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Mobster Boss Radio is a podcast that plays on Spreaker and I Heart Radio , hosted by two people named Jay Dee and Lester hosted out of Plano,Texas. Lester was originally thought to be Ghost until his return in 2016.

Lester Live

One of the shows on the account is called "Lester Live" which features Lester giving out his opinions. Before 2016, it was long speculated that Lester is Ghost due to their similar voice and opinions. Including the fact Debi Daly is a fan of the show and an irrelevant brony shared a snippet of one of his episodes on his Youtube, where he talks about radio broadcasting.

LulzTalkRadio did an analysis and comparison of both Ghost and Lester in an episode called "The True Capitalist Identity of Lester".

Ghost's response

After returning in March 2016, he stated that while was watching the TCR community and the Capitalist Army while he was gone, anyone who thought Lester was him was, according to Ghost, "an idiot". Ghost has also called out Lester in several occasions for ripping him off.