This page is to be used for the specific purpose of proposing new troll material and posting new troll material to be used on radio graffiti.

Delete proposals as they are turned into material and delete material if they are used on the show or add them to the List of Remixes.

This page is currently divided into four sections: New ideas that have not been done yet, Calendar for current trolling, Finished material ready to be used, and Suggested Twitter names that haven't been used.

Polls have also been created to decide the best of the ideas.


Due to the size of this category, it has been moved to its own page which you can find in the link below


Song lyrics Edit

If you want a specific song remix/splice, put the lyrics or link to below. But try to keep it short if you can, as Ghost usually cuts them off about 20 seconds through unless they're very well made.

  • I'll Make a Man Out of You (Woodshed Edition)

Let's get down to the woodshed

You piece of trash

You ruined Taco Tuesday

With Nickleback

You're the saddest trolls I've ever seen

But you can bet before we're through

I'll make a man outta you yet boy!

*beating sounds with Ghost shouting 'Hiyah!'*

  • Bad Ghost

(to the tune of Bad Boys by Inner Circle)


Bad Ghost, whatcha do, whatcha do whatcha gonna do?

When you Jew for a chatroom?

Tell me whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?


Bad Ghost, Bad Ghost whatcha gonna do?

whatcha gonna do when they troll on you.

Bad Ghost, Bad Ghost whatcha gonna do?

whatcha gonna do when they troll on you?

  • Let's do the Ghost Warp Again

It's astounding. Ghost is fleeting. Madness takes its toll.

But listen closely

(Engineer) Meeaah aah ahhh

I've got to...Troll Ghost more!

I remember doing the Ghost Warp

Drinking those moments away

And the woodshed would hit me

And Templeton would be biting

(Group)Let's do the Ghost Warp again! Let's do the Ghost Warp again!

You just pick up a troll

(Group) And then you cans.wav

You just give him the mic

(Group) And then take a $20 sip!

(Group) But it's the 2nd Harvest that really drives you insane.

(Group) Let's do the Ghost Warp again! Let's do the Ghost Warp again!

(Ghost) You sorry sacks of crap.

  • Interior Crocodile Allighostler

Now baby he's the Ghostler

The fruitbowl bronies' worst nightmare

Catch him on welfare, in a wheelchair

Splicers edit everything he say

He's a Jew, both him and his son are gay

Rollin' and drinkin', cans he's throw'n,

Waist wide, his truck bumpers got no chrome

He don't like Christmas, he never get a present

He's rich bitch but you can his family peasants

Beer cans yes, C-A-N-S

All the beer that he drinks causes pain in his chest

Butter fresh, he's a hambone

He be trading tinhoil hats with Alex Jones

Told callers "Don't harsh my mellow, okay"

Come RG, ragequit every day

Failtrolls play something old on every damn show

Slap thighs and claim it's folklorico

/pol/acks love Trump, Ghost does too

That's why he knows all of the memes they use

He'll end the show but believe he's lying

Every day call up and troll till he's crying

'57 Chevrolet, suck chrome like a master

The trolls gon fruit till his heart beating faster

Wheelchair a-rolling to the bar on casters

Y'all still walking down to Sixth Street? Y'all some fruity bastards

Cans thrown at callers that got bad behavior

Ice cream vans, being spied on by neighbors

Engineer kept in chains, he's a slaver

Ghost is afraid to say Trump is a traitor

  • Angry Radio Host Hambone (Angry Video Game Nerd Parody)

He's gonna take you back to the past

To whip some old niggers ass

He Rather have....Templeton

Take a diarrhea dump in his mouth

He Rather eat the cum filled asshole

Of Obama and Deray

He's the angriest hambone you've ever heard

He's the angry cuckold hambone

He's the angry racist hambone

He's the angry radio host hambone!

Ideas for Intros Edit

  1. True Child Abuse Radio (with clips of Ghost beating his son)
  2. True Terrorist Radio
  3. True Templeton Radio
  4. True Furry Radio
  5. True Alchemist Radio
  6. True Paranoia Radio
  7. True Subliminal Radio (have him known as the Badass of Backmasking, as well as reverse the audio clips of him talking. (i.e. "I am your host, the man they call Ghost.")
  8. True Pampered Radio (have him say "Uh oh. Ooh ooh." while playing farting and shitting sound effects)
  9. True nWo Radio (Keep the intro going with Rockhouse and some new World order soundclip, no other songs needed)
  10. True Greed Radio (Keep the intro going with Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase theme song, no other songs needed)
  11. True Meltdown Radio (You'll need to scream his intro while playing background sounds of Ghost having a meltdown)
  12. Trump Victim Radio ("I am your host, the woman they called Katie")
  13. True GamerGate Radio
  14. True Misogynist Radio
  15. True Homophobe radio
  16. True Alien Radio
  17. True Dog Bite Radio
  18. True DUI Radio
  19. True Canadia Radio
  20. Crony Capitalist Radio
  21. True Deja Vu Radio (see "splices to be spliced" above for details)
  22. True Rabies Radio
  23. True Trumpgret Radio
  24. True Conflict-of-Interest Radio
  25. True Impeachment Radio
  26. True POSTAL Radio (Reference to the controversial game POSTAL)
  27. True Insecurity Radio
  28. True Alt-Capitalist Radio
  29. True Civil War (History) Denier Radio
  30. True PozHole Radio

