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Paul Ryan is the current speaker of the House of Representatives and former Vice Presidential candidate of Mitt Romney. Ghost has been very critical of Paul Ryan ever since The Return of his show, convincing his listeners to vote Ryan out. Despite that, Paul Nehlen lost to Ryan in a landslide for Wisconsin congress, much to Ghost's disappointment.

In one episode, he went off on a rant that Paul Ryan is a closeted fruitbowl who "spends too much time at the gym" and "needs to come out of the closet".

After Paul Ryan turned his back on Trump following a leaked tape of Trump making lewd remarks, Ghost became even more enraged at Paul Ryan and the other establishment shills in the GOP being turncoats towards Trump, including people like Ted Cruz and John McCain.

Since the Inauguration of Donald Trump, Ghost has been more critical than ever of Paul Ryan and the GOP congress, stating that they are useless bureaucrats who want to keep kicking the can down the road on Obamacare and on tax cuts.


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