There are many variations of Ghost in pony form. This is one of the more popular ones often seen floating around image boards.

If there's something that makes Ghost rage, whether it be a TV show, video game, movie, political ideology, or some kind of internet phenomena, there's probably an alter-ego for that!

Ghost alter-egos and "other forms" are created by fans and trolls alike and are often posted on image boards and Youtube videos related to TCR topics and BTR raids.

This is a page containing information about the less popular and fairly new egos. You may only add an ego if it has a following among TCR listeners.

Ghost the Pony

Due to the hatred Ghost has of the hit television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and it's fan base known as the Brony (and Pegasister) Community, it is popular for trolls and bronies to put Ghost "in pony form". Putting him in pony form is often done by creating an unofficial pony OC (or ponysona), by using tools such as GeneralZoi's Pony Creator or by placing a sound clip of his voice in a scene from the show to make one of the characters sound like him.

There are many variations of this form, but the most popular is a slightly chubby Earth Pony colt with a white coat and a messy brown mane and tail. His cutie mark is often a Melting Pot of Friendship or his former "Texas Skeleton" avatar. His special talent is often assumed to be speaking and/or making money. Much like members of the Apple family, he wears nothing but a cowboy hat.

When placed in the show, Ghost often takes the form of Rarity due to the popular MLP parody DRESS.MOV, which portrayed her as a racist who forced Mexicans to make dresses in a sweat shop.

Ghost the Commie

It's a well known fact that Ghost a is hard-core Capitalist. It's also a well known fact that trolls will often spread "slanderous lies" against him that make him look or sound like a bed wetting Libbie supporter of Communism, Socialism, Marxism, or any other far-leftist ideologies. There are a small number of images of Ghost the Commie in existence. However, there are many splices where Ghost announces his support of the Communist Party and other Communist countries. It is also common to find "false statements" about him being a Socialist on forums, image boards, blogs, and wikis.

Inspector Ghost

Following the popularity of the Inspector Hambone splice, fans have created images and splices of Ghost acting like the popular DiC cartoon character, Inspector Gadget. In the comment sections of Youtube videos, many users will often "quote" Inspector Ghost by saying "GO GO GADGET (Hambone, Cans.wav, Rage, Martial Law, etc.)".

Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a conservative political strategist and author of several books, including Jeb! And the Bush Crime Family, whose title Ghost has referenced several times. Starting in early April 2016, some trolls began calling Ghost "Roger Stone", similar to other trolls calling him "Big Jack" and "John Conquest". Shortly after this began, Ghost expressed frustration at being identified as Stone, but claimed to be an acquaintance of the real Stone, and praised him for being a fellow Donald Trump supporter.

Thomas Albin

In late summer 2016, dox began to circulate concerning an Austin man named Thomas Albin who was rumored to be Ghost. Supporting details for this identification included a page posted by Albin's wife, a kindergarten teacher, mentioning that the couple had a dog named Templeton, Albin's approximate age, and his job as a financial analyst. Many fans of TCR pointed out the holes in this claim, as Albin lacks Ghost's supposed business holdings and various other details were inconsistent with what is known about Ghost.

Some trolls nonetheless began calling Ghost "Thomas Albin", at first mostly on Twitter. After the death of the real John Conquest, however, it became a popular replacement as Ghost's alleged real name, frequently used in Twitter names (such as "Conquest First, Albin Next" and "Albin and the Dipmunks"), many of which greatly upset Ghost, and Radio Graffiti calls. In Capitalist Episode 421, Ghost jokingly "admitted" to being Thomas Albin.