One of Gmans many avatars.

GmanAgent32, formely known as GmanCapitalist, is a user who likes to pretend he's a detective or a government spy on the internet, including the way he talks and his avatars, which has been said to resemble such characters from the film noir movies of the 1930s, despite his username suggesting otherwise. He is currently tweeting about politics on his Twitter account.

Gman was once a huge Ghost fanatic. He was an admin in the PalTalk and created the True Capitalist Army blog, which he eventually tried to convert into a political discussion site, but that never worked out. He is also responsible for creating the infamous Anti-Lamar Smith poster and many articles and graphics used by the Capitalist Army.

He disowned Ghost about the same time the PalTalk admins did, but soon came to love him again, drawing fan art of him in his math classes. However, he wound up hating him again when many others also started to do so on November to December 2012.

Internet user Coyote In The Hat claims the G in Gman stands for Ghost, but because of Coyotes many other claims, it's been speculated not to be true. Gman denies this with a passion, claiming that it stands for Government. Gman also believes Coyote should write nicer things about him, as he has saved all of Coyotes private conversations with him. Along the conversations, he claims to save everything in both screen cap and text forms as "evidence", should he ever need it.

Gman appears to be inactive as of Ghost's return in 2016.