In Real Life Trolling Edit

  1. Cum on a TCR logo and send it to Ghost
  2. Post pictures of Ghost's logo around Austin Texas
  3. Take selfies on 6th Street
  4. Begin the chalkening campaign, by writing "Impeach Trump" on not only all Donald Trump's properties, but also the red states including Ghost's shitty home state of Texas (Don't forget to add "Troll Terrorist" and "Cyber Vermin" as a group name). Be Creative
  5. Make a sticker saying "Ghost Approves" with his avatar, then slap it on anything he despises
  6. Going to an anime/brony/furry convention? Cosplay as Ghost.
  7. Attend left-wing protests/events with placards showing Ghost's support for thier cause.
  8. Bonus points if you can get an article on True Capitalist Radio in the mainstream media/a segment on television.
  9. Get an old Johnnie Walker bottle and make it look like it's full (water and food coloring should do the trick), destroy that bottle.
  10. For the Saturday Night Troll Show, make Engineer business cards and leave them in strip clubs with Ghost's number on.



January 2018

  • 1/9/18 - Dave Matthews' Birthday
  • 1/12/18 - Hermann Goring's Birthday/Howard Stern's Birthday
  • 1/16/18 - Martin Luther King Day (Play Racist Tunes)
  • 1/20/18 - Anniversary of Inauguration Day of Donald Trump (Make twitter names mocking Trump's first year, e.g. "365 Days of Jewish Lies")
  • 1/30/18 - Tet Offensive

February 2018

  • 2/11/18 - Alex Jones' Birthday
  • 2/23/18 - Battle of the Alamo begins
  • 2/26/18 - 42nd Anniversary of Boss Nigger (Always remember what the Engineer did)

March 2018

  • 3/2/18 - Texan Independence Day/Sam Houston's Birthday
  • 3/6/18 - Battle of Alamo ends
  • 3/19/18 - Randy Rhoads' death
  • 3/28/18 - Anniversary of the Templeton electrocution incident.

April 2018

  • 4/20/18 - Adolf Hitler's Birthday (Since calling Ghost Ghostler cheers him, do Holocaust splices instead)/ 19th Anniversary of Columbine School Shooting (Make splices involving endorsing the school shooting or causing the massacre)

May 2017

  • 5/21/17 - Jeffrey Dahmer's Birthday
  • 5/23/17 -2nd anniversary of the Isla Vista Killings carried out by Elliot Rodger, 'the supreme gentleman
  • 5/25/17 - Scopes Monkey Trial
  • 5/26/17 - Sally Ride's Birthday
  • 5/29/17 - Memorial Day (Let's have a repeat of 2016's meltdown)

June 2017

  • 6/3/2017 - Raul Castro's Birthday
  • 6/6/2017 - Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy - Satan Day
  • 6/7/2017 - Alois Hitler's Birthday (Father of Adolf Hitler)
  • 6/8/2017 - Death of Muhammed (Founder of Islam)
  • 6/9/2017 - Michael J. Fox's Birthday
  • 6/12/2017 - Children's Day (Maybe some Ghost splices of him beating up his/other children)
  • 6/14/2017 - Flag Day
  • 6/14/2017 - Donald Trump's Birthday (Everybody piss on him)
  • 6/17/2017 - 5th anniversary of the great "Fuck You Texas" raid. (Maybe chain call the Fuck You Texas song in celebration?)
  • 6/19/2017 - Fathers Day
  • 6/24/2017 - Take your dog to work day (Templeton splices)
  • 6/27/2017 - Hellen Keller's Birthday (Maybe do some Hellen Keller Deaf Mute Chain Calls) - Nation PTSD Awareness Day - National HIV Testing Day

