Half a Tard Ghost is a new trolling tactic that began around May 2016 in which quotes from Ghost are repeated in a similar fashion to Mid-Show Splices, but instead are slowed down significantly in an audio editing program. This creates an effect that makes Ghost's voice slur and sound like he is drunk or inarticulate. He often responds, 'stop trying to make me sound like 'half a tard'!', hence where the troll got its name.

The quotes that are used have often been related to the 2016 Texas Floods, but the troll has begun to expand his horizons with this tactic, utilizing audio clips of Ghost already imitating a mentally incapacitated person (including his 'Billy' impression from the 2011 Christmas Eve episode), and then slowing down those clips. Ghost has termed this 'going full retard' and has asked (to no avail) for the troll to stop doing it.

This troll quickly led to people modifying Ghost's voice in many other ways. He's been edited to sound like a drunk, the Lord of Darkness and a Smurf. Ghost's rage has increased at each new type of edit.