The Nutshack Intro feat

The Nutshack Intro feat. NUMP

The Full Theme

"The Nutshack" is the title of the theme song from the adult Filipino-American animated TV series, The Nutshack.

The show had gained a cult-following from the show's bad writing and theme song, which consisted of the line "It's the Nutshack" being repeated several times which lead to a rap introducing the characters of the show. Many edits have been made of the theme mostly consisting of replacing the "Nutshacks" with other media.


An edited version of the theme where Ghost was spliced in singing the lyrics was played during Radio Graffiti. Ghost reacted by saying "WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE?!"

Several Remixes have been played on the show, including a remix of Ghost saying "It's the NASDAQ".

Radio Graffiti - 323 - Its the Nutshack

Radio Graffiti - 323 - Its the Nutshack