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Robert Chomsky is a name some callers believed was Ghost's real identity in late 2011. The first recorded mention of the name on BlogTalkRadio is when Caller 417 called up on Ghost's show during a Cluster Call in September 2011 and claimed that he hired a private investigator revealing Ghost's real identity. Ghost reacted as he always does with his 'alter-egos', demanding proof, in which 417 listed that Ghost lives in Manhattan, New York and is Jewish (417 typically attacks Jews in his calls to Ghost). This spawned a series of Twitter Names following that broadcast, and calling in, or splicing Ghost as Robert Chomsky irritated him very greatly for a while, before the Hambone trend took over. Ghost often commented that Robert Chomsky must be "Noam's son or something", referring to the famous linguist (and leftist, and ethnic Jew ) Noam Chomsky.


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