This is a list of the numerous remixes that have been made based on True Capitalist Radio since the introduction of remixes in mid-2011.

Because of the ever-growing nature of the show's remix community, this list is by no means complete, so any additional listings are appreciated.

Things to consider before adding a video:

  • Is Ghost's voice included anywhere in the remix?
  • Is there backing music?
  • Is this a new addition? (Ctrl+F and search for the video title)

If the answers to all three are yes, then add the video in a link below:

Main ListEdit

  1. 00Hambone - Ass Depot
  2. 20th Century Ghost (AKA 20th Century Hambone)
  3. 99 Red Balloons
  4. A Ghost Christmas Song
  5. A Hop, A Skip, And A Ghost/Sermon Of The Hambones
  6. A N*gga Steals Ghost's Bike
  7. Ain't Nothing but a Hambone
  8. America
  9. Angry Racist Jewish Hambone
  10. Avast Your Melting Pots
  11. Bad Ghostmance
  12. Batghost Begins
  13. Because I Love You
  14. Believe It Or Not (Ghost's Walking on Air)
  15. Bested by Bronies
  16. BlogTalk Clink
  17. Blue Label Moon
  18. Bohemian Rhapsody
  19. Bout it Bout it
  20. BTR Ghost - "The Brony Banning Song" ft. the Engineer and the Anti Brony Cult
  21. Can You Do the Can-Cans.wav
  22. Can't Say Nothin!
  23. Capitalist Mambo
  24. Captain Ghostler
  25. Charlie Brown
  26. Chemical Brone (Ghost "O" Stage)
  27. Come and Talk To Me
  28. Creep
  29. Cum On Me Rude Boy
  30. Dancing Cans
  31. Dance of the Ghosts
  32. Depressed Pot of Friendship
  33. D-Generation-Cans
  34. Don't Push My Buttons
  35. Don't Stop Till (You) Fruit It Up
  36. Drunk as Ghost Likes
  37. Dubstep Dishwasher (Ghost Mix)
  38. EBT
  39. Engie and the Ghost
  40. Engineer Stole the Precious Shrimp
  41. Epic Ghost Guy
  42. Epic Ghost Time
  43. Epic Hambone
  44. Everyday Ghost's Racist
  45. Fat Fruity Capitalist Dancing on Sixth Street
  46. Father Figure
  47. Feel Ghost Inc.
  48. Feliz Navidad
  49. Final Fantasy IV Boss Theme
  50. Final Fantasy VII Boss Theme
  51. Fort Ghost
  52. Freep
  53. Friendship Hill Zone
  54. Frootey Tunez
  55. Fruit Ghost to Life
  56. Fuck You Texas
  57. Get Down Tonight
  58. Ghoskau
  59. Ghost & The Engineer Go Wilde
  60. Ghost and the Hambones
  61. Ghost Becomes Cursed for a Night
  62. Ghost Can Sing Americano
  63. Ghost Cena
  64. Ghost Circulation (ft. Bernie Sanders)
  65. Ghost Hart ( Wrestling Theme )
  66. Ghost Chase
  67. Ghost Cries
  68. Ghost Dance
  69. Ghost Feat Eminem - Superman
  70. Ghost Feat. Eminem: Without Capitalism
  71. Ghost Flags / Remix
  72. Ghost Forever Alone on Christmas
  73. Ghost Fortress 2
  74. Ghost is Racist and He Knows It
  75. Ghost Ghost n Ghostler
  76. Ghost Has 525,600 Remixes
  77. Ghost Has A Sparta Remix
  78. Ghost has a Sparta Inspiration Remix
  79. Ghost has a Sparta Loyalty Free Remix
  80. Ghost Has Excellent Taste In Roller Coasters
  81. Ghost Hates Battletoads
  82. Ghost Hates Elevens - All Hail Britannia
  83. Ghost Hates N*ggers
  84. Ghost Headroom
  85. Ghost in the Mirror
  86. Ghost in True Metropolis Zone
  87. Ghost is 100% Brony
  88. Ghost is a Hambone
  89. Ghost is a Melting Pot of Hambone
  90. Ghost is a Metal Head
  91. Ghost is Back
  92. Ghost is Back (Coodoo)
  93. Ghost is BAD
  94. Ghost is Breaking the Law
  95. Ghost is Happy
  96. Ghost is Singin' in the Rain
  97. Ghost is Still Alive
  98. Ghost is the Badass of Sperm Shake
