Puke.wav also known as Ragepuke, is the name for the sound of vomiting that Ghost makes during True Capitalist Radio broadcast. Like cans.wav it's commonly treated as a sign of successfull troll. Puke.wav is most commonly triggered after the stress from an extreme fit of rage causes Ghost to vomit (almost always combined with cans.wav in these cases and sometimes even the woodchipper) or when he's extremely disgusted by something, most commonly the overt fruitiness of the callers. While puke.wav isn't nearly as common during the broadcast as cans.wav, it does tend to occur at least once a week.

Examples Edit

The most notable example since The Return was when it came to light that MaskedPony was a diaper fetishist thanks to the efforts of Tub Guy and other Capitalist Army members finding MaskedPony's FIMfiction profile (FIMfiction is a My Little Pony fanfiction site). This led to Ghost raging for nearly 10 minutes straight, gagging/puking, and ending the show abruptly 24 minutes into the third hour.
Transtesticle Song02:15

Transtesticle Song

Transtesticle caller causes Ghost to throw out both a cans.wav and puke.wav.

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