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Notable (((Texans)))

Ghost listed as one of the most Notable Jewish Texans in Wikipedia

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Jewish Ghost a.k.a. (((Ghost))) is one of the the many alter-egos given to Ghost by his fans. It has been suggested many times by trolls and bronies that Ghost is the long lost son of Jewish Holocaust victim, Anne Frank. He denies all rumors and allegations swifty, usually shouting, " אני לא יהודי! ".

Origins of this alter-ego are usually placed around mid-2011 era of True Capitalist Radio when it became popular to call Ghost a Jew because of his strong hatred of Christmas.

He often claims to use yarmulkes as a coffee filter...which strangely contradicts his statements about coffee. Some trolls have tried to point this out to him to which he reacted to by saying "Hey don't worry about it OK"

After for the longest time where referring Ghost as a Jew was a common failtroll tactic, calling Ghost a Jew became extremely popular once again. This was after Ghost started the Mr. Fortune Cookie vs. Mr. Optimism autograph war where he promised to end Radio Graffiti for good if Mr. Optimism won. Many people saw this competition as rigged and blamed Ghost for trying to extort money from his listeners.

Ghost became pissed off following one of his own Inner Circle members calling him a Jew in the chatroom, kicking him out and implementing Chatroom Martial Law for the first time in over 5 years.


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Ghost Admits He's Jewish

Ghost Admits He's Jewish

One of the many splices