July 2017

  • 7/1/17 - Canad(i)a Day - David Duke's birthday
  • 7/4/17 - Independence Day
  • 7/7/17 - Release of Pokemon GO (If Ghost makes it to 2017)
  • 7/9/17 - OJ Simpson's Birthday
  • 7/18/17 - Nelson Mandela's Birthday
  • 7/20/17 - Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing - The day Vince Foster died
  • 7/29/17 - Benito Mussolini's 133rd birthday

August 2017

  • 8/2/17 - Adolf Hitler becomes Führer of Nazi Germany
  • 8/4/17 - Barack Obama's Birthday
  • 8/6/17 - JonBenet Ramsay's birthday
  • 8/7/17 - US involvement in Vietnam War starts
  • 8/11/17 - Anniversary of Double Dipping Incident
  • 8/17/17 - David Koresh's birthday
  • 8/23/17 - Jared Fogle's birthday
  • 8/26/17 - College Football season starts
  • 8/27/17 - Stevie Ray Vaughan's Death

September 2017

  • 9/1/17 - Nazi Germany invades Poland - College Football season already started (Play Oklahoma Sooners fight song to Ghost)
  • 9/2/17 - Anniversary of that one 'Ghost's Son' call
  • 9/8/17 - Bernie Sanders' Birthday
  • 9/9/17 - Anniversary of the Twitter Name 'Texas En Fuego'
  • 9/11/17 - 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks - First regular season game of the Dallas Cowboys
  • 9/15/17 - Anniversary of Body Pillows
  • 9/19/17 - Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • 9/20/17 - Anniversary of the moon landing
  • 9/23/17 - Anniversary of TCR Civil War (The most legendary meltdown)
  • 9/29/17 - Anniversary of NavyHuskie playing the Hambone Song 'Taco Tuesday'

October 2017

  • 10/1/17 - National Day of the People's Republic of China
  • 10/3/17 - Stevie Ray Vaughan's Birthday
  • 10/7/17 - Vladimir Putin's Birthday
  • 10/8/17 - Red River Showdown- Sooners vs. Longhorns (Play OU Fight Song on the 7th)
  • 10/10/17 - Premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Perhaps make up a fake conflict involving the cult of Ban all Bronies?)
  • 10/17/17 - Eminem's Birthday
  • 10/21/17 - Nightmare Nights - Texas Brony convention
  • 10/26/17 - Hillary Clinton's Birthday
  • 10/28/17 - Anniversary of Ban Teutonic
  • 10/29/17 - Joseph Goebbels' 119th birthday
  • 10/31/17 - Halloween (Time to celebrate Christmas again)

November 2017

  • 11/7/17 - Leon Trotsky's Birthday
  • 11/8/17 - Anniversary of the 2016 Presidential Election
  • 11/9/17 - 78th anniversary of the Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) in Nazi Germany and Austria
  • 11/11/17 - Veterans Day (could be as effective as Memorial Day)
  • 11/14/17 - 5th Anniversary of Inspector Hambone/Ghostie
  • 11/22/17 - Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Assassination
  • 11/24/17 - Ted Bundy's Birthday

December 2017

  • 12/6/17 - 6th anniversary of John Conquest
  • 12/7/17 - Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • 12/13/17 - Herman Cain's 71st Birthday (insult him again)
  • 12/18/17 - Joseph Stalin's 138th Birthday
  • 12/21/17 - Jane Fonda's 79th Birthday
  • 12/25/17 - Christmas (Celebrate any other holiday)
  • 12/30/17 - Hideki Tojo's 132nd birthday


(THESE THINGS ARE READY TO BE USED! This section should include completed splices, remixes and other things that are ready to be used. Once used, delete to prevent repetition or move to the List of Remixes page if they are remixes.)

Ghost In Pulp Fiction:

True Backstabbed Radio -

The Ghosty Experiment- Betrayal -

This Guy Productions - Like a Cheese Pizza -

Engie and the Ghost- ☀

Ghost NEO (Undertale Splice) --

Ghost Calls Godzilla3709 A Major Fail - ☀

"The Engineer is the Talent, Ghost is a Jew" to the tune of Beethoven's 5th:

True Cartoon Radio:

Ghost makes the Vietnamese Feel the Burn -

O.T Ghost - VietNam(remix of CoCo) O.T Ghost - VietNam

Sound Of AIDS (Dani Im vs Ghost) Ghost - Sound Of You Having AIDS

Drown on Ghostler (Cascada featruing MrTamsy) - True Capitalist Radio - Drown on Ghostler

Ghost Supports Socialism - Ghost Supports Socialism

The R Word - Use it The R Word - Use it

Engineer's Bizarre Adventure - Ghostler's World - Engineer's Bizarre Adventure Ghostler's World.

