Kiwi Farms ( is a forum dedicated to the discussion and analysis of 'Lolcows' - eccentric individuals on the internet who are observed for their amusing behavior. Founded as the CWCki Forums, and originally dedicated to Christian Weston Chandler, Kiwi Farms re-branded itself in 2014, reflecting a broadening of scope from one such character to many. It also acts as the home of the CWCki, and more recently, the Lolcow Wiki project.

A thread on Ghost and True Capitalist Radio was started in January 2015, but in March 2016, after the Return, True Capitalist Radio got its own sub-forum, with a new thread created for every episode. This sub-forum can also be reached through the URL

Since the Return, many Twitter shoutouts have contained the word 'Kiwi', leading Ghost to believe he has a large contingent of listeners in New Zealand.

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