(From left to right) The King of the Mexicans himself and La Raza

King of Mexicans is a self appointed titled used by Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio. On August 11th, 2011, Asho made one of his early calls with an older brother in the background. Ghost put on some Spanish music and began to dance. After dancing around for a few minutes, Ghost asked the Mexicans what they thought. The older brother declared, "We are having Ghost is a Mexican day; we are baptising you as a Mexican."

Ghost said "So now I'm down with La Raza? You see that folks, I'm not a racist! There's a whole group of Mexicans over there; I am now officially down with La Raza."

He continued:

"It's August 11th, 2011, I am now officially declaring myself, King of Mexicans!" Unfortunately for him, Ghost's self-appointed title led to even more racist Chatroom spam, calls, and Splices. Many Mexicans call into the broadcast accusing him of racism, and cite this as one of the reasons they dislike him.

Ghost turned it into a segment, and does it ever-so often, such as when a Radio Graffiti caller asked him on January 17th, or when Asho and one of his siblings call in.

Ghost is the king of the Mexicans08:58

Ghost is the king of the Mexicans

Ghost Declares Himself the King of Meixcans

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