Ghost piece Ghost Piece

Bugs Bunny Lust - Bugs Bunny Lust

onii chan - ONII-CHAN~~

trolling stones - Hate it black - The trolling stones-Hate it black

Eurabian Nights- Eurabian Nights

We are Refugees if you please- We are Refugees, if You Please

6th Street Rhythm (Uptown Funk Remix) - 6th Street Rhythm WIP 1

Obama is Ghost’s Son - IlligitimateSon.wav

Chekov of StarTrek (Hes Russian) Use the scotch thing- Chekov Splice Material

Social Security for Depression- How to Get Disability Benefits for Depression or Bi-Polar Disorder

Ghost Hates Templeton- TCR Trolling Material: Ghost Hates Templeton

Joe's Wheelchair Joe's Wheelchair

Once In A Lifetime - Once In A Lifetime: True Capitalist Radio Remix

Ghostlerversal Studios - Ghostlerversal

(Coodoo17) The Muppet Show (Featuring Ghost) - The Muppet Show (Featuring Ghost)

(Coodoo17) Johnny Conquest - Johnny Conquest

(Coodoo17) Ghost Ghost n Ghostler - Ghost Ghost n Ghostler

(Coodoo17) Everyday Ghost's Racist - Everyday Ghost's Racist

Backup Batteries Backup Batteries

Diarrhea Bubble Bath DiarrheaBubbleBath

Double Pony Penetrator DoublePonyPenetrator

Forlorico Hambone Forlorico Hambone

Alex Jones Investigates Ghost Alex Jones investigates Ghost

Ghost Is A Midget Ghost is a midget

Shock Collars Templeton Shock Collar

Templeton Burnt Ass BBQ Templeton Burnt Ass BBQ

Metal Ghost Solid - Metal Ghost Solid - True Capitalist Remix

Elevator's Not Workin Elevator's Not Workin

Ghost's Anti Rain Dance Reignites the Texas Wildfires Ghost's Anti Rain Dance Reignites the Texas Wildfires

Ghost Joins the Grove Street Families Ghost Joins the Grove Street Families

Ghost has excellent taste in roller coasters Ghost Has Excellent Taste In Roller Coasters

Trump wants to get rid of Handicaps, Ghost roots for it Drumpf wants to get rid of the Handicapped

Fox News compares bronies to man baby (0:17 or 1:55) FOX Attacks Bronies

Ghost Poops His Diaper Ghost Poops His Diaper

Ghost Goes Surfing on 6th Street Ghost Goes Surfing on 6th St

Ghost Wants His Keedz Back Ghost Wants His Keedz Back

Markipiler beats up Ghost

Metal Ghost Solid VR Pearls -

True Clinton Radio - True Clinton Radio

True Pokemon Radio- True Pokemon Radio

True Shill Radio - True Shill Radio

True Jewish Radio - True Jewish Radio

True Harmony Radio - True Harmony Radio

Austin, Texas '97


Ghost Talks Out of his Dairy-Air

Ghost drowns the Engineer

Ghost is Anti Brexit Ghost is Anti Brexit

Ghost Needs a Diaper Change

Ghost Keeps on Rolling

George Soros on Radio Graffiti

Ghost witnesses the Bite of '87

We Are Number One, But It's a Hambone

True Bunny Radio

Ghost realizes he's a cripple

"Try something slightly different, you unfunny Cleveland cucks!"

The short "I'M NOT A GODDAMN CRIPPLE!" remix

Ghost thinks Bonnie The Bunny is a good piece of ass

True Capitalist Wrestling Federation (Hambone Hogan vs. African Booty Scratcher)

Space Ghostler: Coast to Coast (with moonman)

Space Ghostler: Coast to Coast (Remix only)

Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs (Ghost)

Ghoster: Vibrator Battle

GhostBound: Vibrator Valley

Ghostler CP: Tubdal Deprest (Bad Vibrators)

Bunny Ghost shoots Templeton (It will be legal in Texas to shoot Templeton)

Lynch All Clevelands (chain-spam material)

Fruitbowl Hop (At the hop remix)

Ghost starts a hate group

Ghost on Virtual Reality and Waifus

Ghost starts a ethnic cleansing

JoergSprave hunts Ghost

Bunny Ghost rapes Ghost's granny

Melvin returns with Daniel Bryan

Radio Star Killed the RaidenSnake

Ghost integrates with technology and enforces racial superiority

Nickelback - Photograph VS Hybrid - Dogstar

You HKDM'd In the Wrong Radio Graffiti (vaporwave for when Ghost gets high)

Ghost Boycotting Ghost

Kermit/Germit Sings Hurt by Nine Inch Nails

The Ban All Bronies Cult Takes Notice of Ghost's Olive Branch to the Bronies


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