Ghost's Father. Maybe.

Ghost's Father, despite being a heavy influence on the True Capitalist Radio host, remains mostly a mystery.

Ghost frequently tells stories of how his father 'didn't know how to fall asleep', alluding to an alcoholic tendency. In this story, Ghost also tells of his first ever taste of beer, which hated at the time. During Episode 201, Ghost drank Miller Highlife to honor his father.

Ghost has also said that his father served in World War Two. This probably means that Ghost was born circa 1946, during the baby boom, despite his negative opinion of this generation. Ghost also claimed his father was cremated, in response to a troll saying he would piss on his grave.

Quite a handful of splices have been made regarding his father - but the most well known is by CelticBrony - in which Ghost left the show in disgust and anger.

Overall, though, Ghost's father is mentioned less, both by Ghost and the trolls, than some other members of his family, such as his granny and son.


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