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Gabe Newell is the CEO of Valve and, as of March 2012, was the 854th richest person in the world. As a savvy capitalist, he had Ghost's respect. Ghost often praised him for his work in Valve Games, and discussed it from time to time on the show. Whenever trolls called in to make fun of Newell's weight or accidental status as a meme (Gaben), Ghost would defend him, citing... "He created VALVE GAMES for you all, and you're still laughin' at him! So what if he's a fat ginger - he made VALVE GAMES!!"

But all of that changed on the April 26th, 2012 broadcast of True Capitalist Radio, when Ghost learned that Gabe Newell admitted to enjoying My Little Pony, shattering Ghost's perception of all Bronies as worthless fruitbowls who lived in their mothers' basements. Ghost's reaction was one of anger, shock, and disbelief, going cans.wav several times during his tirade.

On an unrelated note, a soundboard of him was utilized against Ghost from time to time, yet Ghost apparently did not recognize his voice.

Ghost finds out that Gabe Newell is a brony on radio graffiti 4-26-2012 22004:19

Ghost finds out that Gabe Newell is a brony on radio graffiti 4-26-2012 220

Ghost's reaction after hearing Gabe Newell's admission.


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