Not the Inner Circle but it's close to it.

Ghost's Inner Circle, nicknamed The Family (not to be confused with his actual family), is a council of select few TCR listeners who have gained access to personal communication to Ghost after paying a sum ranging from $45-115, and $125 in bitcoin to gain their own slot in the circle. The inner Circle is a successor of the Ring of Honor. It was revealed on August 26, 2016, and closed on May 3, 2017, which was replaced with The Inner Triangle. It was reopened again after several members were purged from the group.

The Benefits

Membership has cost $45-115 US Dollars and $125 dollars in bitcoin, in different points of time and provide the following privileges, as listed on Ghost's Market:

  • Priority Notifications of exclusive special events
  • Priority True Capitalist Radio Show Baller Friday shout-outs
  • A Discount of 35% off any future product sales featured on
  • Personal communication with Ghost via his preferred social media
  • Privileged Ghost giveaways
  • Correspondence with Ghost, even if the True Capitalist Radio show ends

Ghost claims he considers all members of the Inner Circle as "family" and his only real "friends" besides Templeton and his wife. Trolls were quick to jump onto this subject and accuse Ghost of "buying friends".

Ghost's wife expressed her concern over the circle, afraid that Ghost would be binding himself to 250 people, some of which could be trolls. Ghost promptly mocked his wife on the broadcast in response, believing such a thing to be ridiculous.

Increased Slots

Though the majority of all sales took place on the day of announcement, they continued slowly through August 30 before selling out.

Ghost announced during a show that he will sell the remaining slots that he freed up by kicking out trolls, estimating about 15 more slots to be sold on the 6th of September. He later confirmed this on twitter, saying he would sell them between 8:30-8:45 CST on the day. Ghost then added 50 more slots at an increased price of $50, for a total of 300 family slots (give or take for a few trolls getting kicked). Ghost said that the number would be "Like SPARTA!"

Final Slots

During late December, 2016, Ghost announced that he may open up more slots in the Inner Circle to allow more members in. On December 30th, Ghost put up the last 50 slots of the Inner Circle up for sale for an increased price of $100 on However, upon being asked by a fan, he did offer to send an autograph to anyone who bought one of these 50 slots, to compensate for the high price. One week after putting them up, on January 6th, the last Inner Circle slot was sold, bringing the Inner Circle to 300 members. Ghost also announced a new private Discord chatroom for the Inner Circle, and the potential of a "serious triangle" within the Inner Circle, potentially to go into business together.

After several members backed out of the Circle due to the serious political events going on with the Capitalist Right and the drama in the community, Ghost sold 15 more slots in mid-March 2017 for $115, the last one being sold on March 24th.

This eventually changed after The Inner Circle Purge in May 2017, where Ghost revealed in June that membership slots were back up, for a mere $125 dollars in bitcoin.

List of Members

This is a list of members based on those Ghost follows on Twitter due to some members not wanting to be followed by Ghost, or not having a twitter account at all.

