The Kiwi Farms is a forum originally set up in 2013 as the CWCki Forums to discuss the activities of an autistic fanfiction writer named Christine Weston Chandler (formerly known as Christian Weston Chandler), but over time it evolved into a general discussion board on eccentric online personalities termed "lolcows" and was eventually renamed the Kiwi Farms in early 2015.

A thread on Ghost and True Capitalist Radio was started in January 2015, but in March 2016, after the Return, True Capitalist Radio got its own sub-forum, with a new thread created for every episode. This sub-forum was closed in September 2016.

Since the Return, many Twitter shoutouts have contained the word 'Kiwi', leading Ghost to believe he has a large contingent of listeners in New Zealand.

On 20 January 2017, administrator Joshua Moon shut the Farms down after his family received threats, but he reopened the site to the public on 10 February when his enemies increased their demands to include handing over a copy of the forum's database.

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