Johnny Rebel Nigger Hatin' Me02:07

Johnny Rebel Nigger Hatin' Me

Example of a racist song used during Radio Graffiti made by Johnny Rebel.

Racist Songs are a method of trolling Ghost, the host of True Capitalist Radio. Having long been accused of racism for his racial insensitivity, Ghost finds these callers, calling up playing highly racist songs, quite offensive and hurtful because it worsens the allegations towards himself. Most of these songs are made by Johnny Rebel, a country singer infamous for his overtly racist lyrics and sympathy he gives to Jim Crow-era segregation and Ku Klux Klan.

Racist songs have been part of True Capitalist Radio trolling since at least 2011. Ghost managed to rage quit from an episode after hearing the song "Nigger, Nigger" twice during calls and Radio Graffiti on Capitalist Episode 156. Playing racist songs have been more common since The Return, and the largest use of this trolling tactic thus far happened in May 18th, and on occasion after that. These songs have spiked in usage on October 5th and 6th.

After Johnny Rebel's passing in September 3rd, 2016, there was another spike in callers using his songs.

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