivations for his show were unclear (he was not actually teaching anyone anything on his show since all of his callers became trolls towards the end), and point to attention-whoring. Ghost has claimed since the return that he's not an attention whore, saying if he was he wouldn't have left for 4 years.

When are his shows on air?Edit

Since September 2016, Ghost has been broadcasting weekdays at 16:00 - 19:00 CST (22:00 - 0:00 GMT/5:00 - 7:00 PM EST). Times however may change at any point, due to Ghost claiming he is still experimenting with the duration and time slot of the show.

During his initial run from 2008 to 2012, Ghost would broadcast on weekdays at 16:30-19:30 CST (22:30-01:30 GMT/4:30 PM to 7:30 PM EST). The shows may have been cancelled due to troll terrorists, or Ghost's work on his brick-and-mortar businesses. The last episode of the first run of True Capitalist Radio took place on May 15th, 2012, you can find information on it here.

From 2008 to 2012, the main content of Ghost's show consisted of giving a report and his personal predictions of Stock Market trades as well as giving a summary of news events (with a closely Conservative view in mind, although he is moderate on a few issues not regarding politics). Roughly the first hour is given to the Markets, the next hour and a half to current events, and the final thirty minutes to Radio Graffiti. Ghost's show page can be found here, and the chatroom (when open) can be found here. Twitter Shoutouts were given at the 60 and 120 minute marks, occasionally one was substituted for Chatroom shoutouts near the end of the show. Sometimes the show would extend past three hours, into After Show so that Ghost could do more Radio Graffiti calls.

Ghost announced the end of his show on May 23rd, 2012. In his final Paltalk chat before he left the internet, he claimed that the constant shouting was taking a toll on his blood pressure and voice box, and said that he could no longer run the risk of developing health problems as a result. He was also upset at much of his serious audience leaving him in the months prior, and for his show having turned inside out by Failtrolls and doxers looking to make trouble. However after briefly returning to the internet in 2015, Ghost returned full-time to Blog Talk Radio after an Emergency Broadcast on March 20, 2016.

In March 2016 the format changed slightly; it ran at a shorter time of 2 hours, during this time Ghost abandoned discussing the Markets, claiming that the stock market is now a "rigged game". The majority of the show is now dedicated to Ghost discussing current news events (especially the 2016 Presidential Election), occasionally taking a break for Twitter Shoutouts and to take phone calls. Radio Graffiti has also been made shorter, typically only lasting for around 15 minutes before the end of the show, though it has been getting progressively longer and often extends into After Show. Baller Fridays have now become "Free-Format" shows, a rare show format in the old broadcast, where instead of discussing whatever current events are happening, he opens up the phones and talks about whatever the callers want to talk about.

However, in September 2016, Ghost extended the show back to 3 full live hours, and brought back the markets segment. He stated that there was still money to be made, however he warned people to watch out for the impending crash he believes will happen very soon. This also led to Radio Graffiti lasting longer and After Shows being much rarer than usual. This is most likely because of Ghost's supposed poor health he claims he has.

Why do people troll him?Edit

It varies. Some do it just for 'lulz', a few do it to genuinely warn him of his racist appearance and harsh opinions. Some do it to promote their own work or fandom. Some callers are serious believe it or not, and there have even been cases of trolls who have become such listeners. Of course there are an equal number of trolls who just pretended to be fans on the long-term just to get back at Ghost in the end.

If it causes so much stress why didn't Ghost just stop early on?Edit

According to Ghost himself, he would never stop doing the show, because he needed to plant "capitalist ideas in the synapses of listeners", occasionally stretching the idea further and stating that he "CAN'T DIE!". Of course it is worth noting that he has put the show on hiatus several times, and officially stated to have quit it in mid 2012 (with this 'break' having lasted about three years).

On the other hand, a popular fan theory is that Ghost is benefiting from having trolls on the show too much to stop - as mentioned above, he really has turned prank callers into actual capitalist fans. Another angle is that a listener to his show provides him ad revenue whether it's a troll or not, although Ghost claims this is "tip-money". The recent release of merchandise, however, suggests Ghost is profiting off trolls more than many realize. Perhaps Ghost is just a ruse-man who enjoys acting out, is angry at the world, or is secretly a loser - it is impossible to tell.

Ghost put the show on a four year hiatus due to a series of hacking attempts that put not only him, but many of his own fans and serious listeners at the risk of being doxed, and he was losing the 'entertaining economics show' purpose over time due to his smartening up to trolls. Ghost began to take an interest in doxing and hacking, and once this took hold of the show many left since it had by then lost its original purpose.

Ghost was always trolled - he baited himself by raging hard at something that irritates him, whether it is a group, a news story, or a caller who set him off the wrong way, and any person seriously trying to promote a cause would have quit such an endeavor, yet he continued it for FOUR years before calling it quits. In his Paltalk chats on May 23rd and June 1st he admitted to faking his rage to get popular, but still claimed he was completely serious about his views on the world, and capitalism. Whether Ghost is legitimate or not can't be told, he is too unpredictable.

Ghost seemed to be baiting for attention, as he greatly enjoys angering liberals and organizing his army to raid others for fun. Therefore, there is a possibility that all of this is only 'feed' for Ghost, who enjoys the attention and pretends to get angry to 'reward' those who give them this. Others speculate that he wanted to use the fandom he created as a personal army, to enforce justice (or at least his view of it) onto the internet and to his political enemies (if he actually had any).

Is Ghost really a racist / misogynist / homophobe / transphobe / xenophobe who hates midgets?Edit

Ghost was a strong conservative for as long as he's been airing, despite currently rejecting that term. Of course, he rejects all the claims above, but some of his opinions seem real enough. Others, however, such as dedicating a whole segment to bashing left-handed people, point strongly to Ghost being a cannibal troll who is baiting the listeners for a reaction.

