Gab logo

Gab's logo or Gab for short, is a alternate social media website that pushes to be free speech that was caused when Twitter was censoring tweets and accounts. Ghost advocated for the website as an alternate in case Ghost was banned from Twitter. During early March 2017 until the show's end on May 8th, Ghost would frequently take shoutouts from Gab, either after or before Twitter Shoutouts. People would have to "repost" instead of retweet. Ghost would be outraged that Trolls made it to Gab and would make the same shoutout names like what would be on Twitter. He would later vow that if Gab verified him on their site, he would exclusively take Gab shoutouts for the rest of the year. Gab later introduced a subscription service for verification, which Ghost was initially in opposition of. However, he later offered to pay for 5 year's worth of it, and was verified shortly thereafter. Following Ghost's suspension off Twitter, he claimed in a article that Gab is now his social media of choice, with him frequently posting articles on there, albeit not as often as he used to on Twitter.

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