  99. Ghost is the New Marilyn Manson (The Ghost Show)
  100. Ghost is the Wettest in the Building
  101. Ghost is Your Best Friend
  102. Ghost is Your Puppet
  103. Ghost Knight Rider
  104. Ghost Kombat II
  105. Ghost Likes The Cars
  106. Ghost Likes to Sporadically Do It
  107. Ghost Loves You Like a Hambone, Baby
  108. Ghost Makes the Vietnamese Feel the Burn
  109. Ghost - Meat Sandwich
  110. Ghost - Sound Of You Having AIDS
  111. Ghost Miser
  112. Ghost of Personality
  113. Ghost of the Month
  114. Ghost Piece
  115. Ghost Plays Pacman
  116. Ghost Punk - Hambone Better Faster Stronger
  117. Ghost Rage: Woodpecker Ghost Remix
  118. Ghost Rage: Addams Family Ghost Remix
  119. Ghost Ragequit - Break Cans
  120. Ghost Remix Medley
  121. Ghost Renounces Capitalism for Communism
  122. Ghost Rolled
  123. Ghost Shoots His Granny
  124. Ghost Shot the Sheriff
  125. Ghost Sings About Amy Daly
  126. Ghost Sings Along to Fuck You Texas
  127. Ghost Sings MLP:FiM
  128. Ghost Sings the Russian National Anthem
  129. Ghost Sings the Song of his People
  130. Ghost Sings WWU
  131. Ghost SO FRESH
  132. Ghost Speaks No Americano
  133. Ghost Spin 2011
  134. Ghost Stole the Melting Pot of Friendship
  135. Ghost Tales
  136. Ghost the Builder
  137. Ghost the Cougar
  138. Ghost the Hambone and the Fruitbowl Kids
  139. Ghost the Hambone Hart
  140. Ghost vs Tub Guy
  141. Ghost Wants It That Way
  142. Ghost Wars - The Goat Strikes Back
  143. Ghost Wars Disco
  144. Ghost's Capitaland
  145. Ghost's Delicious Hambone
  146. Ghost's Got His Hoodie On
  147. Ghost's Melting Pot Bandit Radio
  148. Ghost's "Oy Vey" Song
  149. Ghost's Perfect Math Class
  150. Ghost's Surprise Buttsecks
  151. Ghost's Texas en Fuego Disco
  152. Ghost's United States of cans.wav
  153. Ghost-Files
  154. Ghost: The Live Remix (One by Scooter)
  155. Ghostallica
  156. GHOSTDOORS Dubstep
  157. Ghoster Face
  158. Ghostler Funk (Ghost in a Wheelchair)
  159. Ghostfeld
  160. GhostGroove
  161. Ghostie Bieber & The Bronies
  162. Ghostie Bowie (Blackstar)
  163. Ghostie Boy
  164. Ghostie the Tank Engine
  165. Ghostie Wrap Up
  166. Ghostlerversal
  167. Ghostlerzoid!
  168. Ghostler Hates Pandas [First Ghost Remix of 2016]
  169. Ghostler Holiday
  170. Ghostler No. 5 (A Little Bit of Coodoo)
  171. Ghostler Song
  172. [First known remix]
  173. Ghostshakes
  174. Ghosty B Good
  175. Ghostzyte
  176. Giggle at the Capitalist
  177. Give Her a Hambone
  178. Glory of Love
  179. Goatlerstein 3D Theme
  180. Goats Theme Song
  181. Goatzurkhurr's Lair
  182. Going Back to Cali
  184. Gwar Meat Sandwich
  185. Hambone Days (2011)
  186. Hambone Days (2016)
  187. Hambonetrousle
  188. Hambone Impossible
  189. 『ハムの骨の悪夢』HAMBONE NIGHTMARES【ペンデュラムfeatゴースト】
  190. Hambone Party Rock
  191. Hambone Under Pots of Friendshp
  192. Hambonepiece
  193. Hambovania
  194. Hardstyle Hambone
  195. Have a Happy Halloween!
  196. Have a Happy Halloween
  197. Helter Skelter
  198. Herman "Sugar" Cain is BOSS N*GGER
  199. Hey Hey Hey Goodbye
  200. Hi, My Name is GHOST!
  201. How Many Jesus Christs
  202. How Many Numbers?
  203. HOW MANY REMIXES? (The Remix)
  204. Hurt (Michael J. Fox & the Shakes)
  205. Icona Ghost - I Love Bureaucrats
  206. I Can't Stop Eating Cheese
  207. I Said Hey! What's Going On, Ghost!
  208. I'll Be There for You
  209. I'm Cleaning out my Cans
