The sun is warm, the grass is green... and THERE'S THAT GODDAMN PANDA LOOKING AT ME!"

—Ghost, variant of a common phrase mentioning the panda


The Panda is a figment of Ghost's imagination, who appears in his office/house when trying to calm down through meditation. Ghost commonly brings up the Panda in True Capitalist Radio during his rage filled episodes asking someone, presumably the Engineer to take the Panda away or expressing desire to kick the Panda's ass. The Panda seems to have the ability to throw Ghost into another fit of rage and Cans.wav whenever Ghost is attempting to calm down. Ghost has never given an explanation as to why he has a panda bear in his office.

For the longest time, the Panda hadn't been a very popular target to trolls for some reason, however at least one remix exists about the Panda at the moment. On Episode 393, Ghost encountered the Panda again. Someone else tweeted Ghost a picture of a panda, which pissed him off even more. He did get to cans.wav over a female Pandaren cosplay when he "saw" the panda again.

Beginning on Episode 463, the Panda has finally seen more occasional trolling, thanks to people tweeting pictures of the Panda on Twitter to Ghost. On International Panda Day, trolls posted pictures of Pandas. On that episode's Radio Graffiti, he was trolled by a person playing a splice involving him and the panda from the "Never Say No to Panda" commercial.