France is a country in Western Europe, and a member of the European Union.

Ghost seems to hold a high opinion of France, claiming it and Germany are the only countries keeping the European Union afloat. The held true even as the French spearheaded the 2011 invasion of Libya along with the U.S. and the U.K.

However, since May 2012, and the appointment of Socialist Party candidate François Hollande as the new French President, Ghost's opinion on the country has lessened considerably. In the Last Episode of True Capitalist Radio's original run, Ghost brought up a news story about Hollande's airplane being struck by lightning, praising it as a "sign from God" on the evils of socialism. What has remained constant, however, is the poor quality of Ghost's French accent, frequent mentions of croissants, and referring to the people of France as 'frogs'.

France has been a hotly discussed topic since The Return, as well as the rest of Europe, due to the immigration crisis facing Europe. During Episode 311, Ghost got word of the attack in the city of Nice that killed more than 80 people about halfway through the show. He quickly put the blame on "Wild Jahooties."

France once again became a focus of discussions due to the ongoing elections in France. Ghost initially supported the far-right anti-immigration/anti-EU candidate Marine Le Pen but decided to side against her after hearing that she had a meeting with Vladimir Putin during the campaign. Ghost also despises Le Pen's opponent and the ultimate winner of the election Emmanuel Macron because of his more globalist political views. Ghost also finds the relationship he has with his current wife and former high school teacher Brigitte Macron who is 24 years older than him to be "suspicious".

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