Mexico is a nation in North America that is on the lower border of the United States of America. Mexicans are those people living in Mexico or who have Mexican descent.

Because of Mexico's instability, crime and mass-poverty, many Mexicans have moved north into the United States, legally or otherwise. This has led to a massive Mexican population and the cultural influence associated with it, particularly in the lower states closer to the border such as California and Texas.


As the host of True Conservative Radio, Ghost was very critical of Mexicans and other illegal immigrants. However, as the host of True Capitalist Radio, he has praised Mexicans coming to the United States, going as far as to say "I think we need more Mexicans." Ghost is pleased with them because, according to him, they work harder than Americans and actually want to make better lives for their families, rather than just sitting around watching American Idol. This makes his praise of Trump at best odd.

Ghost frequently uses a mock-Mexican and broken English accent while talking with or discussing Mexicans. This has led to him being called a racist. He will often assume that any given Mexican's name is Paco, and he supposedly has a 'friend' under that name, as well as a Mexican maid that cleans his office called Consuela. Ghost declared himself the King of Mexicans during a very drunk episode in which he received the approval of several Mexican children, including Asho.

On 2 occasions in the Paltalk, people in the chatroom claimed Ghost's wife was Mexican, to which Ghost took offense to, calling the chat racist for thinking that just because he eats TexMex and was at a Taco Bar that his wife's Mexican.

Ghost is the king of the Mexicans (Aug 11, 2011)08:58

Ghost is the king of the Mexicans (Aug 11, 2011)

Remember that Ghost is King of the Mexicans.

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