  1. @10feetofsnowlol
  2. @30_Fly_Harry
  3. @_Abuata_
  4. @_excrement
  5. @_Hail_Britannia
  6. @Acromancer
  7. @AL_TheGameFreak
  8. @aldoustopside
  9. @AlucardsCat
  10. @any1unicorn
  11. @ArmadilloBandit
  12. @AusCapitalist
  13. @badmem_x86
  14. @Bash_tca
  15. @bentonbannon
  16. @BillyCossack
  17. @BlasphemousMind
  18. @bodegacowboy
  19. @Boe_Broiler
  20. @Brad_Simkus
  21. @Bradley_0X
  22. @BrandonAFreeman
  23. @CanCapital1st
  24. @CapitalistJoe
  25. @Cask_Strength33
  26. @CdingCapitalist
  27. @charmtooth
  28. @chefist
  29. @ChrisHvide
  30. @CitizenSolid
  31. @CoastalNick08
  32. @cold_cracker
  33. @Commander_Biff
  34. @coolerthanu9
  35. @crusades4arabia
  36. @CuckLivesMatter
  37. @D0rit0Burrit0
  38. @Darunatura
  39. @Dechuyo
  40. @DeHappyMerchant
  41. @Deus_VuIt
  42. @DHM_Politics
  43. @DigitalDaybreak
  44. @Dilzert
  45. @DotsKit
  46. @Dr_Mantrificore
  47. @drunkenwolf2
  48. @Dyrus_is_Obese
  49. @EDplus777
  50. @electricfenceof
  51. @ElMarkoReal
  52. @Equestrian_Bit
  53. @escalat0rs
  54. @EsotericGerst
  55. @FapitalistRadio
  56. @FeralCapitalist
  57. @FertileBernie69
  58. @flanbird
  59. @flyingmonolith
  60. @FreezingCicada
  61. @fuck_k1d
  62. @ghostleronmoon
  63. @Ghosts_Acolyte
  64. @giantgio
  65. @GodEmperor2k16
  66. @Greenleader1978
  67. @Harambroseph
  68. @hatespeechmagic
  69. @HBCapitalist
  70. @Inkanator2000
  71. @installedgentoo
  72. @InstantRabies
  73. @IPardalis
  74. @IrishCapitalist
  75. @jarredwheelie
  76. @JayBeeScott
  77. @Jeff_Thee_Chef
  78. @JigglyRibs
  79. @JimmyCapitalism
  80. @Johnny_Freemont
  81. @John9876789
  82. @JSFulsy
  83. @JulianoWilliams
  84. @KillingTime9999
  85. @KooyCapitalist
  86. @Krillin33
  87. @Lagitx
  88. @LBnord
  89. @LemayAway
  90. @LockeJohn_
  91. @loorabeei
  92. @magicofvirgil
  93. @manbearpigjoe
  94. @Manhood_Magic
  95. @MarcoM0reno
  96. @MarkMontag
  97. @MegaMagicPower
  98. @MileHigh237
  99. @mjz_7
  100. @MoistCapitalist
  101. @MooseWienerMAGA
  102. @mrpopo51208236
  103. @nacs_capitalist
  104. @NewYorkCityNYT
  105. @NRJ_Magical
  106. @oddboxmusic
  107. @og_toru
  108. @Overkill977
  109. @Pain7788gg
  110. @Plecostomus1138
  112. @realDonaldTrump
  113. @RealHolovsky
  114. @RegularTCA
  115. @RemoverOfKebab_
  116. @reptile_gurl
  117. @sffrog25
  118. @Sgt_Yoda
  119. @sh1zbr0
  120. @SickSadWhirl
  121. @sidekek214
  122. @SilentCapital
  123. @SlyTMan
  124. @SoapOrSawyer
  125. @Southern_AU
  126. @soutsinserr
  127. @spBOOGEYMAN
  128. @squidgirl_ghost
  129. @SriBoomi
  130. @StephenM2471
  131. @strictly_dsl
  132. @Suppa_10ko
  133. @surprisingfly
  134. @Swedish_Rebel
  135. @TacoCapitalist
  136. @TCR_Steam_Chat
  137. @TehCyberPolice
  138. @TheBronyNetwork
  139. @Thedeaddiety
  140. @theimpaler30
  141. @TheMaskettaMan
  142. @theslyfox999
  143. @TheTCREngineer
  144. @TheyCallMeTXT
  145. @Tub_Guy
  146. @ukghostie
  147. @Venison_of_Fear
  148. @VetForumWars
  149. @wilksy61 (Distilling Capitalist)
  150. @wyatt_kh
  151. @Xephos819
  152. @xXIce_PandaXx
  153. @yaromesky
  154. @YuriSleepover
  155. @zarfytezz1
  156. @zimtower
  157. @EndyJuice

TODO: Please check this list for duplicates and new/missing members, and move kicked or refunded accounts to the list of ex-members below.

List of Ex-Members (kicked or refunded)

Some members were kicked out and their money refunded after pissing off Ghost. These people will be listed below.