  210. I'm Depressed!
  211. I'm Depressed! (a capella)
  212. I'm Depressed! [Ghost Fight]
  213. I'm Too Sexy / CosmoCB version
  214. In Memory of True Capitalist Radio
  215. Inspector Ghost
  216. Inspector Hambone
  217. It's Ghost's Life
  218. It's the Truth
  219. I Ran Out of Friendship
  221. I Will Always Smoke Crack
  222. I WIll Always Smoke Crack (2)
  223. Jan Hammbone - Melting Pot of Crockett's Theme
  224. Jingle Bell Ghosty
  225. Jingle Jangle Jingle
  226. Johnny Conquest
  227. Just Beat It
  228. Keyboard Ghost
  229. Kids in America
  230. La Ghostaracha
  231. Lil Wayne
  232. Lingering Hambone: Ghost the Enigmatic Soldier
  233. Macarena
  234. MAH KEEDZ! Remix
  236. MegaHambone 2
  237. Melting Kombat
  238. Melting Levels of Friendship
  239. Melting Party of Friendship
  240. Melting PonPonPon of Alcohol
  241. Melting Pot Island of Friendship
  242. Melting Pot of Alcohol [Best Remix at the Ghosties 2011]
  243. Melting Pot of Alcohol (8-bit)
  244. Melting Pot of Alcohol (Apriskah)
  245. Melting Pot of Alcohol (DJ Shae Remix)
  246. Melting Pot of Alcohol (Dominican Merengue)
  247. Melting Pot of Alcohol (Gigglin' Mix)
  248. Melting Pot of Alcohol (Mystical Rhythms Remix)
  249. Melting pot of Alcohol (Ozzwald's Host Ghost Remix)
  250. Melting Pot of Alcohol (South Park)
  251. Melting Pot of Alcohol (Tactical Nuke Remix)
  252. Melting Pot of Alcohol (TBP)
  253. Melting Pot of Alcohol (The Living Tombstone)
  254. Melting Pot of Alcohol Round
  255. Melting Pot of Americanos
  256. Melting Pot of Beach Parade
  257. Melting Pot of Dick
  258. Melting Pot of Dr. Mario
  259. Melting Pot of Dr. Mario (8-bit)
  260. Melting Pot of Driftveil
  261. Melting Pot of Dubstep (aka Ghost the Game Theme3)
  262. Melting Pot of Electro House
  263. Melting Pot of Five-0
  264. Melting Pot of Friendship (Ghost has a Sparta Madhouse Remix)
  265. Melting Pot of Friendship (Hyrule Shop edition)
  266. Melting Pot of Friendship (Mortal Kombat Edition)
  267. Melting Pot Of Friendship (South Side Dirty Rap Remix)
  268. Melting Pot of Friendship (Sparta Mix)
  269. Melting Pot Of GhostRave
  270. Melting Pot of Greedo
  271. Melting Pot of Maniac
  272. Melting Pot of Meatballs
  273. Melting Pot of Nightmare Night
  274. Melting Pot of Pirates
  275. Melting Pot of Pot
  276. Melting Pot of Puddi
  277. Melting Pot of Punch-Out
  278. Melting Pot of Rubberfruit
  279. Melting Pot of SigSig
  280. Melting Pot of Slam Jam
  281. Melting Pot of Stardust Speedway
  282. Melting Pot of Storms
  283. Melting Pot of Storms-Ghost Woods Dubstep Remix
  284. Melting Pot of Super Mario Bros. 3
  285. Melting Pot of Tiger Shrimp
  286. Melting Pot of Tetris (A)
  287. Melting Pot of Tetris (B)
  288. Melting Pot of Tylenol
  289. Melting Pot of Zelda: Ocarina of Friendship
  290. Melting Pot of TF2
  291. Melting Pot of Weird Science
  292. Melting Pot With A Spirit
  293. Metal Ghost Solid
  294. Metro-Ghost-Mayer
  295. Minty Fresh Capitalism
  296. Mighty Morphin' Adolf Ghostler
  297. Money, Success, Fame, Bronies
  298. Money, Success, Fame, Bronies (Ghost's Metallic Browny-down Version)
  299. Money, Success, Fame, Glamour
  300. More than a Woman
  301. Mortal Hambone
  302. My Little Pony
  303. My Happy Hambone Hike
  304. National Socialist Hambone Racist
  305. N*gga N*gga N*gga
  306. Nobody Gives Me Nothin'! (We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
