Alright, I think it's time for everybody's favorite part of the broadcast, and I'm talkin' about RADIO GRAFFITI!!!


Radio Graffiti is the end segment of Ghost's show, where callers have 5 seconds to say whatever it is they want to say. This is easily the most famous portion of Ghost's broadcast, and it is the sole reason the majority of his fans listen in, although quite a few take his other portions of the show more seriously, and even a handful have expressed a negative opinion of the segment, because it causes Ghost to degrade himself and the point of the show. Each episode's segment is promptly uploaded onto YouTube by DarkRazorZ and Elfoxoloco, and receives thousands of views within a week.

A general history of Radio Graffiti

See the Chronology page for information on Ghost's show during some of these events, and further explanation.

Radio Graffiti began on June 8th, 2011 as an attempt to direct trolls away from the rest of his broadcast. The first four or so shows were of little significance, filled with Gabe Newell calls, soundboards, and Dunlop145 (now an inactive caller) playing loud music for Ghost, who would react in irritation. The very first Radio Graffiti caller was Dunlop145 playing "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Jr.

Everything changed on June 17th, when the first large 4chan raid was conducted, with the majority of the calls taking place during the new segment - Fuck You Texas was played over thirty times, and became a meme amongst listeners for a while. DarkRazorZ uploaded 15 minutes of that Radio Graffiti onto YouTube, and it instantly became a hit. For the rest of June (another six or so shows), Ghost was raided by even more /b/tards, along with people from Facepunch and 9gag. The Bronies arrived in massive numbers soon after, and quickly became his nemesis. His term 'Melting Pot of Friendship' became a hit in some internet communities, and conducting raids on the so called' nice guy' became commonplace afterwards, with his own set of trolls that decided to stay and listen some more.

July was marked with a similar pace to June - Newfags insulting Ghost, and finding his weak spots to use against him later on. Although many calls were Helen Keller Deaf Mutes and fails, the trolls quickly learned how to perfect their act if they could not speak directly to Ghost himself. The first Splice, (And all of you assholes...) was played on the show on July 11th, with Ghost reacting in absolute rage for 7 minutes. Many more followed, and splicing Ghost with controversial words, racist slurs, and sexual puns became commonplace on the broadcast. Ghost started to become very upset at being besmirched in this fashion, but continued his show nonetheless. He actually rage-quitted on July 8th, leaving no Radio Graffiti for that day, and took a two week long break shortly afterwards.

August and September were the arrival of Remixes - music files with Ghost's voice (usually in a karaoke-like fashion) played on top, to make it sound like he recorded and tried to sing the song himself. Ghost was not amused, especially when splices were utilized in the middle of them. However, the 'god' of all remixes is the Melting Pot of Alcohol by DJ AlexS, debuting on the August 23rd show. A dubstep song at five minutes in length, it is a high quality full fledged song, and contains bits of audio of Ghost from his July shows. Ghost placed this song on his ever growing Shitlist, and threatened Punitive Damages against the horde of remixes (none of these videos were ever removed directly through Ghost, yet a few disappeared following the show's end due to DMCA claims). The situation did not improve in September, when he began to realize that any time he sung a popular song, it would be sampled back to him the next show as a remix. This was the case for all kinds of songs - 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 'Kids in America' and even the 1950s song 'I'm Your Puppet'. To Ghost's annoyance, the trolls celebrated Christmas three months early by playing carols and wishing him many presents, to which he raged hard at (since that goes against his Capitalist message), especially when a remix of the Grinch Song was played on the 20th of September.

Ghost had multiple Rage Quits in August (mostly due to splices and fruity callers), and compensated for a very drunken and angry Baller Friday with a 'Special Saturday' show the next morning (the 27th). It filled up with trolls within an hour, and BlogTalkRadio accidentally cut the connection to the broadcast short, leaving his 'apology' mostly unresolved.

Throughout October and November remixes got better, trolls came up with new content to annoy Ghost (specifically the death of Steve Jobs, and the utilization of Twitter Names to disgust him), and a handful of shows were longer than usual. Ghost was beginning to enjoy doing 'After Show ', where after the 3 hour mark has passed, the show feed continues for callers still on the line. Radio Graffiti (and sometimes Chatroom Shoutouts) continue way past their intended mark as a result. Ghost's support for Herman "Sugar" Cain led to a series of racist calls and splices, and he was very upset at the slander thrown at 'his man'.