Ghost HAS admitted that he 'dislikes' certain ethnic groups (most primarily Puerto Ricans for some unknown reason), and often slanders them with ridiculous over-claims and stereotypes, yet he does not hold discrimination against listeners who are of certain races (other than his Guess the Minority segment). Therefore it is safe to say that Ghost probably holds no racial biases against anyone, yet he will always enjoy mocking others based on their racial stereotypes (he makes fun of 'cheese-whiz guzzlin' rednecks' quite often as well).

It's probably safe to say that Ghost is a misogynist, as he clearly places emphasis on the theory of 'man over woman', as evident from his hate of the feminist movement. He DOES respect women who fit into the traditional gender role, meaning they raise their children with a father, 'stay in the kitchen' and cook meals, and don't try to put themselves over any men in Amercia (other than fruitbowls). However, he does not hold an ignorant perception of women in total; he will allow any woman to discuss a topic with him as long as they aren't Liberals like the Angry Mom.

Ghost is not a homophobe; he respects the homosexual community and their attempts to integrate themselves with 'straight America', but he condemns what he perceives as a general shift men beginning to act like women, hence his overuse of the term 'fruitbowl', which is synonymous with the more offense 'faggot'. Ghost likely tolerates homosexuals as long as they keep their anal fantasies to themselves, and don't try to 'convert' him to their sexual beliefs, a topic he claims to witness often in Sixth Street bars. The same applies for Transexuals, but Ghost prefers the more humorous term 'Trans-testicle'. Lately, he has been sticking up for the transsexuals, stating that a majority of them want a monogamous relationship. He says that the gay community are all a bunch of sexual deviants, basing this off Craigslist listings for casual sexual encounters with no protection.

Ghost is quite possibly a die-hard xenophobe, as evident from his instant hatred of the Bronies and indulgences into some Conspiracy Theories. Almost anything strange or 'not correct' in his views of nature is subject to ridicule and disdain in his mind.

Was his market advice trustworthy?Edit

Yes... probably. While it is doubtful Ghost makes money as consistently as he claims, his advice on market plays seemed real enough, even if much of it seemed ripped from the pages of Fox News, Business Insider, or Bloomberg. Some of his 'Capitalist' ideas (such as buying an old car of a popular brand, such as Cadillac or Jaguar) seem feasible, while a few others (not going to college, and putting all money from a fast-food job and subsequently investing into America's shaky stock market) are unrealistic by nature and are even downright stupid.

Ghost seems to live in his own little world (considering most of his money is spent on leisure, such as drinking on Sixth Street) about economic advice, already being on top, and may not have the slightest clue about how poor people get by in America, minus welfare collectors, whom he despises with a passion.

What are Ghost's contacts?Edit

Ghost remained admirably elusive in his time hosting the broadcast. After quitting in 2012, his several remaining outlets on the web were subsequently hacked. This is a list of known accounts once attributed to Ghost.

  • His BTR page Despite threats to shut down the page, all of the old broadcasts are still there, and is still being used by Ghost. Likely was compromised over the summer of 2012 and was reclaimed by Ghost in November 2015.
  • His Cafepress store : Still sells the merchandise, but has not been updated.
  • Emails attributed/confirmed to him: '', ''. The latter's password was compromised in a mass email leak by a hacking group on July 11th, 2012. Ghost used the second account as part of a Wikiversity class he ran in 2006. It is very possible that this account redirected to '', which thus directs to the other accounts listed above. As a consequnce, Ghost may have been hacked on July 22nd, 2012 (when he reopened his main Twitter account), a week after closing it (which interestingly occured just one day after these leaks). Since the return, he has used Gmail to email the Inner Circle, as evidenced by the recording of the first Inner Circle paltalk meeting.
  • Paltalk: 'og_ghost' Made in 2006, hosted discussions and frequented Conservative shows, often trolled as well. Hacked in December 2012.
  • Paltalk Room, Capitalist_Army: Base of operations for Ghost's community after he shut down the website. Capitalist Army members frequented it often. Closed after 'og_ghost' was hacked.
  • Paltalk Room, Ghost Circle: A room infrequently opened by Ghost on the weekends prior to the Inner Circle chatroom being opened or if BlogTalkRadio goes down for the day. Used during the third Presidential Debate when BTR would not allow him to call into the show.
  • Inner Circle Discord chatroom: A private chatroom exclusively for members of his Inner Circle for said members to talk with one another 24 hours a day.
  • An online store where Ghost put up the Inner Circle membership slots and puts up autographs for people to buy.

There is the Melting Pot of Friendship fan group run by DarkRazorZ. which is infrequently updated with only important Ghost news, and a TvTropes page about his show and the community.

Where does Ghost live?Edit

All that can be deduced is near or in Austin, Texas, in a high-rise office somewhere near Sixth Street. There have been a few guesses as to which particular building he resides in, but no conclusive evidence. Several idiots have claimed Ghost is an actor due to the shows (646) number being a Manhattan area code, but this is because the number belongs to BlogTalkRadio, not Ghost himself. This is evidenced as in recent months the call-in number for the show has changed sporadically. Currently Ghost resides in a house in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife and his wife's dog Templeton.

Who is the Engineer?Edit

Despite having a very different vernacular, and a well-thrown voice, the Engineer is almost certainly Ghost, although the community (including this wiki) plays along with it. The Engineer and Ghost used to sound very alike, and the two have never spoken at the same time, despite requests from callers. Engineer also uses several of Ghost's catchphrases on the rare occasions when he is understandable, and the microphone can often be heard moving away whenever he speaks.

I want to be a part of this wiki, how can I help?Edit

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