  307. Not Afraid
  308. Numa Ghost
  309. Nutshack (Love Shack Remix)
  310. Nyan Cat
  311. O Christmas Tree
  312. Ocarina of Friendship
  313. Old MacGhostler Had a Farm
  314. Oh Yeah
  315. Oh You Touch My Hambone
  316. O.T Ghost - VietNam
  317. One Winged Hambone
  318. Panamericano
  319. Party Boy - Ghost Style
  320. Party Like It's 6th Street
  321. Play Him Off Keyboard Cat
  322. PluginGhostPack (Red Hambone) with Reaction
  323. Pony Pokey
  324. Puddi Puddi
  325. Que Hambone Hambone
  326. Radio Graffiti 3:16 Remix
  327. Ragequit Song
  328. Rainbow Pot of Tylenol
  329. Rasta Politics
  330. Role Model
  331. Satan is Good, Satan is my Pal
  332. Satan is Good, Satan is my Pal (2)
  333. Scary Ghosts and Nice Hambones
  334. Scary Hambones and Nice Cans.wav
  335. Scary Hambones and Nice Ghosts
  336. Scatbone Goats
  337. Scatman Ghost (I'm a Hambone)
  338. Schlong Bell Rock
  339. Septette for the Dead Capitalist
  340. Septette of the hambone midget
  341. She Blinded Ghost with Science
  342. ShrimpSkau
  343. Shuffling Pot of Alcohol
  344. Shut Up
  345. Silence Of The Ghost
  346. Slow Jams
  347. Sluttershy
  348. Smells Like Capitalism
  349. Snoop Ghost the Ban All Bronies Guy gets his Satisfaction
  350. Spark of a Beautiful Melting Pot of Friendship
  351. Spring Love
  352. Step by Step Sadly private need the name of the uplouder.
  353. Stop Making Fun Of My DogSong
  354. Stone Cold Goats Austin
  355. Super Knee Gah Maker
  356. Super Knee Gah Melee
  357. Swipe My EBT - Mr. EBT Feat. Ghost
  358. Tacko Tuesday
  359. Taco Tuesday [Received an Honorable Mention for Best Remix at the Ghosties 2011]
  360. Taco Tuesday (Club Mix)
  361. Taco Tuesday (Re-Remix)
  362. Templeton barks the Soviet Anthem
  363. Templeton the Cowardly Dog
  364. Texas (Woo!) (Duck Tales Remix)
  365. The Adventures of Shakin' Turkey Ghost
  366. The Aids (Ghost ft. the Trashmen)
  367. The Dark Hambone Returns
  368. The Downfall of Ghost
  369. The Fruities Medley
  370. The Ghost of Lavender Town
  371. The Ghoster Mash
  372. The Magic Short Bus
  373. The Muppet Show (Featuring Ghost)
  374. The Pot Pot Island
  375. The Safety Song (8-bit)
  376. The Texas Scrolls V: Ghostrim
  378. Thought You Quit Trollin Party Cannon
  379. Three Blind Mice
  380. Throughout the World
  381. Tiptoe Through the Hambones
  382. Touhou 13 "Ten Hambones" Ghost Lead
  383. True Capitalist Radio Provides A Realistic Representation Of Life On 6th Street
  384. True Fruitbone
  385. True Jewish Radio
  386. True Racist Radio Intro (Featuring Moonman)
  387. Tub Guy is the Talent
  388. Tunak Tunak Pot
  389. Tweetbusters
  390. Twitter Shootouts
  391. Twitter Shootouts 2: Electric Inner-Circleoo
  392. Unseat Lamar Smith
  393. U.N Ghost was Hambone?
  394. U.N Owen was a Nice Guy
  395. U.N Owen was Capitalist?
  396. Undercapitalist Final Fight
  397. Voodoo Ghost
  398. Wanna Be Startin' Something
  399. We are the World
  400. We are the World (2)
  401. We Wish You a Melting Pot
  402. Welcome to the Ghostchine
  403. What is Love? (Salad Tossing)
  404. What's Up Ghostie?
  405. Who in the Hell is Coodoo?!!?
  406. Winter Wrap Up (ft. Ghost)
  407. Without Capitalism
  408. Without Me
  409. Woah I'm In Space Hambone
  410. Wonderful Ghostmas Time
  411. You Idiots Call Me The Racist
  412. Your Best Friend
  413. Kill The Deray