@Striversurvivor (AKA Eeyore) (Banned by Ghost after Ghost felt he was both too stupid and too young to be part of the inner circle, moved over to Inner Circle Short Bus)

@Alex456po (Kicked for posting anime porn in the chat)

@GsLetter (excommunicated for a few months due to the drama that he caused with a suicide threat. Ghost forgave him during Episode 417 and let him back into the circle. Allegedly kicked out of the chatroom once again in 2017 for coming into the chatroom at an inconvinient time)

@DiscoWaffle (voted out of the chat over a rumor of involvement with leaking info)


@Elfoxoloco (Not an official inner circle member, but was a part of the chat, kicked for talking behind Ghost's back)

@Godzilla3709 (Kicked under assumption of being the one leaking the chat sessions)

@TheSneakestMan (Kicked due to starting doxing witch hunts against Inner Circle Leakers and annoying Inner Circle Members)

@VetNationalist (Gave up his Inner Circle slot following Donald Trump striking the Syrian airbase, after Ghost defended the bombing)

@Legofan421 (Not an offical inner circle member, but was part of the chat, left the chat on his own accord.)

@727Caller1 (On the short bus, not kicked out of the Inner Circle)

@MakeAusGreat (Kicked from chatroom for calling Ghost a jew, returned shortly after. Kicked once again for deviating the conversation to troll drama specifically related to a leaked NSFW DM session.)

@HagalazVA (Kicked from Inner Circle completely after it was discovered that he had done voice overs for extremely vulgar "clopfics" that included pedophilia and trying to lie about why he did it.)

Baselord (Former admin discord who was stripped of power then banned.)

Trumping Capitalist (Told to leave for a month, then permabanned following tweets)

Berry (Unveiled as a Hillary Clinton voter, possible CTR shill)

KaraszKun (Left the Inner Circle on his own accord)


Lightning Note (Opted to leave after drama stirred up about his FIMfiction account and tweeting pony art, and was permanently banned afterwards)

Officer Default (Accused of conspiring against the IC)

Tom Kawczynski (Left the IC on his own accord, fearing that Group was collapsing on self.)

Amy Daly (Kicked after being accused of posting "Fake News")

Melly (Accused of conspiring against the IC)

Brosiden (Accused of conspiring against the IC)

OnlyFocused (Accused of conspiring against the IC)

Firehead (Accused of conspiring against the IC)

TJ (Kicked under accusation of working against the Inner Circle)

Justa1 (Kicked for screwing with cryptocurrency operations and attempting to scam Ghost and the Circle)

Johan (Kicked in the same incident as MakeAusGreat)

@Cancer4Dickinson (Kicked in the same incident as MakeAusGreat)

Asho (Kicked after calling Ghost crazy for believing the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting was a false flag)

Norwegian Capitalist

The First Session

The first meeting of the Ghost Circle was filled with technical difficulties from the start. Ghost sent out emails to all members of the circle, but due to an error with Gmail, most of these emails ended up not coming through until nearly 3-4 hours after the session started.

The next problem arrived when Ghost tried to password protect the Paltalk server he was using to not let anyone who wasn't a part of the circle in. Either due to a bug or a deliberate restriction in the software, only 10 people were allowed join the password protected Paltalk server. Eventually Ghost gave up and just opened it up to everyone, with the chat reaching about 100 users at it's peak.

Despite the chat being open to all, Ghost somehow evaded most trolls joining, surprisingly. Ghost did say that the next time he does a chat, he will figure out a way to put a password on it without locking it at 10 members, potentially not using Paltalk next time. He recently said in a TCR episode that he may make it so it's open to everyone, but only Circle members can talk to Ghost.

The session went for around 10-11 hours, and mostly consisted of Ghost and the chat, and some people in the voice chat just talking about anything at all. Many memes and jokes were made about Ghost constantly saying "Just 5 more minutes, alright?" or "Just one more beer, alright?" in reference to how long Ghost would keep chatting for. For instance, at one point he said "just 20 more minutes then I gotta go". The chat continued for 5 more hours.

