San Antonio is a large city in Texas that is near Austin and Houston. It is known for the Alamo, which many Texas soldiers died defending inside of. Ghost had moved to San Antonio after leasing his condo in Austin for six months. His new home seemed to have been another Condo, but trolls often joked that it was a mobile trailer home, to Ghost's dismay. Templeton would later deficate on the white carpet of the house during on the TCR broadcasts. When he arrived on September 19th, 2016, he had been shocked to see how the city looked. The city has a population of overweight people which Ghost complained about. Ghost would also encounter a kid offering him a candy apple in his bare feet and a woman in a fountain cleaning herself which disgusted Ghost. Trolls would later piss him off with being stuck in San Antonio, including calling it "San Hambonio" which Ghost would later use because of the large number of hambones that inhabit the city. As far as trolls go, It's home to Pylons.

Mmd spooky s jump scare mansion dl by mrwhitefolks-db12ruc

A pic of what might be the inside of Ghost's murder-suicide home

On March 23, 2018,Ghost announced that he would once again be moving, but still be living within San Antonio. His new home is a house with, Ghost boasts, 5000 square acres of land. Ghost described the inside as beautiful, and wondering why such a nice property was so cheap. He had learned that the house was once a scene of a murder-suicide. However, Ghost did not care about the crime taking place there at all, and remarked that he might be broadcasting in the exact room where deaths occurred. So ironically, Ghost, might in fact, be living and broadcasting with Ghosts. He moves there in May 2018.