Trolling content always varied as weeks went by - for a while, Fuck You Texas pissed Ghost off more than anything, yet not long after it lost it's merit. The 'Hambone' (a nickname Ghost uses for fat people who use motor-scooters to 'waddle around' in shopping malls and movie theatres) trend begun in October, and Ghost became very angry at anyone who called him one, or used it in a splice, yet by December it had fizzled out since callers had overused it.

December was a changing month for Ghost - he introduced a new avatar, and had numerous rages (almost as severe as those from True Conservative Radio) against callers during the show, and questioned his reasons for even continuing it. Following a ragequit on the 6th the Engineer, to everyone's shock and delight, took over the show for about 15 minutes, leading to one of the strangest moments of the broadcast's history. The day after, spamming 'Engineer is the Talent' would anger Ghost more than anything, and he almost fired the tardy troublemaker when he did it again on the 14th. Ghost's Grandmother became a frequent topic of discussion for callers, which enraged Ghost beyond belief, since his Granny "was a pious woman...she never cursed a day in her life and gave food to the neighbors next door....". The Ghosties (on the New Years Eve broadcast) were a special award ceremony to commemorate the Troll Terrorists who had worked hard to create their material to use against Ghost.

January 2012 featured a mass of spam against his Granny - most notably a pair of splices and dozens of calls mocking her. Ghost took no amusement in this, and lost his temper quite a few times during the segment as a result. During the Shorty Awards, callers would praise Ghost on his slow rise up (and eventual victory over notSam), or mock him based on what their views of his part in the voting race was.

The events of Troll War III did little to impact Radio Graffiti, but those that followed featured a much angrier Ghost more prone to snapping at failtrolls and giving out numbers live on the air. A steady increase in listeners gave way to many new trolls - such as the 'Mom. shut the fuck up' guy and the now-infamous Coodoo17.

While Ghost missed many days in his last few months of True Capitalist Radio, the last fifteen or so broadcasts are generally ranked as some of the best, such as the 4/20 show and the Last Episode on May 15th - where Coodoo premiered some of his beloved remixes, and Ghost rage quitted after almost every show.

Ghost has announced he will return to a regular broadcast schedule starting April 2016, however it ended up being 5 days after he made that announcement. Radio Graffiti was put to a poll on Twitter the day before the show, and the results showed that a majority of viewers wanted it to return. As a result, Radio Graffiti has now returned as a part of the show every episode since Ghost's return. It's unclear if he will continue this, however.

Format and Style

Ghost will always announce when Radio Graffiti begins (roughly around 150 minutes into the show), as it differs from regular calls on the show - rather than let you speak about a subject, he gives you about 5 seconds to say whatever you wish on the air - of course what you say can easily completely change his mood around depending on how it is executed, and if you're lucky.

Ghost picks a number from the top of his list of callers (sometimes the bottom or middle), announces it's area code (or name), and places it on the air (be wary and pay attention, area codes like 111/*67, 646, and 512 are very common, and he does not say the rest of the number). Once he's through with it (unless he wishes to inquire further about a troll or continue to listen to something being played) he hangs up on the caller, to keep everything flowing. He changes to Skype names whenever he feels like it, or if regular numbers are only deaf mutes and Jerk Dicks.

It is not guarenteed that you will be picked up on during a session of the segment, but if you call in sooner rather than remaining on hold for most of the show, then you're most likely going to be one of the first callers. Ghost sometimes takes a short break during Radio Graffiti (usually in the last 10 minutes of the show) if he is especially angry, or if he needs to switch microphones. If he's in a good mood, he will continue into After Show to pick up all of his remaining callers.

Generally a popular Remixer like NavyHuskie, CosmoBrockington  or TheChizz will be picked up on last, as Ghost knows by now that they always have some new clip to enrage him, and thus end the show off well (for the listeners at least). Sometimes he will continue into After Show none the less.

Usually Ghost comments on the content of a call, but sometimes he simply drops an "OK..." or "Shut up (you idiot).". It takes pure luck to get a real reaction from Ghost, yet your chance of success increases greatly if you use Skype or a great quality microphone to play your remix or speak to him. Sometimes he may not say anything and will move on. When in Radio Graffiti, Ghost usually announces an area code or Skype name and adds "Radio Graffiti" instead of "You're on the Horn" or "What's up?" like prior.