Ghost's wife was heard during the session several times, however in the later half she was sleeping, and only woke up at the very end of the chat session. Ghost got somewhat mad at people claiming that Templeton was a poodle in the chatroom.

Ghost extensively talked about his "internet life in the late 90s", that being his tenure in the Yahoo hacker chat groups (see the Chronology for more details), he talked about the new character "Fat Tuna" that will come on to the show once the NFL season starts to forecast sports events for the sake of betting and gambling. Other plans Ghost mentioned considering for the future of his broadcasting career including opening up a PO box for fan mail, though he worried that someone might attempt to mail him toxic chemicals or biological weapons.

Some of the many soliliquy topics during the session included Ghost mounting a defense of transgender people (while still being far from politically correct), discussing the history of the mafia and admitting his interest in the history of organized crime, various conspiracy theories (predictably including the JFK assassination and 9/11), and the nature of being a successful capitalist.

Ghost was initially planning on doing a Random Sunday Show, however because of how he basically pulled an all nighter (around 10 PM CST - 9 AM CST) and drank about 15 or so beers, not to mention how he would have to do the show in 6-7 hours after he finished the chat session, he cancelled doing this show, saving the next TCR episode for Monday (Labor Day). Ghost then, surprisingly, skipped the Monday show, claiming on twitter he was "indulging". He did do a show on the Tuesday, however.

In spite of Ghost's efforts, most of the session was leaked shortly afterward on September 6. It is unknown whether the leaked recording was released by an anonymous inner circle member, or by an outsider who took advantage of the open Paltalk server.

The Second Session and Future Sessions

A second Inner Circle chatroom was hosted during the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Ghost conducted commentary before the debate, during the debate, and for a few hours after the debate with various members of the Inner Circle on the mic.

The chat was, once again, open to all, however only Inner Circle members could speak to Ghost via voice chat, with text chat open to all users.

This chat was considerably shorter than the first session, going for roughly 5-6 hours, compared to the first session's 11 hour length.

Some trolls came in and tried to agitate Ghost to no avail, leading to him having to kick a few people more than last time.

The Betrayal(s)/Inner Circle Civil War

On Episode 363, a call was played of various members of the Inner Circle (Jimmy Capitalist, Distilling Capitalist, TrumpinCapitalist, 727 Caller, Kahuna Capitalist, BN King) and even non-Inner Circle members (Yorkshire Capitalist/Benito Ghostini, Teutonic Plague) endorsing Team Engineer in the TCR Civil War, ending with Donald Trump's endorsement. This call sent Ghost into a spiral of rage, going so far to the point he was almost certainly crying over it, before abruptly ending the show half an hour early.

Several people involved in this call attempted to apologize in the following shows. Some were successful (Trumping Capitalist), others were not (Teutonic Plague, Distilling Capitalist).

This continued in Episode 365 when several Brony fans of TCR (Twilie Atkins, MaskedPony, Disco Waffle, LiquidSchwartz and Scarlet Moon) turned the betreyal call on it's head endorsing Team Ghost, ending with Hillary Clinton and The Engineer endorsing Team Ghost, which led to much of the same rage as the original.

This trend continued in Episode 366 when Karaszkun called in, and after a brief discussion about the hurricane hitting Florida (Karaszkun lives in Florida) and BlackLivesMatter planning to loot houses and businesses, Karaszkun tried to explain to Ghost that he draws nudity and that there's nothing wrong with it, however after Ghost was tweeted that Karaszkun draws hentai, he grilled him on it. Karaszkun gave a poor response, which led to Ghost crying and raging for the last 6 minutes of the show again, going off on "the betrayal" he had been facing from his own Inner Circle.

These incidents sparked comments on Twitter from members of the Inner Circle towards Ghost saying that he should "clean house" in the Inner Circle and weed out Troll Terrorists within, to which he responded that he's "thinking about it". Ultimately however he didn't do anything about the issue.

