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This is a list of articles and topics that need to be added to the Wiki. Feel free to add and remove from this list, but please don't remove anything that hasn't been added to the Wiki in some way.

When pages are first created make sure to add "categories" at the bottom so that they can easily be found and try to go through some other pages and add in-site links to the page, so that there aren't isolated islands of pages just floating around. - Dixie

Articles that need CreatingEdit


  • The Tea (Bag) Party Movement - Major bugaboo from the days of True Conservative Radio.


  • Nigeria, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan


  • The News/Current Events/True Capitalist Commentary (the first part of Ghost's show, and the only regular segment we don't yet have an article for)
  • Hate Mail (an old segment from the conservative days)


  • Sports - Notably baseball and the Superbowl. (Already covered by Ghost and Sports , but needs updating)
  • Other holidays - Independence Day, President's Day
  • Alcohol - Jonnie Walker, Spaten, Miller, Champagne, Kentucky-Fried Chicken piss (Added 8/29, now we just need a big page dedicated to Alcohol in general) Allegations of Alcoholism
  • Boss Nigger (obviously will be controversial due to the name, but a very funny/influential moment for TCR) We do have a page, only that it's called Boss Niger.
  • Deep State - This is such a central part of Ghost's conspiracy ramblings that it definetly needs its own page.

Articles that are stubs, or need completing or other workEdit

Larger-Scale ProjectsEdit

  • Sorting out a heirarchy of categories (underway).
  • Adding Radio Grafitti etc. (from DarkRazorz's channel first, also the unofficial TCR youtube page) to their appropriate Episode pages.
  • Steal Add information gathered on TCR's TvTropes page to the wiki. (8/29/13 - It hasn't been updated in a long time, and at this point we probably have more than them).

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