Make Australia Great, also known as InsaneEnergy, is an Inner Circle member, a mod in Ghost's Chatroom and the owner of the Capitalist Army Discord. Make Australia Great's significance in the community would begin following the start of the Second TCR Cold War, when he was doxed and accused of being behind the Cleveland Calls.

Since December 2017, MakeAus has become a troll on the show, with his names infrequently appearing during Chatroom and Gab shoutouts. His current cans count stands at 9.

Doxing and Inner Circle

Despite having listened for some time, Make Australia Great would gain attention first when the Inner Circle Bounty Hunt began, as one of the many people doxed in that incident. Over the months of May and June, a lengthy battle would play out on Twitter, Discord and Gab between many trolls in the community and MakeAus, particularly to do with the accusation that he was behind the Cleveland Calls. This, coupled with many in the community's animosity towards Inner Circle members, would lead to a major back and forth between the two groups.

On May 1st, MakeAus would be kicked out of the Inner Circle chatroom for a few days due to calling Ghost a jew during the show, which was then followed by a rant on Trumping Capitalist. He would return to the chat a few days later.

On June 30th, 2017, MakeAus would be banned from the Inner Circle due to pushing the discussion towards a leaked Pastebin containing a roleplay between 8Equal and Prankie. Following this, MakeAus and a fellow former IC member would attempt to form a new chat, as Tub Guy's had seemingly shut down on the same day, however the chat was shut down overnight due to Inner Circle raids.

On July 9th, MakeAus would seemingly leave the community, growing tired with fighting the trolls, having lost Inner Circle membership, and the show missing its supposed July 4th return date. Some minor scuffles would occur over Gab in the intervening months, however the majority of it was over.

Ghost's Comeback, Chatrooms and Future

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Following Ghost's announcement of his return, DeplorableCapitalist would start a new TCR Discord, of which MakeAus would quickly join, and be made a moderator in. Following this, the TCR Chatroom Cold War would begin.

After the end of the TCR Chatroom Cold War, MakeAus would gain ownership over the TCR Discord, which would be renamed the Capitalist Army Discord shortly after, and would later join Ghost's chatroom, where he would be made moderator.

Starting in December 2017, Make Australia Great would learn how to call the show, occasionally calling in with other people's splices. Since then, he has frequently made appearances during Gab and Chatroom shoutouts, and has collab'd with other trolls like Tub Guy and Distilling on trolls.

In February 2018, Make Australia Great would return to the Inner Circle.