In Capitalist Episode 367 and the events that followed, this "betrayal week" came to a painful end with G's betrayal of Ghost. It was revealed to Ghost during Radio Graffiti that G was ripping off Toilet Guy, a troll from another show which was initially assumed to be another Tub Guy Ripoff. During Radio Graffiti, he called on G to explain himself, and G denied it. However, after Ghost was tweeted a screencap of TheBronyNetwork's chatroom with G confirming he was Toilet Guy, G finally confessed, leading to another rage. It took a short break once he was also tweeted that G was into Anime, which G also confessed to, leading to Ghost crying, raging, and hulking out at the end of the show.

Following this show, the "G Suicide Hoax Incident" occurred, straining the relationship between Ghost and the fans/trolls/Inner Circle, to the point where Ghost was planning to end TCR for good, but ultimately he decided to continue the show. In spite of this, G has still not been unfollowed on Twitter by Ghost. Ghost commented on this during an Inner Circle chat session were G was on the chat and he was mocked and kicked out by Ghost. Ghost stated that "G is a part of the Inner Circle, but not a part of the chatroom. He can be a part if he matures up a bit, alright?", confirming that G is not banned from the Inner Circle forever, just until he "matures up".

Inner Circle Short Bus

Ghost's Inner Circle Short Bus Rant12:37

Ghost's Inner Circle Short Bus Rant

In response to the less intelligent and immature elements of the Inner Circle, Ghost formed the Inner Circle Short Bus during Episode 443 so that these elements can be isolated from rest of the community and everyone gets the chance to laugh at how ridiculous they are. The Short Bus Members are not actually banned from the Inner Circle outright, but their access to the group is restricted and they can only interact through their own text and voice channel in Discord.

Known members:

Discord Chatroom and information leaking

In early January 2017, Ghost started a Discord chatroom for the Inner Circle. Drama soon followed as an unknown member was found to be leaking the voice chat audio online, leading to Ghost trying to find the culprit. The Inner Circle eventually decided it was Godzilla despite no clear evidence. (See this page for more details)

On February 2nd, the chat audio was put to use against Elfoxoloco, as there had been a recording with him and a few other members talking behind Ghost's back about how he's wrong on science. After Ghost heard this recording on the show, he immediately banned him from the chatroom, stating that he never paid to be in the Circle to begin with.

In early March, screenshots of a chat member vowing to buy more Mr. Optimism autographs to get rid of Radio Graffiti were leaked, leading to massive backlash against both the Inner Circle and Ghost, claiming the autograph war was rigged. A raid on Elfoxoloco's chatroom was conducted shortly after this info was leaked, leading to tensions rising even more. To compromise with the trolls and keep the situation from getting any worse, Ghost started the Saturday Night Troll Show, however the damage was done.

On March 14th, several Inner Circle members were doxed by an anonymous /pol/ user, claiming he had the doxes of several more members that he would release if Ghost did not quit the show. He also claimed he got his info from several moles in the Inner Circle itself feeding him information. On March 16th, Ghost would announce a bounty on the head of said leaker's dox, pricing it at $500, and $750 if they trolled them off the internet too The next day, 100+ Inner Circle emails would be leaked, and despite claims that more was coming, nothing has been leaked since then.

The Inner Circle Purge

During the hiatus of May 2017, Ghost and several members would conduct an Inner Circle purge in their Discord server; banning anyone for; being a brony (sexualized or not), interacting or conspiring with trolls, or becoming corrupt with power and greed, (i.e, admins banning members and scamming the group and their coins). This was seen in their opinion as weeding out the riff raff that would hamper their progress in capitalizing.

In the early morning hours of May 29th, 2017, roughly 7-9 members were kicked from the IC chatroom, making it the largest ousting of members in the purge.

While only some were banned for a legitimate reason, many were banned for something small and ridiculous, including core members like Amy Daly and Trumping Capitalist.

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