Flag of Portugal

The Portuguese Republic, commonly referred to as "Portugal", is a country in the western Iberian Peninsula in Southwestern Europe, and a member of the European Union. Portugal is known for it's economical crisis along with Greece and suffering from the 2016 wildfires.

In 2011 and 2012 Ghost frequently brought the country up along with Greece when he talked about "Euro Trash" during The Markets and regarded it as a prime example of why European Union was a "failed socialist experiment".

Trolling Edit

Because of the 2016 Portuguese Wildfires, the subject got turned into a very lesser known way to troll through Twitter Shoutouts with Ghost raging at Twitter names like "Portuguese Flame War", causing him to Cans.wav.

Ghost reacts to "Portuguese Flame War"02:01

Ghost reacts to "Portuguese Flame War"

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