RaidenSnake is a regular serious caller on True Capitalist Radio. He is from the UK and has a distinct accent, usually calling from a Skype number. Ghost often calls on him while discussing affairs relating to the UK. Like many other serious callers, RaidenSnake is seen as a "Fakebrit" and a liar, often for wasting precious time on Radio Graffiti and being too simple on topics whenever he talks to Ghost. He is currently a member of the Ghost Inner Circle.

On Capitalist Episode 347, RaidenSnake suggested to Ghost to ban some (Not all) trolls from Radio Graffiti because of legit callers not being able to get through also clarified this by suggesting everyone should be able to call in and later created a poll on his Twitter about it. He got some amount of negative criticism from the fans due to a misunderstanding. They say that Radio Graffiti is mostly for trolling and claim no one else should be able to call so that it stays off the main show. After this incident, their account was deleted for a short period of time and was confirmed to be an automated filter error cause by twitter and has since been reinstated. Recently it's been confirmed his twitter was deleted yet again and the current speculation as to the reason why may be due to accusations made against them due to being a potential target of the TCR Civil War Incident.

During the G Suicide Hoax Incident, several trolls claimed that they had dirt on RaidenSnake that would prove that he is an Anime fan, but ultimately decided to withhold this information because they feared that they would only raise the already high tensions caused by the incident even higher.

On 11/17/2016, his twitter account was permanently deleted by twitter. No actual reason for this is known.

On Capitalist Episode 408, it was claimed that RaidenSnake is both an anime fan and a furry. This led to Ghost rage-quit the show 40 minutes into the final hour. A message was posted on twitter attempting to debunk such claims with him replying "It's disgusting what these trolls do to people! What they've been saying is just made up just to get rid of me as they can't stand serious callers! They don't realise how much damage they can do!" However this was to no avail, as proof had already been shown by the 727 Caller. RaidenSnake's Twitter account has been deleted for what may be the final time.

RaidenSnake's twitter was confirmed hacked shortly after and the hacker posted a series of tweets on his account in l33t stating they set them up for the trolling on episode 408 by posting fake accounts and posts on various websites for trolls to find and use. The series of tweets included "br4V0 7R0lL2 0F 7cr w3 0wn3D 7h12 B1207ch! pHUX0r3r D3s3rV3d 3V3RY7h1N' h3 907!", "J00 L1K3 w@ W3 PU7 0N 73h N37 A80u7 7H@ DUM8 RA1d3n5nAK3?", "w3 pU7 73h PhuRrY 4N1m3z 4nD H3N741 5H17 JU57 70 p155 h1m 0fF" and "lUvd 9h0s7 R34c710N 70 7r0ll 7H@ Sh172 m4D 8r0"

On Capitalist Episode 409, this continued, with someone going so far as to create a fake Steam profile in his name with some disgusting images on it. Ghost threatened to take a break after this show, however he returned the following Monday as usual.

In the end, Ghost refused to believe the accusations against RaidenSnake, passing them off as a conspiracy against him. This irritated the trolls and went as far as deeming Ghost a hypocrite for denying such conspiracies, yet supporting the PizzaGate conspiracies, a relevant topic at the time. Thus far RaidenSnake has remained a relevant serious caller.

On the 7th Episode of the troll show, RaidenSnake would encounter a caller who told him that he lacked content. Raiden would argue with the caller, ultimately culminating in Raiden disconnecting his call and deactivating temporarily his Twitter account (he later recanted saying that he has been hacked, an excuse he has used on innumerable occasions, but has never actually proven, the prevailing opinion of the listener base that he temporarily rage quit again). The caller would later encounter TrumpinCapitalist and Karaszkun, who would attempt to support RaidenSnake but wouldn't be enough to subdue the caller.

On the 8th Episode of the troll show, the caller would apologize to RaidenSnake and Karazkun on what would be considered the worst episode of the troll show.