If you are a new listener, read this article to understand what you should not do when you call in during Radio Graffiti. We here at the TCR Wiki geniunely implore you do to so, as Ghost has begun giving out full phone numbers of failtrolls, and places these numbers on a special 'list' for him to revisit in the future. With the recent arrival of dox wars on True Capitalist Radio, it is suggested that you don't make yourself a target.

If you are a well-known troll, or a long time caller (eg, Tzeki, Xarahox, EquestrianCitizen978, Ghetto Capitalist), you will have more than 5 seconds. Ghost evidently does not catch up with certain Skype name trolls even after they have called in for a long period of time (for example TaraStrong, any of IbanEzzo's names, or TexasTroll), so it's fine to use certain accounts over and over (unless the name is derogatory or disgusting). Having multiple Skypes names is a good tactic to get on the show multiple times, yet Ghost always gives regular numbers priority, despite the majority of them being failtrolls. If you ask Ghost to place you back on hold rather than speak out during the segment, he will grant your request (most of the time), and you can continue to listen without agitating him. Another way to be nice to him is to simply say "I love your show man!" or "Happy Baller Friday/Taco Tuesday'!" to remain in the queue without being kicked off.

Some other BlogTalkRadio hosts and fans of Ghost's show have created their own segments on their shows copying parodying Ghost: most notably PonyToast's 'Internet Vandalism' and Goofy Bone's infrequent 'Bean and Cheese Graffiti'.
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After The Return

Since the return of Ghost from Episode 227 and beyond a barrage of complaints/comments from followers' multiple social media sites as well as chatrooms indicate the reduced air time of Radio Graffiti when compared to previous pre-2016 shows. A variety of listeners/callers suggested that a reduction in time and quality of Radio Graffiti is attributed to "newfags" "srsfags". Comments made by people on Twitter, TinyChat and other mediums after the show attempt to create dialogue among fellow trolls to contribute more substance and some level of organisation in their tactics to avoid "newfags" or "srsfags" having majority stake in airtime.

Mr. Optimism vs Mr. Fortune Cookie and Radio Graffiti's future

Following a few months of sub-par Radio Graffitis, plagued with Cleveland Show Calls, HKDMs, failtrolls and Obamaphones, Ghost sold Mr. Optimism and Mr. Fortune Cookie's autographs, and made a deal: If Mr. Fortune Cookie wins, he has to do 40 minutes of Radio Graffiti every show from now on. If Mr. Optimism wins, Radio Graffiti will be removed as a part of the show. After a week, and many dramas along the way, Ghost pulled down the autographs with Mr. Optimism being the victor. Due to massive backlash and threats against the Inner Circle, Ghost decided to compromise with the trolls, and started the Saturday Night Troll Show, which contains a full hour of Radio Graffiti. However, Radio Graffiti in the main show has been dramatically shortened and is infrequent.

Imitations and rip-offs

  • PonyToast (host of True Equestria Radio) has an end-of-show segment called "Internet Vandalism", which is openly based on Radio Graffiti.
  • Goofy Bone (host of 186.DUCE) has his own version of Radio Graffiti called "Bean and Cheese Graffiti", named as such after Ghost claimed Goofy's version to being a 'bean and cheese' version of his, due to his Mexican nationality.
  • In a surprising turn of events, liberal political commentator Alan Colmes (a man Ghost has an admitted severe dislike for) has a segment on his nationally syndicated radio show, The Alan Colmes Show, called Radio Graffiti. His segment is very similar to Ghost's, though callers are allowed to say one sentence instead of three to four seconds. Whether he got the idea from Ghost or vice-versa is unknown.
  • KingEdUndead (one of Ghost's Inner Circle Shortbus Members) earned his place in the Inner Circle Shortbus when he listened to "Random Vandalizm," a segment of KindEd's show in exactly the same format as Radio Graffiti.


4chan Trolls Ghost - Radio Graffiti - June 17th, 2011

4chan Trolls Ghost - Radio Graffiti - June 17th, 2011

The Original 4Chan raid of summer 2011. Note the amount of times "Fuck You Texas" is played.

Heavy Calls True Capitalist Radio

Heavy Calls True Capitalist Radio

Heavy Weapons Guy.

Ghost Rages Over The Soviet National Anthem

Ghost Rages Over The Soviet National Anthem

Soviet Anthem

Ghost's the Talent - Radio Graffiti - December 6th, 2011

Ghost's the Talent - Radio Graffiti - December 6th, 2011

The Debut of EquestrianCitizen978