Remixes Without Ghost's VoiceEdit

This sub-list is for original remixes and songs about Ghost that do not sample his voice:

  1. "Celtic" - Melting Pot of Friendship Music Team [with the exception of the ending, this song makes no use of Ghost's voice]
  2. Bawwwing at the Bronies
  3. Ghost the Hambone
  4. Ghost vs Debi Daly Rap Battle
  5. Ghost's Barbershop Quartet
  6. Ghostie Wrap Up
  7. Giggle At The GHOSTie
  8. Hambone Allstar
  9. I'll Make A Capitalist Out Of You
  10. Melting Pot of Alcohol (Orchestral Remix)
  11. Melting Pot of Alcohol for String Quartet
  12. My Little Ghostie
  13. Right Wing Man (Fruitbowl Wednesday Anthem) Ft. Tubguy
  14. Springtime For Ghostler
  15. Super Ghostler Racing
  16. True Capitalist Radio: The Musical
  17. Where are you, Ghostler?

Miscellaneous RemixesEdit

This sub-list is for other TCR related remixes:

  1. Backlash
  2. Derping in Ponyville
  3. Ghost Denies Being Abducted By Aliens
  4. Ghost Joins the Marines
  5. Goofy Bone's Group Poop Wrap Up
  6. Hold On
  7. I Ran Out Of Goofy Bone
  8. Liberals
  9. Like A Cowgirl
  10. Moonman pushes and gases 630
  11. Pampers & Ponies
  12. Shapes, Sizes, Surprises
  13. You HKDM'd in the Wrong Radio Graffiti (F.U. Texas Remix)

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