Fruit bowl wednesday by itsnavyhuskie-d45he9e

There is an entire day dedicated to those fruity bastards.

Uh...Area code 423, what do you think about Obama?"
“Who gives a crap son, he's the fruity-ass, fruitbowl, gay, bast—”
"Aw, you stupid, dumb son of a bitch, lemme tell you someth—lemme—GOD...DAMN...SON OF A—

—Ghost, upon hearing a splice that claimed his son was a fruitbowl

Fruitbowl is a term frequently used by Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio to refer to a homosexual or a male with feminine attributes known as tomgirls, such as having a feminine vernacular, or watching My Little Pony. Fruitbowl is among the most commonly used phrases on the broadcast, with multiple uses per show, and sometimes, per call. Ghost often uses the term to refer to the callers throughout his broadcast. For a more thorough look at ghosts political opinions on homosexuals, see LGBT.

Other VariationsEdit

  • Fruitbowl gay bastard
  • Fruity-Ass fruitbowl gay bastard who's taking it up the pooper
  • Fruit
  • Fruiter
  • Faggy McFaggins sounding Fruit
  • Dildo Faggins


Fruitbowl MusicEdit

Occasionally, if the callers are getting a little too fruity, Ghost will order The Engineer to "Play some fruitbowl music." The following videos are some of the selections on Ghost's curiously vast fruitbowl playlist.

When Ghost had a Chatroom, Textchat Warriors began to sing along and celebrated when Ghost plays one of these songs. Which led to such angered reactions as "Look at 'em! They're fruitin' up! Their assholes are puckerin'!"

On one occasion, Ghost deliberately searched for a fruitbowl among the callers in order to play fruitbowl music.

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This topic has attracted the attention of artists and photoshoppers, and so is popular enough to get its own gallery! Click here for the Fan Art section on Fruitbowls.

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