This article is going to serve as a guide to people who are about to create a page about a certain troll or community member, be it about yourself or someone else.

Which trolls deserve their own page? Edit

Before adding a page about a specific troll, make sure that they are well known in the community, otherwise add them to this page. If you're not sure the troll is well known, then ask around the wiki or other TCR related communities such as Discord and TheBronyNetwork chatrooms if they know the said troll well.

What you should add to the page Edit

  • Notable calls: a few calls by the troll that are notable. They don't need their own section or anything, just describe the call with a few sentences.
  • History with TCR: How and when the said troll started listening to TCR and trolling the show. Again the description doesn't need to be in extreme detail.
  • Video links: Footage of someones trolling activities is always welcome and will help the page out significantly by explaining the nature and activities of the troll.

What you shouldn't add to the page Edit

  • Needless self praise and attention whoring: If you are writing the page about yourself, don't be too self gratifying while editing. This kind of editing won't do favors for anyone. Instead it will likely just get you chewed out by this wiki's userbase, make the article worse and make you look like an idiot in front of everyone.
  • Gushing praise: If you are making a page about some other troll, you don't need to give praise to the said troll about how good they are. Talk about them in neutral context.
  • Personal life and topics outside of TCR: I doubt anyone really cares that much about what these people do outside the show. You don't need to mention these details unless it's absolutely necessary for giving context to a certain call etc.
  • Needless detail: The page doesn't have to be that long. Only add what is necessary. Only very notable trolls such as Ghetto Capitalist and Tub Guy need long pages as their lengthy history with TCR and extremely high amount of calls requires some extra detail.

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